University Catalog 2023-2024

Department of Animal Science

Animal Science is a broad field centered on the biology, production, management and care of domestic animals, and NC State’s Department of Animal Science offers top-tier teaching, research and extension programs that help our faculty and students address critical issues facing the animal industry in North Carolina and beyond. 

Undergraduate students study subjects related to various phases of animal science. Courses are offered in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, genetics, reproduction, and management, and there are opportunities for the application of basic scientific training in animal care and well-being areas.

Department Highlights:

  • Students interested in Animal Science can join any of several student organizations including the Animal Science Club or the Pre-Veterinary Club
  • Animal Science students have the opportunity to student abroad, learning all about the equine industry in Ireland, or about veterinary physiotherapy at Harper Adams University in the United Kingdom
  • Students in our programs gain valuable hands-on experience in our hands-on teaching labs as well as at the five nearby teaching farms (horse, small ruminant, swine, beef, dairy).
  • All in-class laboratory activities involving live animals or animal specimens are approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) 

For more information about our department, including contact information, visit our website.


Department of Animal Science
North Carolina State University
Campus Box 7621
Raleigh, NC 27695-7621

Dr. M. Todd See
Professor and Department Head
North Carolina State University
Polk Hall 123, Box 7621
Raleigh, NC 27695-7621


Department Head

  • M. Todd See


  • Vivek Fellner, Director of Graduate Programs
  • Melissa Merrill, Director of Undergraduate Programs

Departmental Extension Leader

  • P.D. Siciliano


  • V. Fellner
  • W.L. Flowers, Alumni Distinguished Professor, William Neal Reynolds Professor
  • E. van Heugten
  • S.W. Kim
  • H.C. Liu
  • C. Maltecca
  • M.S. Merrill
  • J.A. Moore, Alumni Distinguished Professor
  • J. Odle, William Neal Reynolds Professor
  • D.H. Poole
  • M.H. Poore
  • S.E. Pratt-Phillips
  • M.T. See
  • P.D. Siciliano
  • S. Trivedi
  • G. Valacchi
  • L. Xi

Associate Professors

  • K.D. Ange-van Heugten
  • M.T. Knauer
  • C. Nestor
  • C. Pickworth

Assistant Professors

  • D. Esposito
  • D.D. Harmon
  • J. Jiang
  • S. Leonard
  • C. Nestor
  • F.A.C.C. Silva
  • X. Wang
  • S. Ward
  • A. Weaver


  • L. Judd
  • C. Meli
  • C. Nobles

Extension Specialists

  • D.D. Harmon
  • M.T. Knauer
  • S. Leonard
  • M.H. Poore
  • E. van Heugten
  • F.A.C.C. Silva
  • S. Ward
  • A. Weaver

Extension Associates

  • A. Cross
  • S. Davidson
  • G. Gregory
  • B. Jennings
  • J. Rogers

Research Associates

  • S. Pietrosemoli

Adjunct Professors

  • T. Armstrong
  • R.D. Boyd
  • D. Casey
  • M.T. Coffey
  • K. Gray
  • J.A. Hansen
  • W.O. Herring
  • J.W. Holl
  • T. van Kempen
  • E. Koutsos
  • J. Lambert
  • D.W. Newcom

William Neal Reynolds Professor Emeritus

  • G.J. Eisen

Professors Emeriti

  • J.C. Cornwell
  • J.H. Eisemann
  • K.L. Esbenshade
  • C.E. Farin
  • R.W. Harvey
  • B.A. Hopkins
  • G.B. Huntington
  • J.M. Luginbuhl
  • R.L. McCraw
  • M. Morrow
  • R.A. Mowrey
  • R.M. Petters
  • O.W. Robison
  • J.W. Spears
  • S. Washburn
  • L.W. Whitlow
  • J.C. Wilk

Extension Specialists Emeriti

  • B. Hopkins
  • D. Miller