GEP Interdisciplinary Perspectives

AEC 380Water Resources: Global Issues in Ecology, Policy, Management, and Advocacy3
AEE 208Agricultural Biotechnology: Issues and Implications3
AFS 344Leadership in African American Communities3
ANS 208Agricultural Biotechnology: Issues and Implications3
ANT 261Technology in Society and Culture3
ANT 471Understanding Latino Migration3
ANT 571Understanding Latino Migration3
ARE 336Introduction to Resource and Environmental Economics3
ARS 257Technology in the Arts3
BCH 220Role of Biotechnology in Society3
BIO 165Introduction to Environmental Research5
BIO 227Understanding Structural Diversity through Biological Illustration3
BIO 230The Science of Studying Dinosaurs3
BIT 100Current Topics in Biotechnology4
CH 345Chemistry and War3
CNR 250Diversity and Environmental Justice3
COM 289Science Communication and Public Engagement3
COS 100Science of Change2
CS 224Seeds, Biotechnology and Societies3
CS 230Introduction to Agroecology3
CSC 110Computer Science Principles - The Beauty and Joy of Computing3
CSC 281Foundations of Interactive Game Design3
D 100Design Inquiry I: Methods and Processes3
D 101Design Inquiry II: Methods and Processes3
E 102Engineering in the 21st Century2
E 480Namibia Wildlife Aerial Observatory6
EC 336Introduction to Resource and Environmental Economics3
ECI 305Equity and Education3
EI 201Exploring Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurial Thinking3
EI 331Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurial Thinking I: Skills and Planning Basics3
EMA 110Introduction to Arts Entrepreneurship3
EMA 365Foundations in Arts Entrepreneurship3
EMA 370Practical Arts Entrepreneurship3
EMS 350Teaching Environmental Education3
ENG 232Literature and Medicine3
ENG 308Contemporary Issues in Ecofeminism3
ENG 329Language and Globalization3
ENG 339Literature and Technology3
ENG 340Literature, Art, and Society3
ENG 341Literature and Science3
ENG 342Literature of Space and Place3
ENG 376Science Fiction3
ENG 425Analysis of Scientific and Technical Writing3
ENT 201Insects and People3
ENT 207Insects and Human Disease3
ES 100Introduction to Environmental Sciences3
ES 150Water and the Environment3
ES 200Climate Change and Sustainability3
ES 300Energy and Environment3
ES 449Human Dimensions of Natural Resources in Australia/New Zealand3
ES 450Sustaining Natural Resources in Australia/New Zealand3
FB 480The Sustainable Bioeconomy3
FB 580The Sustainable Bioeconomy3
FLF 212French: Language, Culture, and Technology3
FLG 212German Language, Culture, Science, and Technology3
FLG 440Green Germany: Nature and Environment in German Speaking Cultures3
FLS 212Spanish: Language, Technology, Culture3
FOR 248Forest History, Technology and Society3
FOR 414World Forestry3
FW 221Conservation of Natural Resources3
GIS 205Spatial Thinking with GIS3
GN 301Genetics in Human Affairs3
HA 240Introduction to Visual Culture3
HI 240Introduction to Visual Culture3
HI 305Frauds and Mysteries of the Past3
HI 318Environmental History of Cuba: Prehistory to the Present3
HI 321Scientific Revolution and European Society, 1500-18003
HI 322Rise of Modern Science3
HI 323Science, American Style3
HI 341Technology in History3
HI 344Dinomania: Dinosaurs in Culture and Science3
HI 346The Civil War Era in Popular Culture3
HI 382History of Capitalism in America3
HI 440American Environmental History3
HI 481History of the Life Sciences3
HI 482Darwinism in Science and Society3
HI 483Science and Religion in European History3
HI 484Science in European Culture3
HI 485History of American Technology3
HI 540American Environmental History3
HI 581History of the Life Sciences3
HI 582Darwinism in Science and Society3
HI 583Science and Religion in European History3
HI 584Science in European Culture3
HI 585History of American Technology3
HON 293Honors Special Topics - Interdisciplinary Perspectives/Global Knowledge3
HON 296Honors Special Topics - Interdisciplinary Perspectives3
HON 297Honors Special Topics - Interdisciplinary Perspectives/US Diversity3
