University Catalog 2023-2024

Department of Business Management

The Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration is offered jointly by faculty in the Department of Business Management and the Department of Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The Business Administration degree program prepares students for careers in business, consulting, government, or nonprofit organizations as well as for graduate study in business, law, and related fields. The curriculum focuses on strategic integration of the core business functions. All students take foundation courses in finance, marketing, human resource management, entrepreneurship, business law, supply chain/operations management, information systems and strategic management, and select a concentration for more in-depth study. The curriculum emphasizes analytical thinking skills and an entrepreneurial mindset and provides students with skills in information technology and its application, problem solving and ethical thinking for decision making, and data analytics and the use of data for decision making in a global strategic context.

Concentration areas are listed below:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management

Two minors are also offered - Business Administration for students interested in gaining a basic knowledge of business practice to supplement another degree; and Business Entrepreneurship for students interested in the process of identifying, evaluating, and implementing business opportunities that focus on value creation.

A certificate in the Essentials of Business is also offered to NC State undergraduate students and to Non-Degree Seeking (NDS) students. This 12-credit certificate gives students an introductory perspective on business functions and the way businesses operate.


Graduates in business administration are prepared for a variety of careers in business or industry including new product development, marketing, manufacturing, human resources, IT management, business analysis, banking and finance, consulting, and business development. They have the knowledge and tools to launch new business ideas and succeed in management positions.

Curriculum and Degree Requirements

The business administration major requires that students complete 120 credits towards the degree. Additionally, business administration majors are subject to the university and college's residency requirements. In addition to completing at least 30 credit hours while officially enrolled as a degree candidate in either the Business Administration or Accounting program, students must complete at least 30 credit hours of the major course requirements for the degree at NC State University.


Business Management
Poole College of Management
2300 Nelson Hall
Raleigh, NC 27695
Phone: (919) 515-5565

Jonathan Bohlmann
Interim Department Head
Professor of Marketing and Innovation

Management, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship
Poole College of Management
1300 Nelson Hall
Raleigh, NC 27695

Jon Carr
Department Head
Jenkins Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship


Interim Department Head

  • Jonathan Bohlmann


Business Analytics Honors Program

The Business Analytics Honors Program offers eligible  Poole College undergraduate students additional preparation for careers in the high-demand field of business analytics. The Business Analytics Honors Program combines challenging analytics coursework with a practicum course that engages students with local employers working on real world business analytics projects. Admission to this program is competitive and based on prior academic achievement.