University Catalog 2023-2024

Arts Studies Program

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The Interdisciplinary Studies department offers a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Arts Studies with concentrations in Film Studies, Music, Theater, and Visual Arts, as well as an Arts Studies Minor.

Arts Studies, a unique creative program at NC State, is designed to expand student perspectives through an interdisciplinary approach to the arts. Students learn flexible and critical thinking skills that prepare them for a satisfying career in the arts.

The program of study requires students to integrate the history, analysis and practice of an art form with linking courses that connect the arts to other areas including politics, science, technology, and more. The students also participate in an interdisciplinary capstone course. Students choose one of four foundational areas: visual art, film, music, or theater. The degree prepares students to pursue advanced studies in diverse academic fields, including those leading to work as a practicing artist, and for careers in arts management, arts entrepreneurship, arts education, nonprofit arts administration.

Why study the arts? 

  • Arts Studies majors learn skills that apply to many fields, which are relevant in a changing, interdisciplinary, global world
  • Our students find work in museums and art galleries, sound studios, arts nonprofits and community arts programs
  • Graduates of the program follow their passion to make art and teach others and start their own arts businesses
  • Graduates become artistic directors for large companies and start-ups.

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Dr. Rodney Waschka
Arts Studies Program Director



  • Rodney A. Waschka, Professor, Arts Studies and Music

Core Faculty

  • Alexis Clark, Teaching Assistant Professor, History
  • Marsha Gordon, Professor, Film Studies, English
  • Jonathan Kramer, Teaching Professor, Music
  • Victoria N. Ralston, Teaching Assistant Professor, Arts Studies
  • Mia Self, Lecturer, Theatre