Department of Teacher Education and Learning Sciences (TELS)

The TELS Department advances education through scholarship, leadership, and advocacy. We prepare professionals who are committed to equity and social justice, have deep content knowledge, demonstrate strong working knowledge of effective pedagogies, and realize the potential of digital technologies to enhance learning. 

We shape the field of education by engaging in research that addresses current challenges, and by participating in cross-disciplinary work that deals with real problems in forward-looking ways. The department exemplifies an innovative merging of teacher education and the learning sciences that results in new pathways for teaching, scholarship, leadership, and service. The preparation that our students receive is unmatched in scope, priorities, and outcomes, assuring that our graduates are able to make profound contributions to education and society. 

With over 300 undergraduate students, 250 graduate students, and 40 full-time faculty members, we offer three bachelor’s programs, two certificates, six master’s programs, and one PhD program. We are the place where a deep understanding of current issues in teaching and learning comes together with a forward-looking vision for the promises of equity and digital learning to push the field of education forward. Our nationally ranked graduate degree and certificate programs are led by faculty and staff who are committed to the success of our students. 

For contact information and details of our undergraduate programs, visit our website.


Jessica DeCuir-Gunby
Professor and 
Department Head
Department of Teacher Education and Learning Sciences
602 M Poe Hall
Raleigh NC 27695-7801
919.513.7669 (Office)




  • Cathy Crossland , Director, Diagnostic Teaching Clinic
  • Sarah Carrier
  • Jessica DeCuir-Gunby, Department Head
  • Patricia Marshall
  • John Nietfeld
  • Kevin Oliver
  • Margareta Thomson

Associate Professors

  • Candy Beal
  • Christy Byrd
  • Dennis Davis
  • Deniz Eseryel
  • DeLeon Gray
  • Jessica Hunt
  • Meghan Manfra, Director Graduate Programs
  • James Minogue , Director, Undergraduate Programs
  • Paula McAvoy
  • Temple Walkowiak
  • Angela Wiseman
  • Carl Young

Assistant Professors

  • Chandra Alston
  • Michelle Falter
  • Jill Grifenhagen
  • Shiyan Jiang
  • Crystal Lee
  • Jordan Lukins
  • Samantha Marshall
  • Amato Nocera
  • Jamie Pearson
  • Jackie Relyea
  • Jonee Wilson

Professional Track Professors

  • Valerie Faulkner

Professional Track Assistant Professors

  • Drinda Benge
  • Sarah Cannon
  • Micha Jeffries, Director, Master of Arts in Teaching Program (MAT)
  • Joanna Koch
  • Julia McKeown
  • Terrell Robinson

Clinical Assistant Professors

  • Kristin Hoffmann

Clinical Lecturers

  • Melanie Smith


  • Betsy Knight
  • Kari Kuebel

Coordinator, University-School Partnership

  • Keith Walkowiak

University-School Partnership Liaisons

  • April Bartley
  • Marcia Davis