University Catalog 2023-2024

Animal Science (Minor)

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The Department of Animal Science offers an undergraduate minor in Animal Science to all interested baccalaureate students. This minor is appropriate for (but not limited to) students majoring in Agricultural Business Management, Agricultural Education, Agricultural Science, Agronomy, Food Science, Nutrition Science, Poultry Science, and Zoology. Students completing a minor in Animal Science will become familiar with animal production and with its related industries.


Students who plan to minor in Animal Science should contact Dr. Melissa Merrill for consultation and approval. Dr. Merrill can be reached at: 919.515.3028, or in 342 Riddick Hall.


Certification must be submitted no later than the registration period for the student’s final semester at NC State. The minor must be completed no later than the semester in which the student expects to graduate from his or her degree program.

Contact Person

Dr. Melissa Merrill
342 Riddick Hall

SIS Code: 11ANM

Plan Requirements

  • Minimum of 15 credit hours is required.
  • A grade of ‘C-‘ or higher in each course.
  • The program is flexible in order for students to be able to emphasize the discipline or species of their interest.
Required Courses6
Introduction to Animal Science
Animal Nutrition
Principles of Animal Nutrition
Elective Courses9
Introduction to Companion Animal Science 1
Introduction to Equine Science
Physiology of Domestic Animals
Agricultural Biotechnology: Issues and Implications
Agricultural Genetics
Reproductive Physiology
Livestock Merchandising
Swine Health and Biosecurity 2
Swine Breeding and Gestation Management 2
Farrowing Management 2
Swine Nursery and Finishing Management 2
Swine Environment Management 2
Swine Manure and Nutrient Management 2
Employee Management for the Swine Industry 2
Pork Export Markets from a Swine Production Perspective 2
Professional Development of PreVeterinary Track Students
Principles of Equine Evaluation
Dairy Cattle Evaluation
Livestock Evaluation
Muscle Foods and Eggs
Milk and Dairy Products
Laboratory Animal Science
Companion Animal Management
Beef Cattle Management
Swine Management
Dairy Cattle Management
Small Ruminant Management
Equine Breeding Farm Management
Management of Growing and Performance Horses
Comparative Nutrition
Feed Manufacturing Technology
Animal Genetic Improvement
Comparative Reproductive Physiology and Biotechnology
Physiology and Genetics of Growth and Development
Total Hours15