University Catalog 2023-2024

College of Sciences

The College of Sciences offers programs for students interested in working side-by-side with world-class faculty to address the grand challenges of our time, particularly those related to health, energy, safety and security, and the environment. We foster a diverse and inclusive academic community that provides a dynamic, nurturing environment for learning and discovery.

Our graduates, exhibiting well-developed analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, are recruited for technical and administrative positions in industry and laboratories, universities and colleges, non-profit research organizations, and government agencies. A large percentage undertake further study leading to master’s and doctoral degrees in their fields or go on to medical, law, business, or other professional schools.

Students interested in mathematics, statistics, biology, medicine, chemistry, geology, marine science, meteorology, or physics; fascinated by natural phenomena; and want to advance economic, societal, and intellectual prosperity for everyone should consider the career opportunities opened by degrees in the sciences. The College of Sciences empowers students to explore opportunities, discover passions and attain an enriched science education.

  • The college is a leader in several growing areas of science — such as big data, bioinformatics, environmental health science, geospatial analytics, and personalized medicine — that teach students skills highly valued in industry, laboratories, nonprofit research organizations, and government agencies.
  • Sciences alumni have been named to the Forbes “30 Under 30” list, worked aboard the International Space Station, and gone on to prestigious academic and professional careers all over the world.
  • More than 400 active research projects and more than $40 million in research expenditures annually provide students with opportunities to explore beyond the classroom, broaden connections with the faculty, and further develop communication and presentation skills.
  • The Sciences Ambassadors Program provides outstanding students the opportunity to engage with the college and promote a vibrant campus culture while representing the college at events for prospective students and families, alumni, and other special guests.

For more information about our college, including contact information, visit our website.

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  • M. Christine McGahan

Senior Associate Dean for Administration

  • John Blondin

Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

  • Alun L. Lloyd

Associate Dean for Research

  • Heather Patisaul

Assistant Dean for Inclusive Excellence

  • Jamila R. Simpson

Director, Undergraduate Recruitment, Enrollment and New Student Engagement

  • Ashley Burrough

Director, Women in Science and Engineering, College of Sciences Scholarships

  • Katherine C. Titus-Becker

Director, The Science House

  • Jason Painter