University Catalog 2023-2024

International Studies

The Master of International Studies (MIS) is a 36 credit, non-thesis professional degree program that prepares students for careers in government service, non-profit administration, international business, and international student services and study abroad. Located in the School of Public and International Affairs, the MIS degree draws upon faculty and courses from colleges and departments across the university. Approximately half of the course work for the degree is devoted to developing international knowledge and competencies. The remaining coursework is comprised of regional, topical, professional or technical specializations designed by students in consultation with their faculty advisors. The program has an excellent internship program that contributes to job placement upon graduation.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must provide GRE scores and a current resume in addition to other application materials required by the Graduate School.

Degree Requirements

The requirements for the MIS degree are as follows:

  1. 36 credit hours of course work;
  2. Core Curriculum (15 hours). One course from each of the following five groups:
    Group A - International Relations
    Group B - Comparative Politics/Societies
    Group C - International Law and Organization
    Group D - International Economy/Development
    Group E - Research Methods
  3. Individualized specialization (12-15 hours). The specialization may be in a geographical region (e.g., Europe, Latin America), an international topic (e.g., security, global governance,  sustainable development), a professional field (e.g., public administration, non-profit management), or a technical specialty (e.g., Geographic Information System-GIS);
  4. Capstone seminar (3 hours) and oral presentation of work to faculty and peers;
  5. International experience or study abroad; and
  6. Competency in a foreign language as determined by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures (FLL).


Full Professors

  • Frederick Willis Cubbage
  • Dennis M. Daley
  • Melissa A. Johnson
  • Akram F. Khater
  • Richard Mahoney
  • Anne W. Mitchell
  • Robert P. Patterson
  • Mitchell Adam Renkow
  • Michael D. Schulman
  • Erin O. Sills
  • Andrew J. Taylor

Associate Professors

  • William A. Boettcher III
  • Clifford E Griffin
  • Heidi H. Hobbs
  • James Kiwanuka-Tondo
  • Lada V. Kochtcheeva
  • Mark T. Nance
  • Traciel V. Reid
  • Michael John Struett
  • Stephen B. Wiley
  • James Richard Zink

Assistant Professors

  • Moses Khisa
  • Elizabeth Lane
  • Chia yueh Liao
  • Jordan Carr Peterson
  • Robert John Reardon

Practice/Research/Teaching Professors

  • Tracy Ann Appling
  • Erica Elizabeth Edwards
  • Amanda Ross Edwards
  • Dmitri Mitin

Emeritus Faculty

  • Leonard S Bull
  • Stanley Buol
  • James M. Wallace III
  • Robert C. Kochersberger
  • Robert S. Moog
  • Robert Lonnie Moxley
  • Jason C. Shih
  • Marvin Stanley Soroos
  • Randy J. Thomson
  • Sarah Timberlake Warren
  • Mary Ann Witt


MIS 598  Special Topics in International Studies  (1-6 credit hours)  

In-depth investigation of a contemporary topic in the field of international studies in a class context. Topic and mode of instruction to be determined by faculty member. May be taken for up to six hours of credit.

Prerequisite: Advanced Undergraduate standing, PBS status, or Graduate standing

Typically offered in Fall, Spring, and Summer

MIS 601  Colloquium in International Studies  (3 credit hours)  

Selected topics in international studies required for writing and oral presentation of MIS capstone paper.

Prerequisite: Graduate standing

Typically offered in Fall and Spring

MIS 630  Independent Study  (1-3 credit hours)  

Investigation of topics of particular interest to advanced students under faculty direction on a tutorial basis. Credits and content vary with student/faculty discretion and needs.

Restricted: MIS Students Only

Typically offered in Fall, Spring, and Summer

MIS 651  Internship in International Studies  (1-6 credit hours)  

Exposure of student to value systems and technological environment of cultures other than his/her own through a supervised work experience. Application of technological knowledge to development problems. Required technical paper summarizing and analyzing this experience.

Prerequisite: MIS standing

Typically offered in Fall, Spring, and Summer

MIS 685  Master's Supervised Teaching  (1-3 credit hours)  

Teaching experience under the mentorship of faculty who assist the student in planning for the teaching assignment, observe and provide feedback to the student during the teaching assignment, and evaluate the student upon completion of the assignment.

Prerequisite: Master's student

Typically offered in Fall and Spring

MIS 688  Non-Thesis Masters Continuous Registration - Half Time Registration  (1 credit hours)  

For students in non-thesis master's programs who have completed all credit hour requirements for their degree but need to maintain half-time continuous registration to complete incomplete grades, projects, final master's exam, etc.

Prerequisite: Master's student

Typically offered in Fall and Spring

MIS 690  Master's Examination  (1-9 credit hours)  

For students in non thesis master's programs who have completed all other requirements of the degree except preparing for and taking the final master's exam.

Prerequisite: Master's student

Typically offered in Fall and Spring