GEP Global Knowledge

ADN 275Survey of Fibers in Art and Design3
AEC 380Water Resources: Global Issues in Ecology, Policy, Management, and Advocacy3
AFS 240African Civilization3
AFS 275Introduction to History of South and East Africa3
AFS 276Introduction to History of West Africa3
AFS 342Introduction to the African Diaspora3
AFS 349African Literature in English3
AFS 475History of the Republic of South Africa3
AFS 476Leadership in Modern Africa3
AFS 479Africa (sub-Saharan) in the Twentieth Century3
AFS 575History of the Republic of South Africa3
AFS 576Leadership in Modern Africa3
AFS 579Africa (sub-Saharan) in the Twentieth Century3
ALS 494International Learning Experience in Agriculture and Life Sciences1-6
ANS 395Animal Science Study Abroad1-6
ANT 252Cultural Anthropology3
ANT 253Unearthing the Past: Introduction to World Archaeology3
ANT 261Technology in Society and Culture3
ANT 315The Aztecs, Maya, and Their Predecessors: Archaeology of Mesoamerica3
ANT 325Andean South America3
ANT 330Peoples and Cultures of Africa3
ANT 345Anthropology of the Middle East3
ANT 351Contemporary Culture in Japan3
ANT 371Human Variation3
ANT 461Wealth, Poverty and International Aid3
ANT 471Understanding Latino Migration3
ANT 561Wealth, Poverty and International Aid3
ANT 571Understanding Latino Migration3
ARC 141Introduction to Architectural History3
ARE 345Global Agribusiness Management3
ARE 494Agribusiness Study Abroad1-6
ARS 251The Arts of a World Capital: London3
ARS 252The Arts of Vienna 19003
ARS 353Arts and Cross-Cultural Contacts3
ARS 354The Arts and the Sacred3
CLA 210Classical Mythology3
CLA 215The Ancient World in Modern Media3
CLA 320Masterpieces of Classical Lit3
CLA 325Gender, Ethnicity & Identity in the Ancient World3
COM 364History of Film to 19403
COM 374History of Film From 19403
COM 392International and Crosscultural Communication3
COM 447Communication and Globalization3
CS 224Seeds, Biotechnology and Societies3
CS 230Introduction to Agroecology3
E 480Namibia Wildlife Aerial Observatory6
EC 449International Finance3
ECD 225Foundations of Cultural Competence3
ENG 219Studies in Great Works of Non-Western Literature3
ENG 220Studies in Great Works of Western Literature3
ENG 221Literature of the Western World I3
ENG 222Literature of the Western World II3
ENG 223Contemporary World Literature I3
ENG 224Contemporary World Literature II3
ENG 246Literature of the Holocaust3
ENG 255Beyond Britain: Literature from Colonies of the British Empire3
ENG 275Literature and War3
ENG 282Introduction to Film3
ENG 326History of the English Language3
ENG 329Language and Globalization3
ENG 349African Literature in English3
ENG 364History of Film to 19403
ENG 374History of Film From 19403
ENG 378Women & Film3
ENG 380Modern Drama3
ENG 382Film and Literature3
ENG 385Biblical Backgrounds of English Literature3
ENG 390Classical Backgrounds of English Literature3
ENG 392Major World Author3
ENG 393Studies in Literary Genre3
ENG 394Studies in World Literature3
ENG 399Contemporary Literature3
ENG 406Modernism3
ENG 407Postmodernism3
ENG 439Studies in English Renaissance Literature3
ENG 451Chaucer3
ENG 464British Literature and the Founding of Empire3
ENG 465British Literature and the Dissolution of Empire3
ENG 551Chaucer3
ENT 207Insects and Human Disease3
ES 100Introduction to Environmental Sciences3
ES 113Earth from Space3
ES 150Water and the Environment3
ES 200Climate Change and Sustainability3
ES 300Energy and Environment3
ES 449Human Dimensions of Natural Resources in Australia/New Zealand3
ES 450Sustaining Natural Resources in Australia/New Zealand3
FL 216Art and Society in France3
FL 219Studies in Great Works of Non-Western Literature3
FL 220Studies in Great Works of Western Literature3
FL 221Literature of the Western World I3
FL 222Literature of the Western World II3
FL 223Contemporary World Literature I3
FL 224Contemporary World Literature II3
FL 246Literature of the Holocaust3
FL 275Literature and War3
FL 392Major World Author3
FL 393Studies in Literary Genre3
FL 394Studies in World Literature3
FL 406Modernism3
FL 407Postmodernism3
FLA 318Egyptian Culture through Film3
FLC 202Intermediate Chinese II3
FLC 351Modern Chinese Popular Culture3
FLC 402Advanced Chinese: Readings in Literature and Science3
FLF 202Intermediate French II3
FLF 212French: Language, Culture, and Technology3
FLF 301Survey of French Literature from the Middle Ages through the Enlightenment3
