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Textile Technology (BS): Technical Textiles Concentration

Our B.S. in Textile Technology is perfect for students who want a hands-on, applied science education spent in labs instead of behind a desk. 

Textile technology students learn not only about the fibers that make up the textiles we use in everything from outdoor gear to sneakers, but also about business, management and manufacturing. They then apply this knowledge to work with textile engineering students and industry partners on a year-long Senior Design project

The Technical Textiles concentration covers design principles, understanding of applications, and technologies relevant to the vast array of technical textiles materials and products used in such areas as transportation, storage, packaging, automobile engineering, geotechnical engineering, and much more. This concentration offers two options: Materials and Nonwovens. 


Dr. Ericka Ford
Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science Department
Wilson College of Textiles


Plan Requirements

T 101Strategies for Success in the Wilson College of Textiles1
MA/ST and Natural Sciences
MA 141Calculus I 14
MA 241Calculus II4
ST 311Introduction to Statistics3
or ST 370 Probability and Statistics for Engineers
CH 101
CH 102
Chemistry - A Molecular Science
and General Chemistry Laboratory 1
PY 205
PY 206
Physics for Engineers and Scientists I
and Physics for Engineers and Scientists I Laboratory
PY 208
PY 209
Physics for Engineers and Scientists II
and Physics for Engineers and Scientists II Laboratory
Major Requirements
EC 205Fundamentals of Economics3
FTM 217The Textile Industry3
MT 366Biotextile Product Development3
PCC 302Technology of Textile Wet Processing4
TE 200Introduction to Polymer Science and Engineering3
TE 201Fiber Science4
TT 105Introduction to Textile Technology3
TT 327Yarn Production and Properties4
TT 331Performance Evaluation of Textile Materials4
TT 341Knitted Fabric Technology3
TT 351Woven Products and Processes3
TT 380Management and Control of Textile and Apparel Systems3
TT 401Textile Technology Senior Design I4
TT 402Textile Technology Senior Design II4
TT 404Introduction to Nonwovens Products and Processes 3
TT 431Quality Management and Control In Textile Manufacturing3
TT 481Design and Technology of Technical Textiles3
Technical Textiles Concentration
Technical Textiles Electives16
GEP Courses
Acad Writing Research4
GEP Humanities6
GEP Social Sciences3
GEP Health and Exercise Studies2
GEP US Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion3
GEP Interdisciplinary Perspectives5
GEP Global Knowledge (verify requirement)
World Language Proficiency (verify requirement)
Total Hours120

Acad Writing Research

Acad Writing Research
ENG 101Academic Writing and Research4
WLEN 101Academic Writing and Research4
Transfer Sequence
ENG 202Disciplinary Perspectives in Writing3

Technical Textiles Concentration

BME 466Polymeric Biomaterials Engineering3
BME 566Polymeric Biomaterials Engineering3
CH 220Introductory Organic Chemistry3
CH 201Chemistry - A Quantitative Science3
CH 202Quantitative Chemistry Laboratory1
CH 331Introductory Physical Chemistry4
DSC 201Introduction to R/Python for Data Science1
DSC 205Data Communication1
DSC 295Introductory Special Topics in Data Science1-3
DSC 406Exploratory Data Analysis for Big Data1
DSC 412Exploring Machine Learning1
DSC 495Special Topics in Data Science1-3
FTM 491Special Topics in Textile and Apparel Management1-4
GC 120Foundations of Graphics3
MA 242Calculus III4
MSE 201Structure and Properties of Engineering Materials3
MSE 255Experimental Methods for Structural Analysis of Materials2
MSE 300Structure of Materials at the Nanoscale3
MSE 380Microstructure of Organic Materials3
MSE 455Polymer Technology and Engineering3
MT 381Medical Textile and the Regulatory Environment3
MT 471Chemistry of Biopolymers3
NW/TT 405Advanced Nonwovens Processing3
NW/TT 408Nonwoven Product Development3
NW/TT 504Introduction to Nonwovens Products and Processes 3
TT 407Characterization Methods in Nonwovens3
NW 497Research Experience in Nonwoven Science and Technology 3
NW/TT 505Advanced Nonwovens Processing3
NW/TT 507Nonwoven Characterization Methods3
NW/TT 508Nonwoven Product Development3
PCC 106Chemistry of Colorants and Auxiliaries3
PCC 201Impact of Industry on the Environment and Society3
PCC 274Introduction to Forensic Science3
PCC 301Technology of Dyeing and Finishing3
PCC 304Technology of Dyeing & Finishing Laboratory1
PCC 350Introduction to Color Science and Its Applications2
PCC 354Intro to Color Science Laboratory1
PCC 404Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Fiber Formation3
PCC 410Textile Preparation and Finishing Chemistry3
PCC 412Textile Chemical Analysis2
PCC 414Textile Chemistry Analysis Lab1
PCC 420Textile Dyeing and Printing3
PCC 442Theory of Physico-Chemical Processes in Textiles II3
PCC 461Chemistry of Polymeric Materials3
PCC 462Characterization and Physical Properties of Polymers3
PCC 464Chemistry of Polymeric Materials Laboratory1
PCC 466Polymer Chemistry Laboratory3
PCC 471Chemistry of Biopolymers3
PCC 474Forensic Chemistry Laboratory3
PCC 490Undergraduate Research in Polymer and Color Chemistry1-6
PY 570Polymer Physics3
T 104Fabric of Success and Career Readiness1
T 497Independent Research in Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Materials Science I1-3
T 498Independent Research in Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Materials Science II1-3
TE 463Polymer Engineering3
TE 110Computer-Based Modeling for Engineers3
TE 303Thermodynamics for Textile Engineers3
TE 440Textile Information Systems Design4
TE 466Polymeric Biomaterials Engineering3
TE 467Mechanics of Tissues & Implants Requirements3
TE 533Lean Six Sigma Quality3
TE 550Clothing Comfort and Personal Protection Science3
TE 551Human Physiology for Clothing and Wearables3
TE 566Polymeric Biomaterials Engineering3
TE 560Fiber Manufacturing Technology3
TE 570Polymer Physics3
TT/TTM 533Lean Six Sigma Quality3

