Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development (PhD)

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Degree Requirements

Degrees earned will be distributed as: "Doctor of Philosophy in Education Leadership, Policy and Human Development" without specialization specifications.

College Scholar Leader Courses6
Scholar Leader: Diversity and Equity in Schools and Communities
Scholar Leader: Systemic Change in Education
College Research Methods *15
Required Introductory Research Methods Courses6
Applied Quantitative Methods in Education I
Introduction to Qualitative Research in Education
Advanced Research Methods Courses (select one course from the list below)3
Applied Quantitative Methods in Education II
Advanced Qualitative Research and Data Analysis in Education
Mixed Methods Research in Education
Advanced Research Methods Electives6
Select two courses from the list above or other advanced research methods courses approved by the student advisor.
Dissertation Research9
Doctoral Dissertation Research
Total college core hours30
Concentration area courses30
Select 30 hours of additional coursework based on Concentrations listed below
Total Hours60

In addition to the required College core courses courses above, students must select one of 6 approved concentrations and complete the minimum 30 hours required in the selected concentration.

  1. Adult and Lifelong Education
  2. Community College and Career Education
  3. Counseling and Counselor Education
  4. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis
  5. Higher Education
  6. Higher Education Opportunity, Equity, and Justice

ED 700 Introduction to Research Design in Education, or its equivalent is a pre-requisite course for any research course. A graduate student may take it as part of their Program Area of Study, with approval from their advisor.


Adjunct Lecturers

  • Duane Akroyd
  • Stanley B. Baker
  • Jeffrey Kyle Covington
  • Mary Ann Danowitz
  • Mattie Jayne Fleener
  • Bonnie C. Fusarelli
  • Lance D. Fusarelli
  • Joy Gaston Gayles
  • Marc Anderson Grimmett
  • Melvin Jonathan Jackson
  • Audrey J. Jaeger
  • Glenn Marshall Kleiman
  • Sylvia Christine Maria Nassar
  • Jose' A. Picart
  • Stephanie Margaret Helms Pickett
  • Stephen Robert Porter
  • Alyssa Nicole Rockenbach
  • Siu-Man Ting
  • Paul David Umbach
  • Susan J. Barcinas
  • James E. Bartlett II
  • Lisa R. Bass
  • Chad David Hoggan
  • Anna Margaret Jacob
  • Tamara V. Young
  • Jennifer Baucom Ayscue
  • Timothy Arthur Drake
  • Adria Shipp Dunbar
  • Michael Little
  • Lam Pham
  • Rhonda Saeleth Craver Sutton
  • Patricia Andrews Ashley
  • Krispin Wagoner Barr
  • Michelle E. Bartlett
  • Cristina Braga
  • Brenda D. Champion
  • Diane Dolores Chapman
  • Nicole Marie Childs
  • Callie Womble Edwards
  • Peter A. Hessling
  • Gregory Eugene Hicks
  • Robert Grant Templin Jr.
  • Helen S. Lupton-Smith
  • Barry A. Olson
  • Francine Piscitelli Riddick
  • Angela Carmella Smith
  • Terri Tilford
  • Elizabeth A. Vincent
  • Cathy Sue Williams
  • Susan Smith Braithwaite
  • William S. Carver
  • David Martin Coniglo
  • Jeffrey A. Cox
  • Kandi W. Deitemeyer
  • Rufus Glasper
  • David Gomez
  • Anthony Hancock
  • Garrett D. Hinshaw
  • David N. Johnson
  • Daniel J. Phelan
  • Casey Sacks
  • Janice Nichols Spriggs
  • Holly Anna Sullenger
  • Katherine C. Titus-Becker
  • Thomas A. Walker
  • Gregory D. Williams
  • Yolanda Sheree Wilson
  • Joshua S. Wyner