University Catalog 2023-2024

Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

Landscape architecture is a multi-faceted profession dedicated to the welfare of the physical environment and the living communities of the earth. It is a diverse and growing design profession that combines art, science, engineering, and technology. Landscape Architecture at the College of Design is especially concerned with the stewardship, restoration, and regeneration of the natural and cultural environments in urban, rural, and wilderness settings.

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Department Head

  • María Bellalta

Director of Graduate Program

  • Kofi Boone


  • K. Boone
  • G. Bressler
  • M. Calkins
  • M.E. Deming
  • A. Fox
  • M. Hoversten
  • A. Rice
  • G. Smith

Associate Professors

  • N. Cosco
  • C. Delcambre
  • F. Magallanes
  • C. Pasalar

Assistant Research Professor

  • M. Baldwin

Teaching Assistant Professors

  • R. Layton
  • R. Swink

Assistant Professor of the Practice

  • D.A. Howe
  • T. Klondike
  • E. McCoy
  • B. Monette
  • J. Turner