University Catalog 2024-2025

Sociology (PhD)

Degree Requirements

Core Requirements13
Classical Sociological Theory
Quantitative Sociological Analysis
Research Methods In Sociology I
Applied Research
Theory Course3
Select one of the following courses:
Historical Materialism Approaches to Social Theory
Sociological Social Psychology
Special Topics In Sociology (Social Movement Theory)
Special Topics In Sociology (Intersectional Theory)
Special Topics In Sociology (Critical Race Theory)
Method / Analysis Courses6
Select two of the following courses:
Advanced Sociological Analysis (Social Network Analysis)
Advanced Sociological Analysis (Multilevel/ Longitudinal Analysis)
Advanced Sociological Analysis (Sequence Analysis)
Advanced Sociological Analysis (Computational Text Analysis)
Qualitative Sociological Methods and Analysis
Special Topics In Sociology
Substantive Courses24
Select eight courses from "Substantive Courses" listed below - based on speciality area
Research Courses26
Doctoral Supervised Research
Doctoral Dissertation Research
Total Hours72

Specialty Courses

Select eight courses from the following options - based on speciality area.

Crime, Law, and Social Control
SOC 721Deviant Behavior3
SOC 722Social Control3
SOC 725Gender and Crime3
SOC 791Special Topics In Sociology (Advanced Qualitative Sociological Methods and Analysis)1-6
Inequality: Class, Gender and Race
SOC 736Social Stratification3
SOC 737Sociology Of Gender3
SOC 738Race and Ethnic Inequality3
SOC 739Social Psychology Of Inequality3
Work and The Global Economy Specialty Courses
SOC 752Work and Industry3
SOC 754Economic Sociology3
SOC 755Global Institutions and Markets3
Food and Environment Specialty Courses
SOC 761Contemporary Debates in Food & Environment3
SOC 762Sociology of Food Systems3
SOC 763Environmental Sociology3
SOC 791Special Topics In Sociology (Food Systems)1-6


Full Professors

  • Sarah K. Bowen
  • Martha L. Crowley
  • Stacy DeCoster
  • Andrea Leverentz
  • Anna Manzoni
  • Steven J. McDonald
  • Thomas Eugene Shriver
  • Melvin E. Thomas

Associate Professors

  • Michaela Anne DeSoucey
  • Kimberly Lynn Ebert
  • April Dawn Fernandes

Assistant Professors

  • Andrew Paul Davis
  • Laura DeMarco
  • Marbella Hill
  • Jessica Pfaffendorf
  • Lesley Schneider
  • Mia Brantley Wright

Practice/Research/Teaching Professors

  • Megan Glancy
  • Deann Judge
  • Virginia Riel
  • Margaret Stiffler
  • Jim Yocom

Emeritus Faculty

  • Virginia M Aldige
  • Maxine Atikinson
  • Ronald F. Czaja
  • William B. Clifford II
  • L. Richard Dellafave
  • Ted Greenstein
  • Stephen C. Lilley
  • Patricia Lou McCall
  • Robert Lonnie Moxley
  • Toby Parcel
  • Michael Schwalbe
  • William R. Smith
  • Maxine S. Thompson
  • Randy J. Thomson
  • Charles Ray Tittle
  • Eric M. Woodrum
  • Margaret A Zahn
  • James J. Zuiches