University Catalog 2024-2025

Arts Studies (BA): Film Studies Concentration

Arts Studies majors learn skills that apply to many fields, which are relevant in a changing, interdisciplinary, global world. Our students find work in museums and art galleries, sound studios, arts nonprofits and community arts programs. Graduates of the program follow their passion to make art and teach others and start their own arts businesses. They become artistic directors for large companies and start-ups.

Graduates with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Arts Studies: Film Studies Concentration have gone on to careers in film and television and in education. The analytical and communication skills our program develops enables our graduates to work successfully in creative, educational, and business environments. Many of our students go on to obtain advanced degrees (MA, MLIS, PhD) in complementary fields of study.

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Dr. Marsha Gordon
Director, Film Program
Tompkins 257

Plan Requirements

Departmental Requirements 3
History & Analysis 115
Production Courses6
Film Production 1
Video Production
Screenwriting 1
Linking Courses 16
ARS 494Topics in Arts Studies 13
Advised Elective 1,23
Humanities and Social Sciences
Acad Writing Research 14
History I3
History II 3
Literature I 3
Literature II3
Foreign Language 200 Level3
Any PHI course on the approved GEP-Humanities list.
Arts and Letters3
Social Science 9
Additional Social Science 3
GEP Courses
GEP Mathematical Sciences6
GEP Natural Sciences7
GEP Health and Exercise Studies2
GEP US Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion3
GEP Interdisciplinary Perspectives5
GEP Global Knowledge (verify requirement)
World Language Proficiency (verify requirement)
Free Electives
Free Electives (12 Hr S/U Lmt) 227
Total Hours120

A grade of C- or higher is required.


Students should consult their academic advisors to determine which courses fill this requirement.


At least fifteen (15) credits must be 300-level or higher.

History & Analysis

AFS 375African American Cinema3
COM 364History of Film to 19403
COM 374History of Film From 19403
ENG 282Introduction to Film3
ENG 292Writing About Film3
ENG 364History of Film to 19403
ENG 374History of Film From 19403
ENG 375African American Cinema3
ENG 378Women & Film3
ENG 384Introduction to Film Theory3
ENG 492Special Topics in Film and Media Studies3
IDS 496Topics in Film and Interdisciplinary Studies3

Linking Courses

ARS 251The Arts of a World Capital: London3
ARS 252The Arts of Vienna 19003
ARS 257Technology in the Arts3
ARS 259The Arts and Politics3
ARS 351Arts, Ideas and Values3
ARS 353Arts and Cross-Cultural Contacts3
ARS 354The Arts and the Sacred3
EMA 365Foundations in Arts Entrepreneurship3
ENG 382Film and Literature3
ENG 492Special Topics in Film and Media Studies3
IDS 496Topics in Film and Interdisciplinary Studies3
STS 257Technology in the Arts3

Acad Writing Research

Acad Writing Research
ENG 101Academic Writing and Research4
FLE 101Academic Writing and Research4
Transfer Sequence
ENG 202Disciplinary Perspectives in Writing3

Foreign Language 200 Level

FLA 201Intermediate Arabic I3
FLC 201Intermediate Chinese I3
FLF 201Intermediate French I3
FLG 201Intermediate German I3
FLI 201Intermediate Italian I3
FLJ 201Intermediate Japanese I3
FLN 201Intermediate Hindi-Urdu I3
FLP 201Intermediate Portuguese I3
FLR 201Intermediate Russian I3
FLS 201Intermediate Spanish I3
FLS 212Spanish: Language, Technology, Culture3
GRK 201Intermediate Greek I3
LAT 201Intermediate Latin I3
PER 201Intermediate Persian I3

History I

A 200-level survey course covering a culture significantly different from our own, i.e., ancient or non-Western.
AFS/HI 275Introduction to History of South and East Africa3
AFS/HI 276Introduction to History of West Africa3
HI 207Ancient Mediterranean World3
HI 214History and Archaeology of Ancient Latin America3
HI 215Colonial Latin America3
HI 216Modern Latin America3
HI 217Caribbean History3
HI 232The World from 1200 to 17503
HI 233The World Since 17503
HI 263Asian Civilizations to 18003
HI 264Modern Asia: 1800 to Present3
HI 270Modern Middle East3

