Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences

The Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences offers three undergraduate degree programs:

  1. Food Science
  2. Bioprocessing Science
  3. Nutrition Science

These programs focus on the application and integration of chemistry, biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, and engineering disciplines in the development, production, and delivery of safe and nutritious foods and other products (including drugs) from food and bioprocessing operations, in addition to understanding the role of diet and how it generally affects human health. In support of each program, the department maintains modern, fully-equipped laboratories and a host of nutrition outreach opportunities for teaching and research. All three undergraduate programs are compatible with pre-professional school curricula, such as pre-med or pre-vet, and many students elect to take on a minor in an area that enhances their major coursework. There are also opportunities to double major both within departmental majors as well as external majors such as Biochemistry.

For more information about this department, including contact information, visit the department website.


Department Head

  • K.P. Sandeep

Department Extension Leader

  • K.P. Sandeep

Food Science Undergraduate Teaching Coordinator

  • G. Keith Harris

Bioprocessing Science, Undergraduate Teaching Coordinator

  • John D. Sheppard

Nutrition Undergraduate Teaching Coordinator

  • Natalie K. Cooke

Director of Graduate Programs

  • Jonathan C. Allen
  • Suzie Goodell

Distinguished University Professor

  • R. Barrangou
  • T.R. Klaenhammer

William Neal Reynolds Professors

  • M.A. Drake
  • E.A. Foegeding
  • L.A. Jaykus
  • T.R. Klaenhammer
  • K.R. Swartzel

David H. Murdock Distinguished Professor

  • M.A. Lila


  • J.C. Allen
  • S.L. Ash
  • R. Barrangou
  • F. Breidt, USDA
  • L.O. Dean, USDA
  • M.A. Drake
  • L.A. Jaykus
  • S. Kathariou
  • D.K. Larick
  • M.A. Lila
  • K.P. Sandeep
  • J.D. Sheppard

Associate Professors

  • A.D. Fogleman
  • D.J. Hanson
  • G.K. Harris
  • S.D. Johanningsmeier, USDA
  • S. Komarnytsky
  • I.M Perez-Diaz, USDA
  • S.Goodell
  • C.D. Stevenson

Assistant Professors

  • N.K. Cooke

Professors Emeriti

  • L.W. Aurand
  • H.R. Ball
  • L.C. Boyd
  • R.E. Carawan
  • D.E. Carroll
  • G.L. Catignani, Jr.
  • J.A. Christian
  • H.B. Craig
  • M.E. Gregory
  • M.W. Hoover
  • V.A. Jones
  • T.C. Lanier
  • R.F. McFeeters, USDA
  • J.L. Oblinger
  • J.E. Rushing
  • H.E. Swaisgood
  • V.D. Truong
  • L.G. Turner
  • W.M. Walter, Jr
  • D.R. Ward

Associate Members of the Faculty

  • K.E. Anderson, Poultry Science
  • B. Chapman, 4-H Youth Development and Family & Consumer Sciences
  • S.A. Hale, Biological and Agricultural Engineering
  • H.M. Hassan, Molecular and Structural Biochemistry, Microbiology, Toxicology
  • S.A. Khan, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • D.P. Smith, Poultry Science
  • S. Thakur, College of Veterinary Medicine

Adjunct Faculty

  • P.A. Curtis
  • K. Maloney
  • S. Sang
  • R.C. Theuer