University Catalog 2023-2024

GEP Visual and Performing Arts

Note: As of Fall 2023, up to 3 credit hours of the Visual and Performing Arts GEP category may be counted towards the GEP Humanities Requirement. For students matriculated prior to Fall 2023, the Visual and Performing Arts GEP category is part of the Additional Breadth Requirement.


  • A total of three credit hours in the Additional Breadth category must be selected from the university approved GEP course lists grouped as “Humanities/Social Sciences/Visual and Performing Arts” or the “Mathematics/Natural Sciences/Engineering”.
  • Special Note:  If a student changes a General Education course except for HES courses from a letter grade to credit-only (S/U), then the course will not satisfy the GEP requirements.  Consult your academic advisor if you have questions.


  • A course taken to satisfy this requirement may also satisfy the Global Knowledge or U.S. Diversity co-requisite if the course also exists on either university approved GEP co-requisite course list.
  • A course required in the Major or taken to fulfill another GEP category cannot be double-counted to fulfill the Additional Breadth requirement even if the course appears on more than one GEP course list. An additional course must be taken.


The Visual and Performing Arts constitute a separate, unique, and independent mode of inquiry distinct from both the Humanities and Social Sciences and the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics disciplines.  Being conversant in the symbolic languages of the Arts is as important as familiarity with other modes of inquiry. Many of the most profound expressions of meaning and value are embodied in the arts, and developing sensitivity and responsiveness to these through visual and performing arts courses encourages students’ aesthetic sensitivities, critical judgment, and creativity. Courses in the arts also provide students with an understanding of the cultural and historical dimensions of artistic expression.

Category Objectives

Each course in the Visual and Performing Arts category will provide instruction and guidance that helps students to:

  1. deepen their understanding of aesthetic, cultural, and historical dimensions of artistic traditions; and
  2. strengthen their ability to interpret and make critical judgments about the arts through the analysis of structure, form, and style of specific works; and
  3. strengthen their ability to create, recreate, or evaluate art based upon techniques and standards appropriate to the genre.
ADN 275Survey of Fibers in Art and Design3GK
AFS 260History of Jazz3USD
ARC 140Experiencing Architecture3
ARC 141Introduction to Architectural History3GK
ARS 251The Arts of a World Capital: London3GK, HUM
ARS 252The Arts of Vienna 19003GK
ARS 259The Arts and Politics3
ARS 306Music Composition with Computers3
ARS 351Arts, Ideas and Values3
ARS 353Arts and Cross-Cultural Contacts3GK
ARS 354The Arts and the Sacred3GK
ARS 410Art and History of World Puppetry3GK
COM 110Public Speaking3
COM 364History of Film to 19403GK
COM 374History of Film From 19403GK
D 231Design History for Engineers and Scientists3
DAN 120Movement Improvisation2
DAN 230The Horton Dance Technique and Legacy3USD, USD, I, VPA
DAN 260Hip-hop Dance1HES
DAN 265Ballet II1HES
DAN 272Dance Composition - Solo Forms2
DAN 276Jazz Dance II1HES
DAN 322Dance and Society3GK
DAN 324U.S. Concert Dance History3USD, , USD, VPA
DAN 326Current Trends in Dance3
DAN 328Dance Composition - Group Forms2
ENG 282Introduction to Film3GK
ENG 292Writing About Film3
ENG 364History of Film to 19403GK
ENG 374History of Film From 19403GK
ENG 378Women & Film3GK
ENG 382Film and Literature3GK
FL 216Art and Society in France3GK
FL 218The Harlem Renaissance in Paris: Paris Noir3GK, USD, I, VPA
FLF 318The Heritage of French Cinema3GK
FLG 318New German Cinema and Beyond3GK
FLS 360Hispanic Cinema3GK
FTM 400Major Fashion Designers3
GC 120Foundations of Graphics3
GD 203History of Graphic Design3
GD 303Graphic Design Theory and Practice3
HA 201History of Art from Caves to the Renaissance3
HA 202History of Art From the Renaissance Through the 20th Century3
HA 203History of American Art3
HA 410History of the Art of Photography3
HON 299Honors Special Topics - Visual and Performing Arts3
HON 390Music and the Celtic World3GK, IP
HS 242Introduction to Small Scale Landscape Design3
HS 275Floral Design3
MUS 103Theory and Musicianship I3
MUS 105Introduction to Music in Western Society3GK
MUS 120Introduction to Music Theory3
MUS 180Introduction to Musical Experiences3
MUS 181Exploring Music Theory3
MUS 200Understanding Music: Global Perspectives3IP, GK
MUS 201Introduction to Music Literature I3GK
MUS 202Introduction to Music Literature II3GK
MUS 206America's Music3USD, USD, , I
MUS 210Introduction to Popular Music: 1950s-1970s3USD
MUS 211Introduction to Popular Music: 1980s-Present3USD
MUS 230Introduction to African-American Music3USD, I, VPA
MUS 240Introduction to the Music Industry3
MUS 260History of Jazz3USD
MUS 270Songwriting using Digital Audio Workstations2
MUS 305Music Composition3
MUS 306Music Composition with Computers3
MUS 310Music of the 17th and 18th Centuries3GK
MUS 315Music of the 19th Century3GK
MUS 320Music of the 20th Century3GK
MUS 330Survey of Musical Theater3GK
MUS 350Music of Asia3GK, IP
MUS 360Women In Music3USD, , I, USD
TDE 351Ceramics: The Art and Craft of Clay3
THE 103Introduction to the Theatre3
THE 203Theory and Practice of Acting3
WGS 360Women In Music3USD, , I, USD