Withdrawal from the University

Information on the term withdrawal process and retroactive withdrawals is available on the Student Services Center website. Information on term withdrawal for graduate students is available in the Graduate School Handbook.

Students who wish to drop all the courses for which they are registered must withdraw from the university for the remainder of the semester or summer session in which they are enrolled. Students who have registered and prepaid are considered to be registered and must be officially withdrawn, unless they have notified the university prior to the beginning of the first day of classes that they wish to have their registration cancelled.

Undergraduate students who wish to initiate a term withdrawal should consult with their academic advisors to discuss the academic implications of the intended withdrawal. A withdrawal may impact a student's academic eligibility, financial aid, and progress toward a degree. All withdrawals for a current or upcoming term are initiated through the self-service Term Withdraw page in the MyPack Portal. The withdrawal process will include information on refunds and financial aid and will provide contacts to University Housing and Dining. Undergraduate students who do not enroll for a fall or spring term are required to complete the readmission process before returning to classes.

Non-Degree Studies students withdraw through the self-service Term Withdraw link in MyPack Portal. NDS students may contact the Student Services Center at (919) 515-6278 if they have any questions about this process.

International students who for some reason want or need to interrupt their program of study and either withdraw completely from their program or take a semester away from their studies must consult both their academic advisor (or DGP) and an Office of International Services (OIS) advisor. There are university and departmental procedures as well as immigration consequences that must be considered before any action is taken by the student.

International students who are contemplating a withdrawal should call the OIS at 919.515.2961 for an appointment.

To initiate the paperwork necessary for removal from a class roll at the other institution, NC State students carrying course work at another campus under the Inter-Institutional Program arrangement must contact:

Student Services Center

Students visiting from other institutions who are registered for NC State course work under the Inter-Institutional arrangement must initiate withdrawal on their home campus.

Financial aid recipients who withdraw during the semester or summer sessions may be required to repay all or a portion of the aid received, depending on the date upon which the withdrawal is effective. Students can contact the Student Services Center during the withdrawal process to determine their individual repayment options.

Withdrawal After the Last Day of the Official Course Drop Period

A current semester withdrawal after the drop/revision deadline removes you from all courses in a current semester.    

Withdrawals after the drop/revision deadline are approved by the university only under extenuating circumstances. Documentation is required to support these requests. The documentation must provide evidence that the extenuating circumstances were unforeseeable and unavoidable and caused a serious disruption in academic functioning.  Submission of a withdrawal request after the drop/revision deadline is not guaranteed approval.  Students should have contingency plans in place in case a withdrawal request is delayed or denied.

Students who intend to withdraw after the drop/revision deadline should:

  1. Consult with your advisor before initiating a withdrawal to discuss the academic implications of the intended withdrawal.
  2. Organize the details of your case. It’s often helpful to write a statement detailing the grounds for your request to withdraw (for example, what occurred, when it occurred, how it affected you, and what you have done or plan to do about it).
  3. Organize your documentation to verify the facts of your request.  You can obtain documentation from your healthcare or mental health provider by giving them this form
  4. Initiate your term withdrawal request through the MyPack Portal. Term withdrawal requests can be initiated through the MyPack Portal up to 30 days after the last day of the term.
  5. Withdrawal requests after the Drop/Revision deadline require the approval of the Associate Dean of your college. There is no guarantee of approval so it is recommended that you have a contingency plan in mind in the event of a denial.
  6. Notification of the approval or denial of withdrawal requests will be communicated to students via their NC State email address.
  7. Students who are denied their request for a Term Withdrawal have the right to appeal the decision. Information regarding the process for the appeal is available via a link in the denial notification email. Appeals must be filed within ten (10) calendar days from the date of the notification of denial.

Courses for which students are officially enrolled are recorded on the transcript without grades or grade points but with a notation of “W” to indicated approval to withdraw after the withdrawal deadline.