University Catalog 2023-2024

Livestock and Poultry Management (AAS)

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The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Livestock and Poultry Management is designed for students with an interest in working with various livestock (dairy, beef, and swine) and poultry (broiler, turkey, and commercial egg) species after graduation.

This program prepare graduates for entry-level management positions in live production, technical consultation or with allied industries. The curriculum includes technical courses such as beef, swine, and poultry management courses; agricultural business courses; and General Education Program (GEP) courses which include English, math, humanities, and social sciences.

Career possibilities include:

  • Poultry Management
  • Livestock Management
  • Feed and Equipment Sales

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Dr. Carrie Pickworth and Dr. Lynn Worley-Davis
Program Coordinators

Plan Requirements

AGI 101Introduction to the Agricultural Institute1
WRT 111Expository Writing 13
WRT 114Professional Writing, Research and Reporting 13
MAA 102Mathematics in Agriculture and Related Sciences 13
MA 103Topics in Contemporary Mathematics3
General Requirements
ARE 201Introduction to Agricultural & Resource Economics3
ARE 115Agribusiness Accounting3
AGI 191
AGI 192
Professional Development
and AGI External Learning Experience
Select one of the following Sociology courses:3
Current Social Problems
Current Social Problems
Sociology of Agriculture and Rural Society
Sociology of Agriculture and Rural Society
GEP US Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion3
Physical Education
GEP Health and Exercise Studies1
Major Requirements
ANS 101Introduction to Livestock and Poultry Industries3
ANS 102Animal Feeds and Nutrition3
ANS 103Beef Production3
ANS 104Swine Production and Management4
PO 201APoultry Science and Production3
PO 202APoultry Science and Production Laboratory1
PO 150Poultry Management3
PO 162Livestock and Poultry Disease Management3
Select two of the following ARE Electives:6
Agricultural Business Management
Agri Business Law
Agricultural & Agribusiness Marketing
Principles of Salesmanship
Management of Personnel
Agricultural & Environmental Policy
Personal Financial Management
Free Electives
Free Electives 27
Total Hours66

Semester Sequence

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Fall SemesterHours
AGI 101 Introduction to the Agricultural Institute 3
WRT 111 Expository Writing 1 3
MAA 102 Mathematics in Agriculture and Related Sciences 2 3
ANS 101 Introduction to Livestock and Poultry Industries 3
SOC 203A
Current Social Problems
or Sociology of Agriculture and Rural Society
PO 201A Poultry Science and Production 3
PO 202A Poultry Science and Production Laboratory 1
Spring Semester
WRT 114 Professional Writing, Research and Reporting 1 3
MA 103A Topics in Contemporary Mathematics 3
ANS 104 Swine Production and Management 3
ARE 1xx Ag & Resource Economics Elective 3
AGI 191 Professional Development 1
PO 150 Poultry Management 3
Second Year
Fall Semester
ANS 103 Beef Production 3
ANS 102 Animal Feeds and Nutrition 3
GEP US Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion OR ARE 1** Ag & Resource Econ Elective 3
GEP Health and Exercise Studies 1
ARE 201A Introduction to Agricultural & Resource Economics 3
AGI 191 Professional Development 3
Spring Semester
ARE Elective 3
ARE 115 Agribusiness Accounting 3
PO 162 Livestock and Poultry Disease Management 3
Free Elective 3 5-7
 Total Hours66