University Catalog 2024-2025

Creative Writing (MFA)

Degree Requirements

Required Courses12
Fiction Writing Workshop
Poetry Writing Workshop
Literature Courses6
Select six credit hours of the following:
Old English Literature
Middle English Literature
16th-Century Non-Dramatic English Literature
17th-Century English Literature
American Colonial Literature
Seminar In World Literature
African-American Literature
Modern African Literature
British Romantic Period
Studies In Shakespeare
British Victorian Period
18TH-Century English Literature
18TH-Century English Novel
Victorian Novel
American Realism and Naturalism
20TH-Century British Prose
20TH-Century British Poetry
Modern British Drama
Modern American Drama
Southern Writers
20TH-Century American Poetry
20th-Century American Prose
English Drama To 1642
Restoration and 18th-Century Drama
Literary Postmodernism
Studies in Literature
Additional literature courses are approved in conjunction with the academic committee
Elective Courses12
Select a minimum of 12 credit hours of electives approved in conjunction with the academic committee
Thesis Research Course6
Master's Thesis Research
Total Hours36


Full Professors

  • Belle McQuaide Boggs
  • Eduardo C. Corral

Assistant Professors

  • Sumita Chakraborty
  • Meg Day
  • LaTanya Denise McQueen
  • Carter Sickels

Practice/Research/Teaching Professors

  • John J. Kessel
  • Jill Collins McCorkle
  • Joseph H. Millar

Assistant Director

  • Chelsea Krieg