Management (MR): Risk and Analytics Concentration

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Admitting for Fall 2022

Degree Requirements

Core Courses17
Risk Management Courses
Enterprise Risk Management
Strategic Risk Analysis Using Excel
Forecasting and Scenario Planning Using Monte Carlo Simulation
Communicating Risk Information Using Tableau
Data Analytics in Accounting
Data Analytics Courses
Data-Driven Managerial Decisions 1
Data-Driven Managerial Decisions 2
Predictive Analytics for Business and Big Data
Data Engineering, Management and Warehousing
Capstone Course3
Enterprise Risk Management Practicum
Business Analytics Practicum
Elective Courses10
"Elective Courses" are determined in conjunction with the academic committee to meet the 30 total credit hours
Total Hours30

Elective Courses

Select ten credit hours of the following:
Business and Finance
Financial Accounting for Decision Makers
Financial Management of Corporations
Sustainability and Business
IT Risks and Controls
Quantitative Risk Analysis
Options and Derivatives Pricing
Financial Modeling
Decision Making under Uncertainty
MBA 638
Artificial Intelligence (pending Admin Board Approval Fall 2021)
Leadership and Communications
Critical Thinking for Managers
Leading People
Negotiation and Conflict Management


Individuals will be better positioned for leadership positions across multiple functions of an organization, given risk management is becoming an expected core competency. 

Professionals with a risk and analytics mindset position themselves strategically for opportunities in a number of fields including: business planning and strategic analysis, innovation and development, logistics and supply chain, compliance oversight, financial analysis and forecasting, enterprise-wide risk management, internal audit, business continuity planning, sustainability and a variety of risk advisory services.