HON 310The Creative Process in Science: Realities, Comparisons, and Culture Perceptions3
HON 311Words through Space and Time3
HON 312Outbreak3
HON 313Reading Machines3
HON 340Religion and Freedom3
HON 341Time Travel3
HON 345On the Human3
HON 347Freedom and the Self3
HON 348Emotion and Reason3
HON 360Music and Oppression3
HON 390Music and the Celtic World3
HSS 120Introduction to Humanities & Social Sciences2
ID 244History of Industrial Design3
IDS 201Environmental Ethics3
IDS 210Introduction to American Studies3
IDS 211Eating through American History3
IDS 220The Science and Art of Happiness3
IDS 303Humans and the Environment3
IDS 310Animals in the Global Community3
IPGE 295Interdisciplinary Perspectives Special Topics2-3
IPGK 295Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Global Knowledge Special Topics2-3
IPUS 295Interdisciplinary Perspectives and U.S. Diversity Special Topics2-3
IS 200Introduction to International Studies3
IS 250Globalizing North Carolina3
IS 471Understanding Latino Migration3
IS 571Understanding Latino Migration3
LSC 101Critical and Creative Thinking in the Life Sciences2
M 380Doing Business Globally3
MB 200The Fourth Horseman: Plagues that Changed the World3
MEA 100Earth System Science: Exploring the Connections4
MEA 260Human Dimensions of Climate Change3
MIE 201Introduction to Business Processes3
MUS 200Understanding Music: Global Perspectives3
NR 303Humans and the Environment3
NR 406Conservation of Biological Diversity3
NS 420Naval Leadership and Ethics3
NTR 210Introduction to Community Food Security3
PB 208Agricultural Biotechnology: Issues and Implications3
PB 213Plants and Civilization3
PB 219Plants in Folklore, Myth, and religion3
PCC 201Impact of Industry on the Environment and Society3
PCC 274Introduction to Forensic Science3
PHI 210Representation, Reason and Reality3
PHI 312Philosophy of Law3
PHI 313Ethical Problems in the Law3
PHI 325Bio-Medical Ethics3
PHI 331Philosophy of Language3
PHI 332Philosophy of Psychology3
PHI 340Philosophy of Science3
PHI 347Neuroscience and Philosophy3
PHI 425Introduction to Cognitive Science3
PHI 440The Scientific Method3
PHI 447Philosophy, Evolution and Human Nature3
PO 212Poultry and People: Why did the chicken cross the world?3
PO 411Agrosecurity3
PP 232Big Data in Your Pocket: Call it a Smartphone3
PP 241The Worm's Tale: Parasites In Our Midst3
PRT 449Human Dimensions of Natural Resources in Australia/New Zealand3
PRT 450Sustaining Natural Resources in Australia/New Zealand3
PSE 220From Papyrus to Plasma Screens: Paper and Society2
PSY 208Psychobiology of Success3
PSY 425Introduction to Cognitive Science3
REL 471Darwinism and Christianity3
SLC 250Critical and Creative Decision Making Models3
SLC 350Leadership and Negotiation3
SMT 201Sustainable Materials for Green Housing2
SMT 232Recycling to Create a Sustainable Environment2
SMT 310Introduction to Industrial Ecology3
SOC 207Language and Society3
SOC 261Technology in Society and Culture3
SOC 381Sociology of Medicine3
SSC 185Land and Life3
STS 210Women and Gender in Science and Technology3
STS 214Introduction to Science, Technology, and Society3
STS 257Technology in the Arts3
STS 301Science and Civilization3
STS 302Contemporary Science, Technology and Human Values3
STS 304Ethical Dimensions of Progress3
STS 322Technological Catastrophes3
STS 323World Population and Food Prospects3
STS 325Bio-Medical Ethics3
STS 402Peace and War in the Nuclear Age3
STS 405Technology and American Culture3
STS 471Darwinism and Christianity3
SW 260Introduction to Gerontology: An Interdisciplinary Field of Practice3
SW 290The Development of Social Welfare and Social Work in the U.S.3
USC 116Introduction to Sustainability for EcoVillage1
USC 260Research as a Profession2
WGS 210Women and Gender in Science and Technology3
WGS 308Contemporary Issues in Ecofeminism3
WGS 330Women and Health3
WGS 370Advanced Studies of Gender in Science3
WPS 201Sustainable Materials for Green Housing2
ZO 233Human-Animal Interactions3