University Catalog 2023-2024

Nanoengineering (MR): Biomedical Sciences in Nanoengineering Concentration

Degree Requirements

Core Courses12
Select four of the following courses:
Modern Concepts in Materials Science
Introduction to Nanomaterials
Conventional and Emerging Nanomanufacturing Techniques and Their Applications in Nanosystems
Micro/Nano-Scale Fabrication and Manufacturing
Micro/Nano Electromechanical Systems
Concentration Requirement Courses12
Select a minimum of four of the following courses:
Special Topics in Biomedical Engineering (Introduction to Nano-biomaterials)
Nanobiotechnology Processing, Characterization, and Applications
Polymeric Biomaterials Engineering
Special Topics in Chemical Engineering (Colloid Science and Nanoscale Engineering)
Special Topics in Chemical Engineering (Drug Delivery)
Neural Networks
Wearable Biosensors and Microsystems
Technical Electives6
"Technical Electives" are approved in conjunction with the academic committee *
Total Hours30

Full Professors

  • Charles M. Balik
  • Albena Ivanisevic
  • Thomas H. LaBean
  • Jagdish Narayan
  • Joseph B. Tracy
  • Daryoosh Vashaee
  • Yaroslava G. Yingling
  • Yong Zhu

Associate Professors

  • Rajeev Kumar Gupta

Assistant Professors

  • Kaveh Ahadi
  • Wenpei Gao
  • Srikanth Patala

Practice/Research/Teaching Professors

  • Claude Lewis Reynolds Jr.

Emeritus Faculty

  • Elizabeth Carol Dickey

Career Opportunities

Nanotechnological advancements have impacted every technological sector and ultimately may change aspects of our daily lives. The development of these new technologies requires innovative nanoengineers who are invested in the fields of electronics, materials, chemical technology, biotechnology and biomedical engineering. Graduates of the Master of Nanoengineering program are equipped with a solid foundation in nanoscience and nanotechnology necessary for the development of new products and procedures.

Potential careers associated with nanoengineering are as follows.

  • Research and development engineer/scientist
  • Biomedical engineer
  • Materials engineer/scientist
  • Bioinformatics
  • Chemist
  • Process engineer
  • Materials analyst
  • Professor
  • Medical doctor
  • PhD student