University Catalog 2024-2025

Student Conduct

Code of Student Conduct

All students who enroll at NC State are required to adhere to the Code of Student Conduct. The Code serves as the basis for student conduct at NC State. It contains information related to the University’s jurisdiction over student behavior, academic and non-academic violations, potential sanctions available when a violation occurs, and information regarding interim suspension.

All students are strongly encouraged to read and understand the Code of Student Conduct.

The Student Disciplinary Procedures establish the procedures that will be used when a student has been accused of a violation.  It also establishes the rights and responsibilities for individuals accused of a violation (the respondent) and those bringing an allegation on behalf of the University (the complainant).  In addition, the Student Discipline Procedures establish and govern the rules regarding student appeals in the event that the student is found responsible for an alleged violation.

For more information, please contact the Office of Student Conduct at 919.515.2963 or access the Code through the Office of Student Conduct website.