University Catalog 2024-2025

Department of Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science

The Department of Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Polymer and Color Chemistry, Textile Engineering, and Textile Technology as well as several minors. The department provides students with a career-ready, applied knowledge of the materials we use every day, from the polymers that make up fibers and dyes to the supply chain principles that deliver soft products to stores. 

Department Highlights: 

  • Earn your master’s degree in five years through our Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s program.  
  • Gain paid research experience in one of our nearly 70 cutting-edge labs.
  • Apply for one of our college-specific scholarships, up to $95,000 over four years.
  • Study abroad with our recommended programs in the Czech Republic, France, Italy and the U.K. designed to keep you on track to graduate on time.

For more information about our department, including contact information, visit our website.


Dr. Emiel DenHartog
Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science Department
Wilson College of Textiles


Head of Department of Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science

  • J. A. Joines

Associate Head

  • E. DenHartog, Director of Graduate Programs
  • R.E. Gorga, Director of Undergraduate Programs

Burlington Distinguished Professor

  • R.L. Barker

Ciba Professor of Textile Chemistry

  • R. Shamey

Cone Mills Professor of Textile Chemistry

  • D. Hinks, Dean, Wilson College of Textiles

INVISTA Professor of Fiber and Polymer Chemistry

  • A.E. Tonelli

William A. Klopman Distinguished Professor

  • T. Ghosh


  • R. Barker
  • A.M. El-Shafei
  • H. Freeman
  • T. K. Ghosh
  • R.E. Gorga
  • D. Hinks
  • S.M. Hudson
  • W.J. Jasper
  • J.A. Joines
  • M.W. King
  • J.P. Rust
  • R. Shamey
  • A. Tonelli
  • X. Zhang

Teaching Professor

  • H. Hamouda

Associate professors

  • P. Banks-Lee
  • N. Vinueza Benitez
  • P. D. Bradford
  • E. DenHartog
  • G.L. Hodge
  • J.S. Jur
  • R. Kotek
  • W.E. Krause
  • J.P. Lavelle
  • S. Salmon

Assistant professors

  • J. Budhathoki Uprety
  • X. Fang
  • E. Ford
  • W. Gao
  • J. Gluck
  • B. Ormond
  • E. Shim
  • Mengmeng Zhu

Adjunct Lecturer

  • S. Dunning
  • G.D. Knight

Adjunct associate professor

  • B. Oliver

Postdoctoral Research Scholar

  • M. Dirican