University Catalog 2024-2025

Training & Development (MEd)

Degree Requirements

EAC 556Organization Change in HRD: Theory & Practice3
EAC 559The Adult Learner3
EAC 580Designing Instructional Systems in Training and Development3
EAC 581Advanced Instructional Design in Training and Development3
EAC 582Organization and Operation Of Training and Development Programs3
EAC 583Needs Assessment and Task Analysis in Training and Development3
EAC 584Evaluating Training Transfer and Effectiveness3
EAC 585Integrating Technology into Training Program3
EAC 586Methods and Techniques Of Training and Development3
Select three credits of EAC electives 13
EAC 551Research in Adult & Higher Education3
EAC 692Research Projects In Education3
Total Hours36

Any EAC course not part of of core curriculum (A)


Full Professors

  • Duane Akroyd
  • Tony W. Cawthon
  • Joy Gaston Gayles
  • Audrey J. Jaeger
  • Stephen Robert Porter
  • Alyssa Nicole Rockenbach

Associate Professors

  • Susan J. Barcinas
  • James E. Bartlett II
  • Chad David Hoggan

Practice/Research/Teaching Professors

  • Michelle E. Bartlett
  • Mark Bernhard
  • Diane D Chapman
  • Kenneth Lyle Ender
  • Barry A. Olson
  • Mary Elizabeth Rittling
  • Jennifer J. Stanigar
  • Robert Grant Templin Jr.
  • Carrol Lynn Adams Warren

Adjunct Faculty

  • Pam Eddinger
  • Cameron Sublett
  • Keith Witham

Emeritus Faculty

  • Carol Edith Kasworm
  • George B. Vaughan