Inter-College Transfer

Inter-College Transfer (ICT) Program

The Inter-College Transfer (ICT) program provides students the opportunity to work with an experienced, cross-curricular advisor to explore majors and work towards meeting CODA requirements to change majors, outside their current college/ program. The ICT program is designed for:

  • Students who are interested in changing their major outside of their current college but are not ready to matriculate into the new major
  • Students who are no longer interested in pursuing their current major but are undecided about a major and want to explore
  • Those who are not making progress towards their major and are in jeopardy of being placed on progress deficiency; students must be willing to look at realistic options for majors.
  • Students who are readmitting to the University and do not plan to pursue their original major.

Students transfer from their current major/college into the ICT program (after completing at least one full time semester  -- 12 credit hours  -- at NC State) and are assigned to an academic advisor affiliated with Academic Advising Programs and Services (AAPS).

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