History II

A 200-level survey course covering our own or a similar culture, i.e., United States or other Western Culture.
HI 205Western Civilization Since 14003
HI 208The Middle Ages3
HI 209From Renaissance to Revolution: The Origins of Modern Europe3
HI 210Modern Europe 1815-Present3
HI 221British History to 16883
HI 222History of British Cultures and Societies From 16883
HI 251American History I3
HI 252American History II3
HI 253Early American History3
HI 254Modern American History3

Literature I

A survey course covering literature outside the U.S. and prior to the 20th century.
CLA 210Classical Mythology3
CLA 320Masterpieces of Classical Literature3
ENG 219Studies in Great Works of Non-Western Literature3
ENG 220Studies in Great Works of Western Literature3
ENG 221Literature of the Western World I3
ENG 222Literature of the Western World II3
ENG 251Major British Writers3
ENG 255Beyond Britain: Literature from Colonies of the British Empire3
ENG 261English Literature I3
ENG 262English Literature II3
ENG 361Studies in British Poetry3
FL 219Studies in Great Works of Non-Western Literature3
FL 220Studies in Great Works of Western Literature3
FL 221Literature of the Western World I3
FL 222Literature of the Western World II3
FLF 301Survey of French Literature from the Middle Ages through the Enlightenment3
FLG 320Introduction to German Literature3
FLG 325German Lyric Poetry3
FLJ 342Classical Japanese Literature in Translation3
FLJ 344Early Modern Japanese Literature in Translation3
FLR 303Russian Literature in Translation: The Nineteenth Century3
FLS 340Introduction to Hispanic Literatures and Cultures3
FLS 341Literature and Culture of Spain I3
FLS 342Literature and Culture of Spain II3
FLS 351Literature and Culture of Latin America I3
HON 202Inquiry, Discovery, and Literature3

Literature II

A course in American or Twentieth Century Literature, or an upper division survey course or literature course in a period, genre, or major figure in English, a world language in English translation, or the original world language.
AFS 248Survey of African-American Literature3
AFS 349African Literature in English3
AFS 448/548/ENG 448/558African-American Literature3
CLA 210Classical Mythology3
CLA 320Masterpieces of Classical Literature3
ENG 207Studies in Poetry3
ENG 208Studies In Fiction3
ENG 209Introduction to Shakespeare3
ENG 223Contemporary World Literature I3
ENG 224Contemporary World Literature II3
ENG 232Literature and Medicine3
ENG 246Literature of the Holocaust3
ENG 248Survey of African-American Literature3
ENG 249Native American Literature3
ENG 252Major American Writers3
ENG 265American Literature I3
ENG 266American Literature II3
ENG 267LGBTQI Literature in the U.S.3
ENG 275Literature and War3
ENG 305Women and Literature3
ENG 339Literature and Technology3
ENG 340Literature, Art, and Society3
ENG 341Literature and Science3
ENG 342Literature of Space and Place3
ENG 349African Literature in English3
ENG 361Studies in British Poetry3
ENG 362Studies in the British Novel 3
ENG 369The American Novel of the 19th Century3
ENG 370American Fiction, Twentieth Century and Beyond3
ENG 372American Poetry, Twentieth Century and Beyond3
ENG 376Science Fiction3
ENG 377Fantasy3
ENG 380Modern Drama3
ENG 382Film and Literature3
ENG 385Biblical Backgrounds of English Literature3
ENG 390Classical Backgrounds of English Literature3
ENG 392Major World Author3
ENG 393Studies in Literary Genre3
ENG 394Studies in World Literature3
ENG 399Contemporary Literature 3
ENG 406Modernism3
ENG 407Postmodernism3
ENG 410Studies in Gender and Genre3
ENG 420Major American Authors3
ENG 439Studies in English Renaissance Literature 3
ENG 448African-American Literature3
ENG 451Chaucer3
ENG 452Medieval British Literature3
ENG 453Studies in Nineteenth-Century British Literature3
ENG 460Major British Author3
ENG 46218th-Century English Literature3
ENG 463The Victorian Period3
ENG 464British Literature and the Founding of Empire 3
ENG 465British Literature and the Dissolution of Empire3
ENG 466Transatlantic Literatures3
ENG 468Studies in Nineteenth-Century American Literature3
ENG 470American Literature, Twentieth Century and Beyond3
ENG 476Southern Literature3
ENG 486Shakespeare, The Earlier Plays3
ENG 487Shakespeare, The Later Plays3
ENG 551Chaucer3
WL 223Contemporary World Literature I3
WL 224Contemporary World Literature II3
WL 246Literature of the Holocaust3
WL 275Literature and War3
WL 392Major World Author3
WL 393Studies in Literary Genre3
WL 394Studies in World Literature3
WL 406Modernism3
WL 407Postmodernism3
WLHU 301Twentieth Century Hindi & Urdu Fiction3
WLHU 302Modern Hindi & Urdu Poetry3
WLHU 401Hindi Literature and South Asian Cultural Contexts3
WLFR 301Survey of French Literature from the Middle Ages through the Enlightenment3
WLFR 302Survey of French Literature from Romanticism to the Contemporary Period3
WLFR 492Seminar in French Studies3
WLGE 320Introduction to German Literature3
WLGE 323Twentieth Century German Literature3
WLGE 325German Lyric Poetry3
WLJA 342Classical Japanese Literature in Translation3
WLJA 344Early Modern Japanese Literature in Translation3
WLJA 345Modern Japanese Literature in Translation3
WLHU 301Twentieth Century Hindi & Urdu Fiction3
WLHU 302Modern Hindi & Urdu Poetry3
WLHU 401Hindi Literature and South Asian Cultural Contexts3
WLRU 303Russian Literature in Translation: The Nineteenth Century3
WLRU 304Russian Literature in Translation: The Twentieth Century3
WLSP 340Introduction to Hispanic Literatures and Cultures3
WLSP 341Literature and Culture of Spain I3
WLSP 342Literature and Culture of Spain II3
WLSP 343Literature and Culture of Spain III3
WLSP 351Literature and Culture of Latin America I3
WLSP 352Literature and Culture of Latin America II3
WLSP 353Literature and Culture of Latin America III3
WLSP 492Seminar in Hispanic Studies3
HON 202Inquiry, Discovery, and Literature3
WGS 305Women and Literature3
WGS 410Studies in Gender and Genre3