FLF 302Survey of French Literature from Romanticism to the Contemporary Period3
FLF 315French Civilization and Culture3
FLF 318The Heritage of French Cinema3
FLF 425Literature, Cinema and Culture of the Francophone World3
FLF 525Literature, Cinema and Culture of the Francophone World3
FLG 202Intermediate German II3
FLG 212German Language, Culture, Science, and Technology3
FLG 315Germanic Civilization and Culture3
FLG 318New German Cinema and Beyond3
FLG 320Introduction to German Literature3
FLG 323Twentieth Century German Literature3
FLG 325German Lyric Poetry3
FLG 440Green Germany: Nature and Environment in German Speaking Cultures3
FLI 202Intermediate Italian II3
FLI 315Italian Civilization and Culture3
FLI 318Italian Society Through Cinema3
FLJ 202Intermediate Japanese II3
FLJ 342Classical Japanese Literature in Translation3
FLJ 344Early Modern Japanese Literature in Translation3
FLJ 345Modern Japanese Literature in Translation3
FLJ 351Contemporary Culture in Japan3
FLN 202Intermediate Hindi-Urdu II3
FLN 301Twentieth Century Hindi & Urdu Fiction3
FLN 302Modern Hindi & Urdu Poetry3
FLN 401Hindi Literature and South Asian Cultural Contexts3
FLR 202Intermediate Russian II3
FLR 303Russian Literature in Translation: The Nineteenth Century3
FLR 304Russian Literature in Translation: The Twentieth Century3
FLR 318Russian Cinema and Society3
FLS 202Intermediate Spanish II3
FLS 212Spanish: Language, Technology, Culture3
FLS 335Spanish for Native and Heritage Speakers3
FLS 340Introduction to Hispanic Literatures and Cultures3
FLS 341Literature and Culture of Spain I3
FLS 342Literature and Culture of Spain II3
FLS 343Literature and Culture of Spain III3
FLS 351Literature and Culture of Latin America I3
FLS 352Literature and Culture of Latin America II3
FLS 353Literature and Culture of Latin America III3
FLS 360Hispanic Cinema3
FW 221Conservation of Natural Resources3
FW 465African Ecology and Conservation4
FW 565African Ecology and Conservation4
GEO 220Cultural Geography3
GRK 202Intermediate Greek II3
HA 240Introduction to Visual Culture3
HESD 227African Dance I1
HESD 228African Dance II1
HESM 322Dance and Society3
HI 207Ancient Mediterranean World3
HI 208The Middle Ages3
HI 209From Renaissance to Revolution: The Origins of Modern Europe3
HI 210Modern Europe 1815-Present3
HI 214History and Archaeology of Ancient Latin America3
HI 215Latin America to 18263
HI 216Latin America Since 18263
HI 217Caribbean History3
HI 221British History to 16883
HI 222History of British Cultures and Societies From 16883
HI 232The World from 1200 to 17503
HI 233The World Since 17503
HI 240Introduction to Visual Culture3
HI 263Asian Civilizations to 18003
HI 264Modern Asia: 1800 to Present3
HI 270Modern Middle East3
HI 275Introduction to History of South and East Africa3
HI 276Introduction to History of West Africa3
HI 307Jewish History3
HI 317Cuba Today: Historical and Sociopolitical Perspectives3
HI 321Scientific Revolution and European Society, 1500-18003
HI 324History of Common Law and Constitution3
HI 332Germany and the World Wars3
HI 335The World at War3
HI 338Empire, War, and Revolution in Russia3
HI 340History of Agriculture3
HI 370Modern Egypt3
HI 371Modern Japan, 1850 to Present3
HI 374Visual Culture of Modern South Asia3
HI 375Global History of Travel and Tourism3
HI 381NGO Nonprofits in a Global Context3
HI 402Early Christianity to the Time of Eusebius3
HI 407Islamic History to 17983
HI 408Islam in the Modern World3
HI 410Italian Renaissance3
HI 411Trials of Faith: Religious Reformation in Early-Modern Europe3
HI 412The Sexes and Society in Early-Modern Europe3
HI 414From Kings to Revolution: The History of Early-Modern France3
HI 415The French Revolution3
HI 418Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany3
HI 419Modern European Imperialism3
HI 421European Intellectual History: The Eighteenth Century3
HI 422European Intellectual History: The 19th Century3
HI 423Women in European Enlightenment3
HI 425Tudor and Stuart England3
HI 42920th Century Britain3
HI 430Modern France3
HI 465Oil and Crisis in the Gulf3
HI 466History of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict3
HI 467Modern Mexico3
HI 468Slavery in the Americas3
HI 469Latin American Revolutions in the Twentieth Century3
HI 470Exploring World History3
HI 471Revolutionary China3
HI 472Fashion, Food, and Fun: Material Culture in Chinese History3
HI 473Japan's Empire in Asia, 1868-19453
