University Catalog 2023-2024

Department of History

The study of History provides students with a sense of the complexity and contingency of events in an ever-changing world. It provides rich and diverse perspectives. It informs us about the prevalence of unintended consequences. Our goal is to foster independent, research-based judgment of human behavior, similarities, and difference. The Department of History at NC State brings alive the treasure of diverse human experiences and cultures, from the ancient near East to the post-Cold War world, from medieval life to modern science and technology, from the ancient Americas to the modern United States.

We pride ourselves on outstanding teaching, and we offer small classes that allow a great deal of individual attention. Undergraduate students have the choice to study a wide range of historical topics or to follow a particular interest. We offer a choice of elective courses in thematic clusters such as the law and social justice and equity, war and society, public history, and science and technology in historical context.

Department Highlights:

  • Our faculty connect students to current historical scholarship. Faculty members have a strong record of teaching awards, grant and fellowship awards, publications, and public outreach. 
  • Students in our programs can receive credit for a professional internship for research or outreach work in agencies, organizations, or museums. 
  • The History BA has a new Concentration in Legal HistoryThe BA in History is already a strong pathway of undergraduate education leading to admission to law school. The Legal History concentration provides a specialized focus embedded within the major’s strengths in analysis of texts, critical thinking, factual analysis, and historical perspective on the law and legal practice. See the "Plans" tab for more information.
  • The departmental Honors Program guide highly qualified and motivated students through individual, directed study with a faculty mentor, producing an Honors Thesis of original research. 
  • High-achieving History students are invited to join the NC State chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the national honor society for the promotion of the study of history.
  • The History Club provides opportunity to meet and engage with fellow students and explore interests in history in an informal setting.

For more information about our department and programs, visit our website.

Department of History
North Carolina State University
350 Withers Hall, Campus Box 8108
Raleigh, NC  27695-8108


Dr. William Kimler
Director of Undergraduate Programs
Department of History
North Carolina State University
351 Withers Hall, Box 8108
Raleigh NC 27695-8108


Department Head

  • Traci B. Voyles

Associate Head and Director of Undergraduate Programs

  • William C. Kimler

Director of the History Honors Program

  • Steven Lechner

Director of Graduate Programs

  • Brent S. Sirota

Director of Public History

  • Nishani Frazier

Scheduling Officer

  • Katherine Mellen Charron

Distinguished Professor

  • David P. Gilmartin

Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor

  • Craig T. Friend

Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor

  • William C. Kimler
  • David A. Zonderman

University Faculty Scholar

  • Matthew M. Booker
  • Xiaolin Duan
  • Akram F. Khater


  • David R. Ambaras
  • Ross S. Bassett
  • Nishani Frazier
  • Craig T. Friend
  • David P. Gilmartin
  • Tammy S. Gordon
  • Holly S. Hurlburt
  • Akram F. Khater
  • Mimi G. Kim
  • Keith P. Luria
  • Nancy Mitchell
  • Julia E. Rudolph
  • K. Steven Vincent
  • David A. Zonderman

Associate Professors

  • Matthew M. Booker
  • Kat Mellen Charron
  • Megan L. Cherry
  • Xiaolin Duan
  • Frederico Freitas
  • Verena I. Kasper-Marienberg
  • William C. Kimler
  • Susanna M. Lee
  • Alicia E. McGill
  • Julie L. Mell
  • Brent S. Sirota
  • Noah B. Strote

Assistant Professors

  • Kristen Alff
  • Ajamu Dillahunt
  • Ebony Jones
  • Tate Paulette

Adjunct Associate Professor

  • Paul D. Brinkman

Teaching Professor

  • Nicholas A. Robins

Associate Teaching Professor

  • Sandria B. Freitag

Assistant Teaching Professor

  • Alexis Clark
  • Steven E. B. Lechner
  • Kimberly Bowler Vincent
  • Philip Van Vleck


  • Michael L Weisel

Postdoctoral Teaching Scholar

  • Tyler Greene

Emeriti Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor

  • John M. Riddle
  • Kenneth P. Vickery

Professors Emeriti

  • James R. Banker
  • James E. Crisp
  • Alexander J. DeGrand
  • Murray S. Downs
  • William C. Harris
  • Anthony J. LaVopa
  • Gail O'Brien
  • John M. Riddle
  • Richard W. Slatta
  • Stephanie Spencer
  • Gerald Surh
  • Edith D. Sylla
  • Kenneth P. Vickery