PHI 205Introduction to Philosophy3
PHI 210Representation, Reason and Reality3
PHI 214Issues in Business Ethics3
PHI 221Contemporary Moral Issues3
PHI 227Data Ethics3
PHI 300Ancient Philosophy3
PHI 301Early Modern Philosophy3
PHI 30219th Century Philosophy3
PHI 303Continental Philosophy After 19003
PHI 305Philosophy of Religion3
PHI 309Political Philosophy3
PHI 310Existentialism3
PHI 312Philosophy of Law3
PHI 313Ethical Problems in the Law3
PHI 319Black Political Philosophy3
PHI 320Philosophy of Race3
PHI 325Bio-Medical Ethics3
PHI 330Metaphysics3
PHI 331Philosophy of Language3
PHI 332Philosophy of Psychology3
PHI 333Knowledge and Skepticism3
PHI 340Philosophy of Science3
PHI 347Neuroscience and Philosophy3
PHI 375Ethics3
PHI 376History of Ethics3
PHI 401Kant's Critique of Pure Reason3
PHI 403Continental Philosophy After 19003
PHI 420Global Justice3
PHI 425Introduction to Cognitive Science3
PHI 440The Scientific Method3
PHI 447Philosophy, Evolution and Human Nature3

Arts and Letters

ADN 111Introduction to Two-Dimensional Design3
ADN 112Introduction to Three-Dimensional Design3
ADN 212Photography I3
ADN 281Drawing I3
ADN 414Color and Light3
AFS 230Introduction to African-American Music3
AFS 260History of Jazz3
AFS 343African American Religions3
AFS 346Black Popular Culture3
AFS 375African American Cinema3
ARC 140Experiencing Architecture3
ARC 141 Introduction to Architectural History3
ARC 241History of World Architecture3
ARS 251The Arts of a World Capital: London3
ARS 252The Arts of Vienna 19003
ARS 257Technology in the Arts3
ARS 258Mathematics and Models in Music3
ARS 259The Arts and Politics3
ARS 306Music Composition with Computers3
ARS 346Black Popular Culture3
ARS 351Arts, Ideas and Values3
ARS 353Arts and Cross-Cultural Contacts3
ARS 354The Arts and the Sacred3
CLA 210Classical Mythology3
COM 321Survey of Rhetorical Theory3
COM 364History of Film to 19403
COM 374History of Film From 19403
COM 395Studies in Rhetoric and Digital Media3
COM 411Rhetorical Criticism3
D 231Design History for Engineers and Scientists3
DAN 272Dance Composition - Solo Forms1
DAN 295State Dance Company2
ENG 282Introduction to Film3
ENG 289Poetry Writing3
ENG 321Survey of Rhetorical Theory3
ENG 323Writing in Rhetorical Traditions3
ENG 359Topics in Film Studies3
ENG 364History of Film to 19403
ENG 374History of Film From 19403
ENG 375African American Cinema3
ENG 378Women & Film3
ENG 382Film and Literature3
ENG 384Introduction to Film Theory3
ENG 385Biblical Backgrounds of English Literature3
ENG 411Rhetorical Criticism3
ENG 426Analyzing Style3
ENG 492Special Topics in Film Styles and Genres3
FL 216Art and Society in France3
FLA 318Egyptian Culture through Film3
FLA 351Modern Arab Popular Culture3
FLC 351Modern Chinese Popular Culture3
FLF 318The Heritage of French Cinema3
FLG 318New German Cinema and Beyond3
FLI 318Italian Society Through Cinema3
FLJ 351Contemporary Culture in Japan3
FLN 351Hindi-Urdu Popular Culture3
FLR 318Russian Cinema and Society3
FLS 360Hispanic Cinema3
GD 203History of Graphic Design3
GD 303Graphic Design Theory and Practice3
HA 201History of Art from Caves to the Renaissance3
HA 202History of Art From the Renaissance Through the 20th Century3
HA 203History of American Art3
HA 240Introduction to Visual Culture3
HA 298Special Topics in Art History3
HA 395History of Art: Study Abroad3
HA 40119th Century European Art from Revolution to Post-Impressionism3
HA 404Italian Renaissance Art and Material Culture3
