University Catalog 2023-2024

Teacher Education and Learning Sciences

The PhD in Teacher Education and Learning Sciences prepares scholar leaders who deeply understand both their content areas and research methodologies. Our graduates are ready to engage in research that addresses current challenges in K-12 education and participate in cross-disciplinary inquiry that deals with real problems in teaching and learning in forward-looking ways. 

The program is primarily designed to prepare students for roles as researchers and educators in higher education and industry, or for instructional leadership at school district and state levels. Our students work in one of six concentrations: Educational Equity; Educational Psychology; Elementary Learning Sciences; Learning, Design, & Technology; Literacy & English Language Arts; and Social Studies Education.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements are specific to each concentration. Requirements may include a personal statement, a resume or curriculum vitae, letters of recommendation, a writing sample, and GRE scores that are less than five years old. Please contact the concentration coordinator for more information.

Doctoral Degree Requirements

The course of study includes 60 hours, including 6 hours of department core courses, 6 hours College of Education core courses, 15 hours of methods courses, concentration core courses, and electives.

Student Financial Support

Students are funded through a variety of opportunities, some of which cover tuition and fees. Stipend and length of appointment varies based on funding source. 

  • Graduate Research Assistantships: Research assistantships are awarded to students working with a faculty member on an externally-funded research grant. Individual faculty select students for these awards.
  • Teaching Assistantships: Teaching assistantships are rewarded to students with applicable experience to teach undergraduate courses or supervise teacher interns. Students are selected based on department needs.
  • College Fellowships: Offices in the College of Education regularly offer assistantships for research and teaching positions. These are announced each spring.
  • University Fellowships: The Graduate School offers several fellowships for new students, including the University Graduate Fellowship and the Provost’s Fellowship. The Director of Graduate Programs nominates applicants for these awards.
  • External Fellowships: Applicants are encouraged to apply for fellowships from the National Science Foundation and other national programs.

Eligible students may receive coverage of their tuition and health insurance through the Graduate Student Support Plan (GSSP). All applicants are automatically considered for funding opportunities that require department nomination. 



  • Sarah Carrier
  • Cathy Crossland, Director, Diagnostic Teaching Clinic
  • Krista Dawn Glazewski
  • DeLeon Gray
  • Meghan Manfra
  • Florence Martin
  • Patricia Marshall
  • James Minogue, Director, Undergraduate Programs
  • John Nietfeld
  • Kevin Oliver, Department Head
  • Margareta Thomson

Distinguished Professor

  • Maria Coady, Goodnight Distinguished Professor in Educational Equity

Associate Professors

  • Candy Beal
  • Christy Byrd, Director, Graduate Programs
  • Deniz Eseryel
  • Dennis Davis
  • Michelle Falter
  • DeLeon Gray
  • Jill Grifenhagen
  • Chu-Jen Huang
  • Jessica Hunt
  • Paula McAvoy
  • Temple Walkowiak
  • Angela Wiseman
  • Carl Young

Assistant Professors

  • Chandra Alston
  • Michael Andre Jarry-Shore
  • Shiyan Jiang
  • Crystal Lee
  • Samantha Marshall
  • Amato Nocera
  • Jamie Pearson
  • Jackie Relyea
  • Daniela Castellanos Reyes

Teaching Professor

  • Valerie Faulkner

Teaching Associate Professor

  • Julia McKeown

Teaching Assistant Professors

  • Drinda Benge
  • Sarah Cannon
  • Micha Jeffries, Director, Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Programs
  • Jill Jones
  • Joanna Koch
  • Jordan Lukins
  • Terrell Robinson
  • Jared Stewart-Ginsburg

Clinical Lecturer

  • Melanie Smith


  • Betsy Knight
  • Kari Kuebel
  • Ondrej Pesout
  • Melissa Ann Rasberry

University-School Partnership Coordinator

  • Keith Walkowiak

University-School Partnership Supervisors

  • April Bartley
  • Marcia Davis

TELS Core (6 hours)

ECI 735 Seminar on Teaching and Teaching Education (3 hours)

ECI 736 Learning Sciences (3 hours)

College Scholar Leader Courses (6 hours) 

ED 755: Scholar Leader: Diversity and Equity in Schools and Communities (3 hours) 

ED 756: Scholar Leader: Systemic Change in Education and Society (3 hours) 

Research Methods (15 hours) 

ED 710: Applied Quantitative Methods in Education (3 hours) 

ED 730: Introduction to Qualitative Research in Education (3 hours)  

Elective advanced research methods courses (9 hours)

Dissertation (9 hours)

EAC 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research