University Catalog 2023-2024

Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education (STEM)

Our graduates are recognized as top in their fields throughout the state and nation as they begin their professional careers as teachers of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education. NC State STEM Education produces competent professionals who have strong subject matter backgrounds and pedagogical skills throughout their fully accredited programs. Departmental majors may seek licensure for teaching high school grades 9-12 or middle grades 6-9. Students in the high school curriculum in education take approximately 45 percent of their program in the College of Sciences and may complete a double major, receiving a second degree in mathematics, statistics, or one of the sciences. Students in Technology, Engineering and Design Education may be licensed as teachers of technology and engineering education programs in middle grades and high schools. All pre-service teaching programs provide a broad background; an in-depth study in mathematics, technology or an area of science; and the development of professional competencies.

In addition, the Technology, Engineering and Design education curriculum provides a non-teaching graphic communications option with a general background for a variety of employment opportunities in business and industry. 

The department also offers minors in:

Minors give opportunities for students to develop proficiency in applying graphic techniques in both career and leisure activities or technology based laboratory skills.

The department offers student engagement activities through their active professional organizations that include; Technology and Engineering Education Collegiate Association (TEECA), Epsilon Pi Tau International Honor Society for Professions in Technology, North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCCTM)-Kappa Student Chapter, and the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA Student Chapter)

The Department of STEM Education is located in Poe Hall, Suite 326.

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Diana Lotito
Student Services Coordinator


Department Head

  • A. C. Clark, Department Head

Program Coordinator, Undergraduate Programs for Science Education

  • WM Reynolds, Assistant Teaching Professor

Program Coordinator, Undergraduate Programs for Technology, Engineering & Design Education

  • Marissa Franzen, Assistant Teaching Professor

Program Coordinator, Undergraduate Programs for Mathematics Education

  • C. Edgington, Assistant Teaching Professor


  • M.R. Blanchard, Science Education
  • A. C. Clark, Technology, Design and Engineering Education
  • C. Johnson, Science Education
  • M.G. Jones, Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor, Science Education
  • H.S. Lee, Mathematics Education
  • S. Park, Science Education
  • E. Wiebe, Science Education

Associate Professors

  • C. Delgado, Science Education
  • C. Denson, Technology, Engineering & Design Education

Assistant Professors

  • R. K. Anderson, Mathematics Education
  • K.C. Busch, Science Education
  • S. Byun, Mathematics Education
  • R. Ellis, Mathematics Education
  • T. Jones, Technology, Engineering & Design Education
  • E. Krupa, Mathematics Education

Teaching Assistant Professors

  • C.P. Edgington, Mathematics Education
  • M. Franzen, Technology, Education and Design Education
  • B. Matthews , Technology, Engineering and Design Education
  • S. L. Miller, Technology, Engineering and Design Education
  • J.P.Newby, Engineering & Technology Education
  • W. M. Reynolds, Science Education

Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor

  • J. L. Crow

Professors emeriti

  • N. D. Anderson, Mathematics Education
  • J. Confrey, Joseph D. Moore Distinguished Professor of Mathematics Education
  • W. J. Haynie, Technology, Engineering & Design Education
  • J. R. Kolb, Outstanding Teacher for College of Education, Science Education
  • J. E. Penick, Science Education
  • L. V. Stiff, Mathematics Education

Associate professors emeriti

  • T. J. Branoff, Technology, Engineering and Design Education
  • G. S. Carter, Science Education
  • V. W. DeLuca, Technology, Engineering & Design Education
  • L. W. Watson, Mathematics Education
  • J. H. Wheatley, Science Education

Assistant Professor Emeritus

  • W. J. Vanderwall, Graphic Communications

Teaching Assistant Emeritus

  • A. Y. Scales, Graphic Communications

Lecturer Emeritus

  • J. F. Freeman, Graphic Communications