University Catalog 2023-2024

English (MA): Rhetoric and Composition

Degree Requirements

Core Courses15
Theory and Research In Composition
Rhetoric Course
Select one of the following courses listed under "Rhetoric Courses" listed below
Rhetoric and Composition Courses
Select two courses from "Rhetoric Courses" or "Research Component Courses" listed below 1
Linguistics Course
Select a Linguistics course approved in conjunction with the academic committee 2
Research Component Course6
Select one additional course from "Research Component Courses" listed below
Rhetoric Of Science and Technology
Contemporary Rhetorical Theory
Master's Project in English 3
Department Electives6
Select six credit hours of coursework in Literature, Rhetoric and Composition, or Linguistics approved in conjunction with the academic committee
Open Elective Courses6
Select two elective courses approved in conjunction with the academic committee 4
Total Hours33

May include special topics courses in areas such as computers and composition, emerging genres, writing across the curriculum, and writing program administration (usually offered as ENG 583 Studies In Rhetoric and Writing.


ENG 525 Variety In Language is recommended if you are planning a teaching career.  Note: If you choose a linguistics course to fulfill your research methods requirement (e.g., ENG 527 Discourse Analysis), you may take an additional rhetoric or composition elective in this slot instead.


The capstone project should be on a topic that draws from scholarship in the area of rhetoric and composition or that is of clear relevance in the field. It should be conceived to address a specific audience and designed for a specific situation; thus, it could be composed as an article targeting a specific journal or conference; a curriculum plan or teaching materials for a particular instructional agenda; an online resource fulfilling a well defined need; etc. The master's project should be developed in consultation with faculty in rhetoric and composition and must be approved by the advisor for the concentration.


"Open Elective Courses" may be from rhetoric and composition, linguistics, literature, digital humanities or other areas within the English Department, or, when appropriate to meet particular goals, from the Department of Communication, Foreign Languages, History, Psychology, the College of Education, or other fields.

Rhetoric Courses

These courses address major issues and concepts in rhetoric ranging from Greek antiquity to contemporary poststructuralism, and applications from public speeches to popular culture to teaching to technical communication.

Select one of the following courses:
ENG/COM 514History Of Rhetoric3
ENG 515Rhetoric Of Science and Technology3
ENG/COM 516Rhetorical Criticism: Theory and Practice3
ENG/COM 554Contemporary Rhetorical Theory3

Research Component Courses

Before embarking on your capstone research, select one research methods course congruent with your disciplinary interests.

Select one of the following courses to fulfill the "Research Component Course" requirement:
ENG 506Verbal Data Analysis3
ENG 513Empirical Research In Composition3
ENG/COM 516Rhetorical Criticism: Theory and Practice3
ENG 527Discourse Analysis3
ENG 532Narrative Analysis3
ENG/COM 581Visual Rhetoric: Theory and Criticism3
ENG 583Studies In Rhetoric and Writing 53
ENG 585Studies In Film 63
ENG 587Interdisciplinary Studies in English 73

ENG 583 Studies In Rhetoric and Writing when topic is methodological


ENG 585 Studies In Film when focused on pertinent methodologies


ENG 587 Interdisciplinary Studies in English when focused on pertinent methodologies


  • Christopher M. Anson
  • William Wilton Barnhardt
  • Barbara A. Bennett
  • Belle McQuaide Boggs
  • Kirsti Karra Cole
  • Eduardo C. Corral
  • Huiling Ding
  • Robin M. Dodsworth
  • Marsha Gabrielle Gordon
  • Jennifer Marie Hessler
  • Hans Dodds Kellner
  • Dorianne Louise Laux
  • Leila S. May
  • LaTanya Denise McQueen
  • Jeffrey Ingle Mielke
  • Jason Miller
  • John D. Morillo
  • James S. Mulholland
  • Miriam E. Orr
  • Juliana Makuchi Nfah-Abbenyi
  • Jeffrey Leo Reaser
  • Laura Ruth Severin
  • Carter Sickels
  • Jason Swarts
  • Anu Thapa
  • Erik R. Thomas
  • John N. Wall Jr.
  • Walter A. Wolfram
  • Anne Baker
  • Agnes Bolonyai
  • Helen Jane Burgess
  • Christopher James Crosbie
  • Marc K. Dudley
  • Casie J. Fedukovich
  • Paul Camm Fyfe
  • Andrew Robert Johnston
  • Jennifer Anne Nolan
  • Stacey L. Pigg
  • David M. Rieder
  • Margaret Simon
  • Timothy Linwood Stinson
  • Douglas M. Walls
  • Rebecca Ann Walsh
  • Zachary Charles Beare
  • Ronisha Witlee Browdy
  • Sumita Chakraborty
  • Maya L. Kapoor
  • Michelle McMullin
  • Cadwell Turnbull
  • Josie Torres Barth
  • Brian Blackley
  • Anna Marie Gibson-Knowles
  • John J. Kessel
  • James Robert Knowles
  • Jill Collins McCorkle
  • Joseph H. Millar
  • John Paul Stadler
  • Barbara Joan Baines
  • John Balaban
  • James M. Grimwood
  • Antony Howard Harrison
  • Philip E. Blank Jr.
  • Michael P. Carter
  • David H. Covington
  • Robert S. Dicks
  • James W. Clark Jr.
  • Angela Mackie Davis-Gardner
  • Jack D. Durant
  • Joseph A. Gomez
  • Charlotte Gross
  • Linda T. Holley
  • Deborah Hooker
  • Marvin Hunt
  • Susan M. Katz
  • John J. Kessel
  • Margaret Fontaine King
  • Robert C. Kochersberger
  • Lucinda H. MacKethan
  • Walter E. Meyers
  • Carolyn Rae Miller
  • Catherine E. Moore
  • Devin A. Orgeron
  • Ann M. Penrose
  • Carmine A. Prioli
  • Dick J. Reavis
  • Sharon M. Setzer
  • Judy Jo Small
  • Lee Smith
  • Jean J. Smoot
  • Allen Frederick Stein
  • Jon F. Thompson
  • Mary Helen Thuente
  • Robert V. Young Jr.
  • Catherine A. Warren
  • Harry C. West