University Catalog 2023-2024

History (Minor)

The minor in History provides additional breadth and depth of study to a variety of majors. The study of history provides understanding of historical background and context, along with experience in research, analysis, and writing. For example, students majoring in political science but with a special interest in the Middle East or Europe can gain a much deeper understanding of how events in the past have shaped present dilemmas. Likewise, those wishing to attend law school can choose from a range of courses in legal history. Students can tailor the course selection in the Minor to suit individual interests. 

To be admitted to the program, a student must have a GPA of at least 2.0. Application for admission to any University minor program is now available via MyPack Portal. Admission will be based upon the student’s academic record, and in most cases no longer requires departmental review. Go to Add a Minor to apply.

For more information about the program, please see the Advisor to the Minor.


Jennifer Lee
272 Withers Hall, Box 8108
Raleigh NC 27695-8108


Plan Requirements

  • Open to any student and is without any prerequisites.
  • Completion of 15 hours (5 courses) in History.
  • A grade of ‘C-’ or better in all completed courses used toward the minor.
  • A maximum of one (1) course may be used (double-counted) towards both departmental major requirements and minor requirements.
  • A maximum of 6 hours of advanced placement credit or transfer credit can be applied towards the minor. The department will determine whether courses which have been transferred from other institutions qualify for the minor.
Required Courses
Choose 2 courses (6 credits) in History (HI) or History of Art (HA) at the 200-level.6
Elective Courses
Select one course in HI or HA at the 400 level3
Select two courses at the 300 level or above6
Total Hours15