HA 410History of the Art of Photography3
HA 498Independent Study in History of Art1-6
HESM 322Dance and Society3
HESM 324U.S. Concert Dance History3
HESM 326Current Trends in Dance3
HI 240Introduction to Visual Culture3
HI 320Religion in American History3
HI 402Early Christianity to the Time of Eusebius3
HI 407Islamic History to 17983
HI 408Islam in the Modern World3
HI 502Early Christianity to the Time of Eusebius3
HI 507Islamic History to 17983
HI 508Islam in the Modern World3
HON 390Music and the Celtic World3
IDS 496Topics in Film and Interdisciplinary Studies3
LAR 444History of Landscape Architecture3
MUS 105Introduction to Music in Western Society3
MUS 180Introduction to Musical Experiences3
MUS 181Exploring Music Theory3
MUS 200Understanding Music: Global Perspectives3
MUS 201Introduction to Music Literature I3
MUS 202Introduction to Music Literature II3
MUS 260History of Jazz3
MUS 306Music Composition with Computers3
MUS 310Music of the 17th and 18th Centuries3
MUS 315Music of the 19th Century3
MUS 320Music of the 20th-21st Centuries3
MUS 330Survey of Musical Theater3
MUS 350Music of Asia3
MUS 360Women In Music3
REL 200Introduction to the Study of Religion3
REL 210Religious Traditions of the World3
REL 298Special Topics in Religious Studies3
REL 309Religion and Society3
REL 311Introduction to the Old Testament3
REL 312Introduction to the New Testament3
REL 314Introduction to Intertestamental Literature3
REL 317Christianity3
REL 320Religion in American History3
REL 323Religious Cults, Sects, and Minority Faiths in America3
REL 327Issues in Contemporary Religion3
REL 331The Hindu Tradition3
REL 332The Buddhist Traditions3
REL 333Chinese Religions3
REL 334Japanese Religions3
REL 340Islam3
REL 343African American Religions3
REL 350Judaism3
REL 380Emotion and Religion3
REL 383Religion, Globalism, and Justice3
REL 402Early Christianity to the Time of Eusebius3
REL 407Islamic History to 17983
REL 408Islam in the Modern World3
REL 412Advanced Readings in the Christian Gospels3
REL 413The Life and Letters of the Apostle Paul3
REL 423Religion and Politics in America3
REL 424Religion and Politics in Global Perspective3
REL 471Darwinism and Christianity3
REL 472Women and Religion3
REL 473Religion, Gender, and Reproductive Technologies3
REL 482Religion and Conflict3
REL 489Interpretations of Religion3
REL 496Seminar in Religious Studies3
REL 498Special Topics in Religious Studies1-6
REL 502Early Christianity to the Time of Eusebius3
REL 507Islamic History to 17983
REL 508Islam in the Modern World3
REL 512Advanced Readings in the Christian Gospels3
REL 513The Life and Letters of the Apostle Paul3
REL 523Religion and Politics in America3
REL 524Religion and Politics in Global Perspective3
REL 571Darwinism and Christianity3
REL 572Women and Religion3
REL 573Religion, Gender, and Reproductive Technologies3
REL 582Religion and Conflict3
REL 589Interpretations of Religion3
REL 598Special Topics in Religious Studies1-6
SOC 309Religion and Society3
STS 257Technology in the Arts3
STS 471Darwinism and Christianity3
STS 571Darwinism and Christianity3
THE 103Introduction to the Theatre3
THE 203Theory and Practice of Acting3
THE 303Stage Directing3
THE 334Advanced Acting3
THE 340African American Theatre3
WGS 360Women In Music3
WGS 472Women and Religion3
WGS 473Religion, Gender, and Reproductive Technologies3
WGS 572Women and Religion3
WGS 573Religion, Gender, and Reproductive Technologies3

