University Catalog 2023-2024

GEP Health and Exercise Studies

Requirement (2 credit hours)

  • A total of two credit hours from the University approved GEP Health and Exercise Studies course list (below). At least one of the credit hours must be from the HES 100-level (Fitness and Wellness) courses on this list.
  • Students have the option of taking HES courses on an S/U basis.
  • Special Note:  If a student changes a General Education course except for HES courses from a letter grade to credit-only (S/U), then the course will not satisfy the GEP requirements. Consult your academic advisor if you have questions.


The development of attitudes and skills for a healthy life is essential to a university student’s education. In addition to developing and gaining an appreciation of health-related fitness and wellness concepts and fundamental motor skills, student participation in physical activities and sport significantly decreases major health risks, reduces stress from the pressures of academic life, and improves general social and mental well-being.

Category Objectives

Each course in the Health and Exercise Studies category will provide instruction and guidance that help students to:

  1. acquire the fundamentals of health-related fitness, encompassing cardio-respiratory  and cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, muscular flexibility and body composition; and
  2. apply knowledge of the fundamentals of health-related fitness toward developing, maintaining, and sustaining an active and healthy lifestyle; and
  3. acquire or enhance the basic motor skills and skill-related competencies, concepts, and strategies used in physical activities and sport; and
  4. gain a thorough working knowledge, appreciation, and understanding of the spirit and rules, history, safety, and etiquette of physical activities and sport.
DAN 227African Dance I1GK
DAN 228African Dance II1GK
DAN 234Country Dance1
DAN 240Social Dance1
DAN 241Social Dance II1
DAN 260Hip-hop Dance1VPA
DAN 261Hip-hop Dance II1USD
DAN 263Tap Dance1
DAN 264Ballet I1
DAN 265Ballet II1VPA
DAN 273Jazz Dance I1
DAN 274Modern Dance I1
DAN 275Modern Dance II1
DAN 276Jazz Dance II1VPA
DAN 279Yoga I1
DAN 280Yoga II1
DAN 281Pilates1
DAN 285Advanced Dance Techniques1
HES 195Special Topics in Health and Exercise Studies1
HES 295Health and Exercise Studies Special Topics GEP1-3
HESA 214Beginning Swimming1
HESA 215Advanced Beginning Swimming1
HESA 217Survival Swimming1
HESA 221Intermediate Swimming1
HESA 223Lifeguard Training2
HESA 226Skin and Scuba Diving I2
HESA 227Skin & Scuba Diving II2
HESA 229Scuba Leadership2
HESA 231Scientific Diving3
HESF 100Cross Training2
HESF 101Fitness and Wellness1
HESF 102Fitness Walking1
HESF 103Water Aerobics1
HESF 104Swim Conditioning1
HESF 105Aerobics and Body Conditioning1
HESF 107Run Conditioning1
HESF 108Water Step Aerobics1
HESF 109Step Aerobics1
HESF 110Adapted Fitness and Wellness1
HESF 111Indoor Group Cycling1
HESF 112Fitness Kickboxing1
HESF 113High Intensity Conditioning1
HESF 120Mindful Movement1
HESO 253Orienteering1
HESO 255Canoeing1
HESO 257Backpacking1
HESO 258Rock Climbing 11
HESO 259Rock Climbing 21
HESO 262Whitewater Canoeing1
HESO 263Whitewater Kayaking1
HESO 276Whitewater Rafting1
HESO 277Mountain Biking1
HESO 278Fly-Fishing1
HESO 283Mountaineering2
HESO 284Sea Kayaking1
HESR 242Badminton1
HESR 249Tennis I1
HESR 250Tennis II1
HESR 255Pickleball1
HESR 256Racquetball1
HESS 219Gymnastics1
HESS 235Beginning Karate1
HESS 237Weight Training1
HESS 239Self Defense1
HESS 243Bowling1
HESS 245Golf1
HESS 251Target Archery1
HESS 253Target Archery II1
HEST 216Soccer1
HEST 261Basketball1
HEST 265Slow Pitch Softball1
HEST 266Ultimate Frisbee1
HEST 267Flag Football1
HEST 269Volleyball I1
HEST 270Volleyball II1