Semester Sequence

This is a sample.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Fall SemesterHours
CH 101
CH 102
Chemistry - A Molecular Science
and General Chemistry Laboratory 1
ENG 101 Academic Writing and Research 4
MA 141 Calculus I 1 4
TT 105 Introduction to Textile Technology (CP) 3
T 101 Strategies for Success in the Wilson College of Textiles 1
Spring Semester
MA 241 Calculus II 4
PY 205
PY 206
Physics for Engineers and Scientists I
and Physics for Engineers and Scientists I Laboratory
FTM 217 The Textile Industry 3
GEP Health and Exercise Studies 1
GEP Humanites 3
Second Year
Fall Semester
PY 208
PY 209
Physics for Engineers and Scientists II
and Physics for Engineers and Scientists II Laboratory
TE 201 Fiber Science 4
TT 327 Yarn Production and Properties (CP) 4
TT 380 Management and Control of Textile and Apparel Systems 3
Spring Semester
ST 311 Introduction to Statistics 3
EC 205/201 Fundamentals of Economics 3
TE 200 Introduction to Polymer Science and Engineering 3
TT 341 Knitted Fabric Technology (CP) 3
Technical Textiles Elective 3
Third Year
Fall Semester
TT 351 Woven Products and Processes 3
TT 404 Introduction to Nonwovens Products and Processes 3
PCC 302 Technology of Textile Wet Processing 4
Technical Textiles elective 3
GEP Social Sciences 3
Spring Semester
TT 331 Performance Evaluation of Textile Materials (CP) 4
TT 431 Quality Management and Control In Textile Manufacturing 3
MT 366 Biotextile Product Development 3
GEP US Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 3
Technical Textiles electives 3
Fourth Year
Fall Semester
TT 401 Textile Technology Senior Design I 4
TT 481 Design and Technology of Technical Textiles 3
Technical Textile Elective 2-3
GEP Interdisciplinary Perspectives 2-3
GEP Humanities 3
Spring Semester
TT 402 Textile Technology Senior Design II 4
Select two Technical Textile Elective 6
GEP Interdisciplinary Perspectives 2-3
 Total Hours120

Must be completed with a grade of C- or higher for major requirements

Career Opportunities

You can find textiles just about anywhere, which means you can find our graduates there too. TT alumni land jobs within aerospace, medicine, architecture, automotive, apparel, sports, manufacturing and more. 

These are just a few of the places our graduates go: 

  • Athletics and Apparel: Nike, Adidas, The North Face, New Balance, Reebok, Levis, Fruit of the Loom, Hanesbrands
  • Healthcare/Medical Textiles: Medline, Secant Medical
  • Homewares: Target, Kohl’s
  • Government Agencies/Defense: United States Patent and Trademark Office, State Bureau of Investigation (SBI)
  • Traditional Textiles: Milliken, Unifi, Parkdale Mills, Glen Raven, Springs Global 
  • Plus: SAS, All Trails, Lenovo, Cisco, Accenture, IBM, Wolfspeed Inc.

Career Titles

  • Materials Developer / Specialist / Designer
  • Research and Development Engineer
  • Product Development Specialist
  • Strategic Sourcing Manager
  • Logistics Manager / Inventory Manager
  • Data Scientist
  • Design Engineer / Process Improvement Engineer
  • Production Manager / Project Engineer / Product Manager
  • Quality Control Engineer
  • Technical Marketing Manager
  • Technical Service / Sales

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