Social Sciences 

Twelve (12) credit hours required from three different disciplines, six (6) must be on GEP Social Sciences list.
ANT 251Physical Anthropology3
ANT 252Cultural Anthropology3
ANT 253Unearthing the Past: Introduction to World Archaeology3
ANT 254Language and Culture3
ANT 261Technology in Society and Culture3
ANT 295Special Topics in Anthropology1-3
ANT 310Native Peoples and Cultures of North America3
ANT 315The Aztecs, Maya, and Their Predecessors: Archaeology of Mesoamerica3
ANT 325Andean South America3
ANT 330People and Cultures of Africa3
ANT 345Anthropology of the Middle East3
ANT 346Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia3
ANT 351Contemporary Culture in Japan3
ANT 354Peoples and Cultures of the Pacific3
ANT 370Introduction to Forensic Anthropology3
ANT 371Human Variation3
ANT 374Disease and Society3
ANT 389Fundamentals of Archaeological Research3
ANT 395Special Topics in Anthropology1-3
ANT 411Overview of Anthropological Theory3
ANT 412Applied Anthropology3
ANT 416Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology3
ANT 419Ethnographic Field Methods3
ANT 421Human Osteology3
ANT 424Bioarchaeology3
ANT 427Bioarchaeological Fieldwork3
ANT 428Human Paleopathology3
ANT 431Tourism, Culture and Anthropology3
ANT 433Anthropology of Ecotourism and Heritage Conservation3
ANT 444Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women3
ANT 450Culture, Ecology, and Sustainable Living3
ANT 460Urban Anthropology3
ANT 461Wealth, Poverty and International Aid3
ANT 464Anthropology of Religion3
ANT 471Understanding Latino Migration 3
ANT 475Environmental Archaeology3
ANT 483Theories of Archaeological Research3
ANT 495Special Topics in Anthropology3
ANT 496Anthropology Internship6
ANT 498Independent Study in Anthropology1-6
ANT 501Proseminar: Introduction to Graduate Studies in Anthropology3
ANT 511Overview of Anthropological Theory3
ANT 512Applied Anthropology3
ANT 516Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology3
ANT 521Human Osteology3
ANT 524Bioarchaeology3
ANT 528Human Paleopathology3
ANT 529Advanced Methods in Forensic Anthropology4
ANT 531Tourism, Culture and Anthropology3
ANT 533Anthropology of Ecotourism and Heritage Conservation3
ANT 544Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women3
ANT 550Culture, Ecology, and Sustainable Living3
ANT 560Urban Anthropology3
ANT 561Wealth, Poverty and International Aid3
ANT 564Anthropology of Religion3
ANT 571Understanding Latino Migration 3
ANT 575Environmental Archaeology3
ANT 583Theories of Archaeological Research3
ANT 585Skeletal Biology in Anthropology3
ANT 595Special Topics in Anthropology1-6
ANT 598Independent Study in ANT1-3
FLJ 351Contemporary Culture in Japan3
HI 587Cultural Resource Management3
IS 471Understanding Latino Migration 3
IS 571Understanding Latino Migration 3
SOC 261Technology in Society and Culture3
WGS 444Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women3
WGS 544Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women3
Agricultural Economics
ARE 121Agricultural Finance3
ARE 201Introduction to Agricultural & Resource Economics3
ARE 201AIntroduction to Agricultural & Resource Economics3
ARE 215Small Business Accounting3
ARE 260Marketing and Risk Management in the Pork Industry1
ARE 270Principles of Agribusiness Entrepreneurship3
ARE 290Professional Development in Agricultural Business Management3
ARE 295Special Topics in Agricultural & Resource Economics (200 Level)1-6
ARE 301Intermediate Microeconomics3
ARE 303Farm Management3
ARE 304Agribusiness Management3
ARE 306Agricultural Law3
ARE 309Environmental Law & Economic Policy3
ARE 311Agricultural Markets3
ARE 312Agribusiness Marketing3
ARE 321Agricultural Financial Management3
ARE 323Agribusiness Finance3
ARE 332Human Resource Management for Agribusiness3
ARE 336Introduction to Resource and Environmental Economics3
ARE 345Global Agribusiness Management3
ARE 370Agribusiness New Venture Development3
ARE 395Special Topics in Agricultural and Resource Economics (300 level)1-6
ARE 404Advanced Agribusiness Management3
ARE 412Advanced Agribusiness Marketing3
ARE 413Applied Agribusiness Marketing3
ARE 415Introduction to Commodity Futures Markets3
ARE 420Taxation in Agriculture, Production, and Agribusiness3
ARE 425Contracts and Organizations in Agriculture3
ARE 433U.S. Agricultural Policy3
ARE 444Ethics in Agribusiness3
ARE 448International Agricultural Trade3
ARE 455Agribusiness Analytics3
