University Catalog 2023-2024

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Agriculture is a diverse industry that touches all of us in many ways. The life sciences provide foundations for studying life and the role of plants and animals in the environment. Academic programs in the college represent a unique blending of the agriculture and life sciences. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) offers specialized majors in agriculture and life sciences that prepares graduates for fulfilling careers in industry, academia, government, or nonprofits, or for graduate or professional programs.

The goals of the instructional programs in CALS include proving relevant, scientific, and practical knowledge of the food, agricultural, and life sciences to its students. With the support of highly qualified and accomplished faculty, students are able to achieve their greatest personal and professional potential. Central to the college’s goals is the cultivation of interdisciplinary problem-solving skills that will serve its graduates well as they pursue a lifetime of learning and professional experiences.

What sets our college apart: 

  • Student activities such as the representing your college and serving on the Agri-Life Council or becoming a CALS Ambassador and gaining professional and hands-on experience in the agriculture and life sciences world 
  • Nationally-recognized honors societies that allow academically-strong students to further their education 
  • Honors Program inspires students to take ownership of their education, explore their passions and pursue their academic goals beyond the classroom 
  • Approximately 620 scholarships awarded to CALS students each year based on merit, financial need, academic major and/or outside interests

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111 Patterson Hall
NCSU Box 7642
Raleigh, NC 27695-7642
Phone: 919.515.2614
Fax: 919.515.5266



  • John M. Dole, Interim Dean

Senior Associate Dean

  • Harry Daniels, Administration

Associate Dean

  • A. Richard Bonanno, Director, NC Cooperative Extension
  • John M. Dole, Director of Academic Programs
  • Steven A. Lommel, Director, NC Agricultural Research Service

Assistant Dean

  • Joyce L. Munro, Business Operations
  • Sonia Murphy, College Advancement
  • Rebecca B. Zuvich, CALS Human Resources

Executive Director

  • Kathy Kennel, NC Agricultural, Dairy, and Tobacco Foundations

Chief Communications Officer

  • Richard Campbell


  • Tricia M. Buddin, Student Services
  • Alex K. Graves, Interim Director, CALS Office of Diversity Affairs
  • Robert Ivy, Agricultural Institute
  • Kevin F. Lee, Information Technology

Assistant Director

  • Kimberly Allen, Academic Programs
  • Robert Ivy, Academic Programs