University Catalog 2023-2024

Technology, Engineering and Design Education (Minor)

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The Technology, Engineering and Design minor broadens students’ comprehension of the technological society in which they live. This is accomplished through the investigation and manipulation of tools, materials, and machines related to technology. Further, students experience technology coursework in applications such as information and communication systems; emerging technologies, robotics education, and evaluation of technological impacts on society, individuals, and culture. Minor programs are individually designed to meet the needs of the student and to complement their major.


To be admitted to the program, a student must have a GPA of at least 2.0. Application for admission to any University minor program is now available via MyPack Portal. Admission will be based upon the student’s academic record, and in most cases no longer requires departmental review. Go to Add a Minor to apply.


Prior to the end of the second week of the student’s final semester, the student must sign the Application for Minor form (provided by the minor contact person). This form is a list of all grades received in the courses to be considered for the minor as well as the courses to be taken during the student’s final semester.

Contact Person

Marissa Franzen
STEM Education
510F Poe Hall

Effective Date: 1/2012

SIS Code:  13TEM

Plan Requirements

  • Complete a minimum of 16 hours of coursework in Technology, Engineering and Design Education
  • A minimum grade of ‘C’ (2.0 or better must be achieved in each course counting towards the minor with the exception of TDE 490 Special Problems in Technology Education (an “S” is acceptable for this course).
  • Students who have transfer credit from another institution that they believe is equivalent to GC 120 Foundations of Graphics should consult the contact person listed below for approval and inclusion in the minor.
Required Courses
GC 120Foundations of Graphics3
TDE 110Materials & Processes Technology3
Elective Courses
Select three of the following:9
Technology through Engineering and Design I
Desktop Publishing and Imaging Technology
Digital Media Education
Technology Through Engineering and Design II
Ceramics: The Art and Craft of Clay
Electronics Technology
Emerging Issues in Technology
Robotics Education
and Robotics Education Lab
Research & Development in Technology Education
Special Problems in Technology Education
Total Hours15