ARE 470Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Clinical Skills Development3
ARE 475Food Policy3
ARE 490Career Seminar in Agriculture & Resource Economics1
ARE 492External Learning Experience1-6
ARE 493Special Problems/Research Exploration1-6
ARE 494Agribusiness Study Abroad1-6
ARE 495Special Topics in Agricultural and Resource Economics1-6
ARE 590Special Topics in ARE1-99
EC 301Intermediate Microeconomics3
EC 336Introduction to Resource and Environmental Economics3
ARE 301Intermediate Microeconomics3
ARE 336Introduction to Resource and Environmental Economics3
EC 201Principles of Microeconomics3
EC 202Principles of Macroeconomics3
EC 205Fundamentals of Economics3
EC 302Intermediate Macroeconomics3
EC 305A Closer Look at Capitalism3
EC 348Introduction to International Economics3
EC 351Econometrics I3
EC 404Money, Financial Markets, and the Economy3
EC 410Public Finance3
EC 413Industrial Organization3
EC 431Labor Economics3
EC 449International Finance3
EC 451Econometrics II3
EC 468Game Theory3
EC 474Economics of Financial Institutions and Markets3
EC 490Research Seminar in Economics3
EC 495Special Topics in Economics1-6
EC 498Independent Study in Economics1-6
Political Science
AFS 409Black Political Participation in America3
LPS 315Public Leadership3
PS 101Internet Research1
PS 102Data Analysis1
PS 103Designing Political Web Pages1
PS 201American Politics and Government3
PS 202State and Local Government3
PS 203Introduction to Nonprofits3
PS 204Problems of American Democracy3
PS 231Introduction to International Relations3
PS 236Issues in Global Politics3
PS 241Introduction to Comparative Politics3
PS 298Special Topics in Political Science1-6
PS 301The Presidency and Congress3
PS 302Campaigns and Elections in the US Political System3
PS 303Race in U.S. Politics3
PS 305The Justice System in the American Political Process3
PS 306Gender and Politics in the United States3
PS 307Introduction to Criminal Law in the United States3
PS 308Supreme Court and Public Policy3
PS 309Equality and Justice in United States Law3
PS 310Public Policy3
PS 312Introduction to Public Administration3
PS 313Criminal Justice Policy3
PS 314Science, Technology and Public Policy3
PS 320U.S. Environmental Law and Politics3
PS 331U.S. Foreign Policy3
PS 335International Law3
PS 336Global Environmental Politics3
PS 339Politics of the World Economy3
PS 341European Politics3
PS 342Politics of China and Japan3
PS 343Government and Politics in South Asia3
PS 345Governments and Politics in the Middle East3
PS 353Issues in Latin American and Caribbean Politics3
PS 361Introduction to Political Theory3
PS 362American Political Thought3
PS 371Research Methodology of Political Science3
PS 391Internship in Political Science1-6
PS 398Special Topics in Political Science3
PS 401American Political Parties3
PS 409Black Political Participation in America3
PS 411Public Opinion and the Media in American Politics3
PS 415Administration of Justice3
PS 418Gender Law and Policies3
PS 431The United Nations and Global Order3
PS 432Violence, Terrorism, and Public Policy3
PS 433Global Problems and Policies3
PS 437U.S. National Security Policy3
PS 443Seminar in Latin American & Caribbean Politics3
PS 445Comparative Systems of Law and Justice3
PS 462Seminar in Political Theory3
PS 463Public Choice and Political Institutions3
PS 464The Classical Liberal Tradition3
PS 471Public Opinion Research Methodology3
PS 490Readings and Research in Political Science1-6
PS 492Honors Readings and Thesis in Political Science1-6
PS 498Special Topics in Political Science1-6
PS 502The Legislative Process3
PS 506United States Constitutional Law3
PS 507Civil Liberties In the United States3
PS 530Seminar In International Relations3
PS 531International Law3
PS 532Seminar in Global Governance3
PS 533Global Problems and Policy3
PS 534The Politics of Human Rights Policies3
PS 536Global Environmental Law and Policy3
PS 539International Political Economy3
PS 540Seminar In Comparative Politics3
PS 541Political Islam3
PS 542European Politics3
PS 543Seminar in Latin American & Caribbean Politics3
PS 544Contemporary African Politics 3
PS 545Comparative Systems of Law and Justice3
PS 546The Politics of East Asia3
PS 547Russian Politics3
PS 560Nuclear Nonproliferation Policy & Process3
PS 561Nuclear Strategy and Nonproliferation3
PS 571Research Methods and Analysis3
PS 585Constitutional and Legal Principles for Police Supervisors3
PS 590Special Topics1-6
PS 598Special Topics In Political Science1-6
SOC 413Criminal Justice Field Work4
