University Catalog 2023-2024

General Agriculture (AAS)

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The general agriculture (GNA) degree offers students the opportunity to get a degree in agriculture without having to focus on one specific area such as horticulture or animal science. The GNA degree also offers the opportunity to concentrate on specific topics. Our GNA students can choose from agribusiness management, field crop production, general livestock management, poultry management, and swine management. These areas of concentration allow students to get the broad spectrum of courses that the GNA degree offers, and also to focus on one area a little more closely. The GNA program also allows for students who come to the Agricultural Institute unsure of their specialty areas a chance to learn about our diverse fields taught here.

Jobs in this area include:

  • Farm Management
  • Machinery and Equipment Sales
  • Agricultural Chemical Distribution

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Dr. Amy Johnson
Program Coordinator
2228 Williams Hall

Plan Requirements

General Agriculture (AAS) - 64 Total Units

AGI 101Introduction to the Agricultural Institute1
WRT 111Expository Writing 13
WRT 114Professional Writing, Research and Reporting 13
MAA 102Mathematics in Agriculture and Related Sciences 13
MA 103Topics in Contemporary Mathematics3
General Requirements
ARE 201Introduction to Agricultural & Resource Economics3
ARE 115Agribusiness Accounting3
SOC 203Current Social Problems3
GEP US Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion3
Physical Education
GEP Health and Exercise Studies 21
Major Requirements
CS 111Field Crop Production4
ANS 101Introduction to Livestock and Poultry Industries3
ARE 104Agricultural Business Management3
SSC 112Principles of Soil Science4
ANS/PO Elective3
CS Elective5
ENT Restricted Elective3
General Entomology
Pesticides and Their Utilization
Urban Pest Management
ARE Elective3
Agricultural & Agribusiness Marketing
Agricultural & Environmental Policy
BAE Elective4
Light Equipment Technology
Agricultural Tractors and Machinery
Free Electives
Free Electives 2,36
Total Hours64

ANS/PO Electives

ANS 101Introduction to Livestock and Poultry Industries3
ANS 102Animal Feeds and Nutrition3
ANS 103Beef Production3
ANS 104Swine Production and Management4
ANS 110Introduction to Equine Science3
PO 1113
PO 150Poultry Management3
PO 162Livestock and Poultry Disease Management3
VMP 162Livestock and Poultry Disease Management3

CS Electives

CS 121Turfgrasses and Their Uses3
CS 122Principles of Turfgrass Management3
CS 151Forage Production3
CS 152Weed Control in Field Crops3
CS 1533
CS 154Turf Weed and Disease Management3
CS 155Advanced Turf Management3
CS 1621
CS 1631
CS 1641
CS 1651
CS 1661
CS 1671
CS 190Turf Seminar1
CS 191Field Crops Seminar2
PP 154Turf Weed and Disease Management3

Semester Sequence

This is a sample.

Plan of Study Grid
Freshman Year
Fall SemesterHours
AGI 101 Introduction to the Agricultural Institute 1
CS 111 Field Crop Production 4
ENT 100-Level Restricted Elective 3
MAA 102 Mathematics in Agriculture and Related Sciences 1 3
ANS 101 Introduction to Livestock and Poultry Industries 3
WRT 111 Expository Writing 2 3
Spring Semester
WRT 114 Professional Writing, Research and Reporting 2 3
MA 103A Topics in Contemporary Mathematics 3
ARE 115 Agribusiness Accounting 3
100-Level Free Elective 3
Select one of the following: 3
Light Equipment Technology 3  
PO 100-Level Elective 3
Sophomore Year
Fall Semester
ARE 112 Agricultural & Agribusiness Marketing 3
ARE 201A Introduction to Agricultural & Resource Economics 3
SSC 112 Principles of Soil Science 4
SOC 203
Current Social Problems
or Sociology of Agriculture and Rural Society
Select 2-5 credits of the following: 2-5
Agricultural Tractors and Machinery  
CS 100-Level Elective
PO 100-Level Elective
100 Level Free Elective
Spring Semester
ARE 104 Agricultural Business Management 3
ARE 133 Agricultural & Environmental Policy 3
CS 191 Field Crops Seminar 2
100-Level Free Elective 3-4
GEP Health and Exercise Studies 1
GEP Humanities 3
 Total Hours65-69