University Catalog 2023-2024

Environmental Design in Architecture (Bachelor)

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The Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture (BEDA) is a four-year, pre-professional degree program that immerses students in architectural design fundamentals through studio- and project-based courses. Students take an array of classes that focus on history, theory, technology, structures, materials, construction, and general education subjects. The BEDA program prepares students for further study in a professional degree program such as the one-year Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) or a two-year Master of Architecture (M.Arch). The BEDA also prepares students for advanced study in related fields such as Landscape Architecture and City Design.

The four years of the BEDA curriculum are divided into:

  • The First Year Experience (a common first year curriculum shared by all majors in the College of Design)
  • The Second Year Concentrated Architectural Studies
  • The Third Year Concentrated Architectural Studies
  • The Fourth Year (study abroad, “swing” studios in other majors; design/build studio; and elective seminars).

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Plan Requirements

Architecture Core Requirements
ARC 162An Introduction to Architecture3
ARC 211Natural Systems and Architecture 13
ARC 241History of World Architecture 13
ARC 232Structures and Materials 13
ARC 242History of Western Architecture 13
ARC 251Digital Representation3
ARC 331Architectural Structures I 13
ARC 332Architectural Structures II 13
ARC 414Environmental Control Systems 13
ARC 432Architectural Construction Systems3
ARC 441History of Contemporary Architecture 13
Restricted Elective 23
Architecture Studio Requirement
D 100Design Inquiry I: Methods and Processes3
D 101Design Inquiry II: Methods and Processes3
D 104First Year Studio I 16
D 105First Year Studio II 16
ARC 201Architectural Design: Environment 16
ARC 202Architectural Design: Form 16
ARC 301Architectural Design: Tectonics 16
ARC 302Architectural Design: Technology 16
ARC 401Architectural Design: Urban 16
ARC 402Architectural Design: Advanced 16
Mathematics & Natural Sciences
Mathematics Elective3
PY 211College Physics I4
International Experience
International Experience (verify requirement) 20
General Education Program (GEP) Courses
ENG 101Academic Writing and Research 14
GEP Humanities3
GEP Social Sciences6
GEP Mathematical Sciences3
GEP Natural Sciences3
GEP Health and Exercise Studies2
GEP Additional Breadth3
GEP U.S. Diversity (verify requirement)
GEP Global Knowledge (verify requirement)
Foreign Language Proficiency (verify requirement)
Free Electives
Free Electives (12 Hr S/U Lmt) 25
Total Hours126

Mathematics Electives

MA 107Precalculus I3
MA 108Precalculus II3
MA 111Precalculus Algebra and Trigonometry3
MA 121Elements of Calculus3
MA 131Calculus for Life and Management Sciences A3
MA 141Calculus I4

Semester Sequence

This is a sample.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Fall SemesterHours
D 100 Design Inquiry I: Methods and Processes 3
D 104 First Year Studio I 1 6
ENG 101 Academic Writing and Research 4
Mathematics Elective 3
Spring Semester
D 101 Design Inquiry II: Methods and Processes 3
D 105 First Year Studio II 1 6
ARC 162 An Introduction to Architecture 3
PY 211 College Physics I 4
Second Year
Fall Semester
ARC 201 Architectural Design: Environment 1 6
ARC 211 Natural Systems and Architecture 1 3
ARC 241 History of World Architecture 1 3
GEP Mathematical Sciences 3
GEP Health and Exercise Studies 1
Spring Semester
ARC 202 Architectural Design: Form 1 6
ARC 232 Structures and Materials 1 3
ARC 242 History of Western Architecture 1 3
ARC 251 Digital Representation 3
GEP Natural Sciences 3
Third Year
Fall Semester
ARC 301 Architectural Design: Tectonics 1 6
ARC 331 Architectural Structures I 1 3
ARC 432 Architectural Construction Systems 1 3
ARC 441 History of Contemporary Architecture 1 3
GEP Health and Exercise Studies 1
Spring Semester
ARC 302 Architectural Design: Technology 1 6
ARC 332 Architectural Structures II 1 3
ARC 414 Environmental Control Systems 1 3
GEP Social Sciences 3
Fourth Year
Fall Semester
ARC 490
Architecture International Studio 1
or Architectural Design: Urban
Free Elective 2
Free Elective 3
GEP Additional Breadth (Humanities/Social Sciences/Visual and Performing Arts) 3
Spring Semester
ARC 402 Architectural Design: Advanced 1 6
Restricted Elective 3
GEP Social Sciences 3
GEP Humanities 3
 Total Hours126

Major/Program Footnotes:

  • No more than one studio may be taken in any semester.
  • Foreign language proficiency at 102 level is required for graduation but does not count toward the degree requirements.