SOC 432Violence, Terrorism, and Public Policy3
WGS 306Gender and Politics in the United States3
WGS 418Gender Law and Policies3
AFS 345Psychology and the African American Experience3
EDP 304Educational Psychology3
EDP 476Psychology of Adolescent Development3
EDP 582Adolescent Development3
ISE 540Human Factors In Systems Design3
PHI 425Introduction to Cognitive Science3
PHI 525Introduction To Cognitive Science3
PSY 200Introduction to Psychology3
PSY 208Psychobiology of Success3
PSY 230Introduction to Psychological Research3
PSY 240Introduction to Behavioral Research I3
PSY 241Introduction to Behavioral Research I Lab1
PSY 242Introduction to Behavioral Research II3
PSY 243Introduction to Behavioral Research II Lab2
PSY 307Industrial and Organizational Psychology3
PSY 311Social Psychology3
PSY 312Applied Psychology3
PSY 313Positive Psychology3
PSY 340Human Factors Psychology3
PSY 345Psychology and the African American Experience3
PSY 360Community Psychology Principles and Practice3
PSY 370Personality3
PSY 376Developmental Psychology3
PSY 400Perception3
PSY 406Psychology of Gender3
PSY 410Learning and Motivation3
PSY 411The Psychology of Interdependence and Race3
PSY 416Psychology of Emotion3
PSY 420Cognitive Processes3
PSY 425Introduction to Cognitive Science3
PSY 430Biological Psychology3
PSY 431Health Psychology3
PSY 436Introduction to Psychological Measurement3
PSY 465Advanced Methods in Psychology3
PSY 470Psychopathology3
PSY 475Child Psychology3
PSY 476Psychology of Adolescent Development3
PSY 491Special Topics in Psychology3
PSY 495Community-Based Applied Psychology4
PSY 498Psychology Honors Seminar3
PSY 499Individual Study in Psychology1-6
PSY 500Visual Perception3
PSY 502Physiological Psychology3
PSY 504Evolutionary Psychology3
PSY 508Cognitive Processes3
PSY 510Advanced Problems In Psychology1-3
PSY 511Advanced Social Psychology3
PSY 525Introduction To Cognitive Science3
PSY 535Forensic Psychology3
PSY 540Human Factors In Systems Design3
PSY 541Overview of Human Factors Psychology3
PSY 558Psychology and the African Experience3
PSY 582Adolescent Development3
PSY 584Advanced Developmental Psychology3
PSY 590Special Topics in Psychology3
PSY 591History and Systems Of Psychology1-3
WGS 406Psychology of Gender3
AFS 305Racial and Ethnic Relations3
ANT 261Technology in Society and Culture3
ANT 428Human Paleopathology3
ANT 528Human Paleopathology3
GEO 220Cultural Geography3
PS 432Violence, Terrorism, and Public Policy3
REL 309Religion and Society3
SOC 202Principles of Sociology3
SOC 203Current Social Problems3
SOC 203ACurrent Social Problems3
SOC 204Sociology of Family3
SOC 205Jobs and Work3
SOC 206Social Deviance3
SOC 207Language and Society3
SOC 211Community and Health3
SOC 212Race in America3
SOC 220Cultural Geography3
SOC 241Sociology of Agriculture and Rural Society3
SOC 241ASociology of Agriculture and Rural Society3
SOC 295Special Topics in Sociology1-3
SOC 300Social Research Methods4
SOC 301Human Behavior3
SOC 304Gender and Society3
SOC 305Racial and Ethnic Relations3
SOC 306Criminology3
SOC 309Religion and Society3
SOC 311Community Relationships3
SOC 342International Development3
SOC 350Food and Society3
SOC 351Population and Planning3
SOC 381Sociology of Medicine3
SOC 395Special Topics in Sociology1-3
SOC 400Theories of Social Structure3
SOC 401Theories of Social Interaction3
SOC 402Urban Sociology3
SOC 404Families and Work3
SOC 405Racism in the U.S.3
SOC 407Sociology of Sexualities3
SOC 410Sociology of Organizations3
SOC 413Criminal Justice Field Work4
SOC 414Social Class3
SOC 418Sociology of Education3
SOC 425Juvenile Delinquency3
SOC 427Sociology of Law3
SOC 428Formal Institutions of Social Control3
SOC 429Quantitative Data Analysis in Sociology3
SOC 430Community and Crime3
SOC 440Social Change3
SOC 445Inequality, Ideology, and Social Justice3
SOC 450Environmental Sociology3
SOC 457Corporate Power in America3
SOC 465Social Aspects of Mental Health3
SOC 492External Learning Experience1-6
SOC 493Special Problems in Sociology1-6
SOC 495Special Topics in Sociology1-3
SOC 498Independent Study in Sociology1-6
SOC 508Social Organization3
SOC 509Population Problems3
SOC 514Developing Societies3
SOC 533The Community3
SOC 591Special Topics In Sociology1-6
WGS 204Sociology of Family3
WGS 304Gender and Society3
WGS 407Sociology of Sexualities3
ENG 210Introduction to Language and Linguistics3
GEO 220Cultural Geography3
SOC 220Cultural Geography3
STS 402Peace and War in the Nuclear Age3

