Business Analytics (Certificate)

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The Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics helps to develop management professionals who are skilled in big data analysis and decision-making. It provides management professionals with advanced skills and techniques to address both specific and industry-wide business problems.

Plan Requirements


Students should have taken MBA 506 Data Driven Managerial Decisions 1(1 hr) and MBA 507 Data Driven Managerial Decisions 2 (1 hr) in order to successfully complete this certificate.

Required Courses 6
Predictive Analytics for Business and Big Data
Data Engineering, Management and Warehousing
Required Practicum Course 3
Students need to take either OPTION A or one of the courses from OPTION B that are picked in conjunction with the academic advisor.
Option A
Business Analytics Practicum
Option B
Select one of the courses listed below in conjunction with the academic advisor
Enterprise Risk Management Practicum
Equity Valuation
Supply Chain Management Practicum
Jenkins Consulting Practicum
Elective Courses3
Select one of the following courses:
Applied Econometrics I
Applied Econometrics II
Decision Making under Uncertainty
Analytical Supply Chain Management
Marketing Analytics
Digital Marketing
Special Topics In Business Management (Innovation and the loT Marketplace)
Total Hours12


Full Professors

  • Jon Bohlmann
  • Sebastian Heese
  • Richard Warr

Associate Professors

  • Denis Pelletier
  • Bill Rand
  • Jeffrey Stonebraker

Assistant Professors

  • Sherry Fowler
  • Donnie Hale
  • Rishika Rishika