Department of Art + Design

The Department of Art and Design awards the Bachelor of Art and Design degree and the Bachelor of Arts in Design Studies. The pedagogical core of the program aims to reinforce foundation principles of design theory as applied to two-and three-dimensional design. Our curriculum addresses broad cultural, ecological, and societal considerations and promotes in our graduates the ability to meet the challenges of collaborative design. We emphasize the application of creative thinking and problem solving to design projects ranging from single to mass-produced artifacts. The areas of application span the range from formal design, fibers and surface design to emerging areas in media arts. Examples of current areas of study are hybrid applications of traditional and digital media that encompass imaging, animation, fiber and surface design, photography, printmaking, illustration, form generation and installations.

The Department of Art and Design believes there is an essential need for students in a technically-based research university to engage in course work that fosters creative thinking and problem solving. To meet this need, the department offers courses to all students in the university a minor in Art and Design. Minors are guided through a selection of courses with the consultation from a design adviser.

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Department Head

  • Derek Ham

Director of Graduate Program

  • Tania Allen, Associate Professor


  • C. Cox
  • H. Marchant
  • M. Scearce

Professors Emeriti

  • S. Brandeis
  • C. Joyner
  • D. Raymond

Associate Professor

  • T. Allen
  • P. Fitzgerald
  • M. Russo

Assistant Professor

  • T. Berreth
  • K. Greder
  • L. Noel