Semester Sequence

This is a sample.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Fall SemesterHours
ENG 101 Academic Writing and Research 1 4
Foreign Language 201 3
History & Analysis Foundation Course 3
GEP Natural Sciences 4
GEP Health and Exercise Studies 1
Spring Semester
History & Analysis Foundation Course 1 3
History I 3
GEP Mathematical Sciences 3
GEP Natural Sciences 3
Social Sciences 3
Second Year
Fall Semester
History & Analysis Foundation Course 3
History II 3
Literature I 3
GEP Mathematical Sciences 3
Social Sciences 3
Spring Semester
History & Analysis Foundation Course 3
History & Analysis Foundation Course 3
Literature II 3
Social Sciences 3
GEP Interdisciplinary Perspectives 3
Third Year
Fall Semester
Production Foundation Course 3
Arts & Letters 3
Philosophy 3
Social Sciences 3
Free Electives 3
GEP Health and Exercise Studies 1
Spring Semester
Advised Elective 3
Linking Foundation Course 3
GEP Interdisciplinary Perspectives 2
Free Electives 7
Fourth Year
Fall Semester
Production Foundation Course 3
Linking Foundation Course 3
GEP US Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 3
Free Electives 6
Spring Semester
ARS 494 Topics in Arts Studies 3
Free Electives 11
 Total Hours120

C- or better

Career Opportunities

Arts Studies provides students with the background to pursue many career fields related to the arts, from art production, such as film or music production, to arts management, arts administration, arts criticism and arts education.

Career Titles

  • Arts Program Director
  • Film or Video Editor / Producer / Director / Writer
  • Museum Curator, Gallery Manager
  • Various Business, Government & Nonprofit Careers

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