Adding or Changing a Program

Adding a Major (Double Degree)

Students may pursue more than one bachelor's degree while at NC State. Students are admitted to one program upon admission to the University. After satisfactorily completing 12 graded credit hours, they can apply to add an additional degree program. All academic requirements for both degrees must be satisfied, and by working with academic advisors in both programs students can maximize their course choices to take advantage of where requirements overlap. To apply to add an additional degree, students must submit a Change of Degree Application (CODA). Once the required coursework is complete, the degrees may be awarded during the same term or different terms.

Change of Degree Application (CODA)

To apply to change to a major, a student must have attempted twelve or more graded hours at NC State, and have satisfied the transfer requirements for a specific major as listed on the CODA website.

CODA Process

Undergraduate students wishing to change from one major to another should:

  1. Visit the CODA website to check requirements for their intended major.
  2. Check CODA application deadlines.
  3. Submit a CODA online for the intended major.

CODA applications are accepted throughout the year (except for Engineering programs) and will be reviewed following each deadline. Candidates who meet the Preferred Qualifications for their major have a higher probability of being approved for transfer. All admission is competitive and based on academic record and space availability in the intended program and college. Meeting the preferred or minimum qualifications does not guarantee admission.

For academic advising purposes, students accepted into a new program are considered to be in the new plan once the official major change is posted.

REG 02.65.03 - Intracampus Transfers is available to view in full on the university's Policies, Regulations and Rules website.