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The Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree in Training and Development, a fully online program, is based on a reflective practice approach offering practitioners opportunities to integrate their professional experiences with human resource development knowledge and practice skills. Completing this master’s program will give you the professional knowledge and skill required for entry or advancement in instructional design, and instructional, administrative, or evaluation positions that involve performance-based training. Our courses are in alignment with the Association of Talent Development’s Core Competency Model.

Our program emphasizes:

  • Interaction
  • Collaboration
  • Team Learning
  • Reflective Practice
  • Adult Learning

Admission Requirements

Applicants for the M.Ed. degree in Training and Development must complete an application through the Graduate School, submit a personal statement, post-secondary transcripts, and three letters of recommendation. GRE scores are not required. Please see the Training and Development Program website for complete details.


Full Professors

  • Duane Akroyd
  • Tony W. Cawthon
  • Joy Gaston Gayles
  • Audrey J. Jaeger
  • Stephen Robert Porter
  • Alyssa Nicole Rockenbach

Associate Professors

  • Susan J. Barcinas
  • James E. Bartlett II
  • Chad David Hoggan

Practice/Research/Teaching Professors

  • Michelle E. Bartlett
  • Diane D Chapman
  • Kenneth Lyle Ender
  • Barry A. Olson
  • Mary Elizabeth Rittling
  • Jennifer J. Stanigar
  • Robert Grant Templin Jr.
  • Carrol Lynn Adams Warren

Emeritus Faculty

  • Carol Edith Kasworm
  • George B. Vaughan


EAC 551  Research in Adult & Higher Education  (3 credit hours)  

Introduces master's students studying adult learning and higher education to two major research paradigms in education, quantitative and qualitative research, and to the research literature of disciplines related to the education of adults. Students will learn how to distinguish between research and non-research materials, and how to evaluate quantitative and qualitative research studies on the basis of their research merit.

Prerequisite: Master's students in ACCE

Typically offered in Fall, Spring, and Summer

EAC 556  Organization Change in HRD: Theory & Practice  (3 credit hours)  

Organization Change in Human Resource Development provides an introduction to the theory and practice of change within the context of adult education programs, other organizations, communities and societies. Graduate standing or PBS status required.

Typically offered in Fall and Spring

EAC 559  The Adult Learner  (3 credit hours)  

An inquiry into the characteristics and background, learning processes, motivation and participation of adult learners in a variety of educational contexts. Emphasis on adult learning theories, models, principles and their application to educational design and delivery.

Typically offered in Fall, Spring, and Summer

EAC 580  Designing Instructional Systems in Training and Development  (3 credit hours)  

Introduction to instructional design models including needs assessment, systematic training design and development techniques and proactive strategies for evaluating training programs. Instructional design issues of work-based training, learner characteristics and effects of technology on instructional design, implementation and evaluation processes. Graduate standing or PBS status required.

Typically offered in Fall, Spring, and Summer

EAC 581  Advanced Instructional Design in Training and Development  (3 credit hours)  

In-depth analysis of instructional systems design (ISD) theory and practice using professional competency models. Organizational training requirements, development of performance objectives and measures, design of instructional materials, and address of evaluation issues in training programs in business and industry. Research and development of instructional design projects relating to ISD process and model. Graduate standing or PBS status required.

Typically offered in Fall and Spring

EAC 582  Organization and Operation Of Training and Development Programs  (3 credit hours)  

Overview of occupational education practice in business and industrial settings. Presentation of roles common to training and development specialists, including managerial concerns related to organization, operation and financial training and development programs.

Typically offered in Fall only

EAC 583  Needs Assessment and Task Analysis in Training and Development  (3 credit hours)  

Current needs assessment and task analysis methods and techniques used in business and industrial settings. Development of comprehensive needs assessment plans for diagnosing and documenting human performance deficiencies/improvement opportunities through training programs in business settings. Graduate standing or PBS status required.

Typically offered in Fall and Spring

EAC 584  Evaluating Training Transfer and Effectiveness  (3 credit hours)  

Philosophy, strategies, and procedures for evaluating effectiveness of training programs. Development of multi-level evaluation plan for use with training program to study outcomes and process of training from perception to organizational impact. Design of evaluation methods and instruments, data collection, analysis, and interpretation for each level of evaluation emphasizing transfer of training. Graduate standing or PBS status required.

Typically offered in Fall and Spring

EAC 585  Integrating Technology into Training Program  (3 credit hours)  

Appropriate technologies for design and delivery of effective training programs. Performance-based training models for distance and individualized learning through audio, video, computer-based, and multimedia technologies. Planning decisions for selecting/developing appropriate technologies to support specific training outcomes, adult learner characteristics, and organizational training resources. Graduate standing or PBS status required.

Typically offered in Fall, Spring, and Summer

EAC 586  Methods and Techniques Of Training and Development  (3 credit hours)  

Methods and techniques common to model occupational education programs in business and industrial settings. Focus on design and evaluation of effective learning programs and instructional methodologies. Graduate standing or PBS status required.

Typically offered in Fall and Spring

EAC 692  Research Projects In Education  (1-3 credit hours)  

A project or problem in research in education for graduate students, supervised by members of graduate faculty. Choice of research on basis of individual students' interests and not to be part of thesis or dissertation research.

Prerequisite: EAC 732

Typically offered in Fall, Spring, and Summer