HI 474Modern India3
HI 475History of the Republic of South Africa3
HI 476Leadership in Modern Africa3
HI 477Women in the Middle East3
HI 478Islam and Christianity in Sub-Saharan Africa3
HI 479Africa (sub-Saharan) in the Twentieth Century3
HI 483Science and Religion in European History3
HI 484Science in European Culture3
HI 486Science and Empire3
HI 511Trials of Faith: Religious Reformation in Early-Modern Europe3
HI 512The Sexes and Society in Early-Modern Europe3
HI 514From Kings to Revolution: The History of Early-Modern France3
HI 515The French Revolution3
HI 518Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany3
HI 519Modern European Imperialism3
HI 521European Intellectual History: The Eighteenth Century3
HI 522European Intellectual History: The 19th Century3
HI 523Women in European Enlightenment3
HI 525Tudor and Stuart England3
HI 530Modern France3
HI 568Slavery in the Americas3
HI 569Latin American Revolutions in the Twentieth Century3
HI 570Exploring World History3
HI 571Revolutionary China3
HI 573Japan's Empire in Asia, 1868-19453
HI 575History of the Republic of South Africa3
HI 576Leadership in Modern Africa3
HI 579Africa (sub-Saharan) in the Twentieth Century3
HI 583Science and Religion in European History3
HI 584Science in European Culture3
HI 586Science and Empire3
HON 293Honors Special Topics - Interdisciplinary Perspectives/Global Knowledge3
HON 311Words through Space and Time3
HON 353Code Breakers: Unlocking the Mysteries of One Human Language3
HON 360Music and Oppression3
HON 390Music and the Celtic World3
HSS 392International and Crosscultural Communication3
HUMG 295Humanities and Global Knowledge Special Topics3
IDS 201Environmental Ethics3
IDS 220The Science and Art of Happiness3
IDS 310Animals in the Global Community3
IPGK 295Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Global Knowledge Special Topics2-3
IS 200Introduction to International Studies3
IS 471Understanding Latino Migration3
IS 571Understanding Latino Migration3
MEA 100Earth System Science: Exploring the Connections4
MUS 105Introduction to Music in Western Society3
MUS 200Understanding Music: Global Perspectives3
MUS 201Introduction to Music Literature I3
MUS 202Introduction to Music Literature II3
MUS 310Music of the 17th and 18th Centuries3
MUS 315Music of the 19th Century3
MUS 320Music of the 20th Century3
MUS 330Survey of Musical Theater3
MUS 350Music of Asia3
NSGK 295Natural Sciences and Global Knowledge Special Topics3
NTR 220Food and Culture3
PER 202Intermediate Persian II3
PRT 449Human Dimensions of Natural Resources in Australia/New Zealand3
PRT 450Sustaining Natural Resources in Australia/New Zealand3
PS 231Introduction to International Relations3
PS 236Issues in Global Politics3
PS 241Introduction to Comparative Politics3
PS 335International Law3
PS 336Global Environmental Politics3
PS 339Politics of the World Economy3
PS 341European Politics3
PS 342Politics of China and Japan3
PS 345Governments and Politics in the Middle East3
PS 431The United Nations and Global Order3
PS 433Global Problems and Policies3
REL 200Introduction to the Study of Religion3
REL 210Religious Traditions of the World3
REL 220Religion in the Contemporary World3
REL 230Asian Religions3
REL 311Introduction to the Old Testament3
REL 312Introduction to the New Testament3
REL 314Introduction to Intertestamental Literature3
REL 317Christianity3
REL 327Issues in Contemporary Religion3
REL 331The Hindu Tradition3
REL 332The Buddhist Traditions3
REL 333Chinese Religions3
REL 334Japanese Religions3
REL 340Islam3
REL 350Introduction to Judaism3
REL 383Religion, Globalism, and Justice3
REL 402Early Christianity to the Time of Eusebius3
REL 407Islamic History to 17983
REL 408Islam in the Modern World3
REL 412Advanced Readings in the Christian Gospels3
REL 413The Life and Letters of the Apostle Paul3
REL 424Religion and Politics in Global Perspective3
REL 482Religion and Conflict3
REL 489Interpretations of Religion3
SOC 220Cultural Geography3
SOC 261Technology in Society and Culture3
SOC 342International Development3
SOC 351Population and Planning3
SSGK 295Social Sciences and Global Knowledge Special Topics3
STS 302Contemporary Science, Technology and Human Values3
STS 323World Population and Food Prospects3
SW 440International Learning Experience in Social Work6
SW 540International Learning Experience in Social Work6
VPGK 295Visual and Performing Arts and Global Knowledge Spec Topics3