Economics (PhD)

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Degree Requirements

Core Courses18
Microeconomics I
Microeconomics II
Macroeconomics I
Macroeconomics II
Econometric Methods
Time Series Econometrics
Field Courses18
Select six of the following courses:
Industrial Organization
Topics In Industrial Organization
Advanced Microeconomic Theory
Behavioral and Experimental Economics
Environmental and Resource Economics
Topics In Environmental and Resource Economics
Labor Economics
Empirical Methods for Development Economics and Applied Microeconomics
Economic Growth and Development
Agricultural Production and Supply
Consumption, Demand and Market Interdependency
Theory Of International Trade
Monetary Aspects Of International Trade
Time Series Econometrics
Computational Methods in Economics and Finance
Advanced Macroeconomics
Monetary Economics
Avanced Special Topics
Additional 700-level statistics courses may be determined in conjunction with the academic committee
Dissertation Research Course36
Doctoral Dissertation Research
Total Hours72