GEP Humanities

AFS 240African Civilization3
AFS 241Introduction to African American Studies3
AFS 248Survey of African-American Literature3
AFS 275Introduction to History of South and East Africa3
AFS 276Introduction to History of West Africa3
AFS 342Introduction to the African Diaspora3
AFS 343African American Religions3
AFS 346Black Popular Culture3
AFS 349African Literature in English3
AFS 372African-American History Through the Civil War, 1619-18653
AFS 373African-American History Since 18653
AFS 442Issues in the African Diaspora3
AFS 448African-American Literature3
AFS 455History of the Civil Rights Movement3
AFS 548African-American Literature3
AFS 555History of the Civil Rights Movement3
ANT 351Contemporary Culture in Japan3
ARS 251The Arts of a World Capital: London3
ARS 346Black Popular Culture3
CLA 210Classical Mythology3
CLA 215The Ancient World in Modern Media3
CLA 320Masterpieces of Classical Lit3
CLA 325Gender, Ethnicity & Identity in the Ancient World3
COM 200Communication Media in a Changing World3
COM 211Argumentation and Advocacy3
COM 289Science Communication and Public Engagement3
COM 395Studies in Rhetoric and Digital Media3
ECD 225Foundations of Cultural Competence3
ENG 206Studies In Drama3
ENG 207Studies in Poetry3
ENG 208Studies In Fiction3
ENG 209Introduction to Shakespeare3
ENG 219Studies in Great Works of Non-Western Literature3
ENG 220Studies in Great Works of Western Literature3
ENG 221Literature of the Western World I3
ENG 222Literature of the Western World II3
ENG 223Contemporary World Literature I3
ENG 224Contemporary World Literature II3
ENG 232Literature and Medicine3
ENG 246Literature of the Holocaust3
ENG 248Survey of African-American Literature3
ENG 249Native American Literature3
ENG 251Major British Writers3
ENG 252Major American Writers3
ENG 255Beyond Britain: Literature from Colonies of the British Empire3
ENG 261English Literature I3
ENG 262English Literature II3
ENG 265American Literature I3
ENG 266American Literature II3
ENG 267LGBTQI Literature in the U.S.3
ENG 275Literature and War3
ENG 305Women and Literature3
ENG 308Contemporary Issues in Ecofeminism3
ENG 326History of the English Language3
ENG 329Language and Globalization3
ENG 340Literature, Art, and Society3
ENG 342Literature of Space and Place3
ENG 349African Literature in English3
ENG 361Studies in British Poetry3
ENG 362Studies in the British Novel3
ENG 370American Fiction, Twentieth Century and Beyond3
ENG 372American Poetry, Twentieth Century and Beyond3
ENG 377Fantasy3
ENG 380Modern Drama3
ENG 385Biblical Backgrounds of English Literature3
ENG 390Classical Backgrounds of English Literature3
ENG 392Major World Author3
ENG 393Studies in Literary Genre3
ENG 394Studies in World Literature3
ENG 395Studies in Rhetoric and Digital Media3
ENG 399Contemporary Literature3
ENG 406Modernism3
ENG 407Postmodernism3
ENG 410Studies in Gender and Genre3
ENG 420Major American Author3
ENG 439Studies in English Renaissance Literature3
ENG 448African-American Literature3
ENG 451Chaucer3
ENG 460Major British Author3
ENG 464British Literature and the Founding of Empire3
ENG 465British Literature and the Dissolution of Empire3
ENG 466Transatlantic Literatures3
ENG 467American Colonial Literature3
ENG 468Studies in Nineteenth-Century American Literature3
ENG 470American Literature, Twentieth Century and Beyond3
ENG 476Southern Literature3
ENG 485Shakespeare: Revisions and Resources3
ENG 486Shakespeare, The Earlier Plays3
ENG 487Shakespeare, The Later Plays3
ENG 548African-American Literature3
ENG 551Chaucer3
FL 219Studies in Great Works of Non-Western Literature3
FL 220Studies in Great Works of Western Literature3
FL 221Literature of the Western World I3
FL 222Literature of the Western World II3
FL 223Contemporary World Literature I3
FL 224Contemporary World Literature II3
FL 246Literature of the Holocaust3
FL 275Literature and War3
FL 392Major World Author3
FL 393Studies in Literary Genre3
FL 394Studies in World Literature3
FL 406Modernism3
FL 407Postmodernism3
FLA 318Egyptian Culture through Film3
FLC 351Modern Chinese Popular Culture3
FLC 402Advanced Chinese: Readings in Literature and Science3
FLF 301Survey of French Literature from the Middle Ages through the Enlightenment3
FLF 302Survey of French Literature from Romanticism to the Contemporary Period3
FLF 315French Civilization and Culture3
FLF 425Literature, Cinema and Culture of the Francophone World3
FLF 525Literature, Cinema and Culture of the Francophone World3
FLG 315Germanic Civilization and Culture3
FLG 320Introduction to German Literature3
FLG 323Twentieth Century German Literature3
FLG 325German Lyric Poetry3
FLI 315Italian Civilization and Culture3
FLI 318Italian Society Through Cinema3
FLJ 342Classical Japanese Literature in Translation3
FLJ 344Early Modern Japanese Literature in Translation3
FLJ 345Modern Japanese Literature in Translation3
FLJ 351Contemporary Culture in Japan3
FLN 301Twentieth Century Hindi & Urdu Fiction3
FLN 302Modern Hindi & Urdu Poetry3
FLN 401Hindi Literature and South Asian Cultural Contexts3
FLR 303Russian Literature in Translation: The Nineteenth Century3
FLR 304Russian Literature in Translation: The Twentieth Century3
FLR 318Russian Cinema and Society3
FLS 335Spanish for Native and Heritage Speakers3
FLS 340Introduction to Hispanic Literatures and Cultures3
FLS 341Literature and Culture of Spain I3
FLS 342Literature and Culture of Spain II3
FLS 343Literature and Culture of Spain III3
FLS 351Literature and Culture of Latin America I3
FLS 352Literature and Culture of Latin America II3
FLS 353Literature and Culture of Latin America III3
HA 240Introduction to Visual Culture3
HI 207Ancient Mediterranean World3
HI 208The Middle Ages3
HI 209From Renaissance to Revolution: The Origins of Modern Europe3
HI 210Modern Europe 1815-Present3
HI 214History and Archaeology of Ancient Latin America3
HI 215Latin America to 18263
HI 216Latin America Since 18263
HI 217Caribbean History3
HI 221British History to 16883
HI 222History of British Cultures and Societies From 16883
HI 232The World from 1200 to 17503
HI 233The World Since 17503
HI 240Introduction to Visual Culture3
HI 251American History I3
HI 252American History II3
HI 253Early American History3
HI 254Modern American History3
HI 263Asian Civilizations to 18003
HI 264Modern Asia: 1800 to Present3
HI 270Modern Middle East3
HI 275Introduction to History of South and East Africa3
HI 276Introduction to History of West Africa3
HI 305Frauds and Mysteries of the Past3
HI 307Jewish History3
HI 317Cuba Today: Historical and Sociopolitical Perspectives3
HI 320Religion in American History3
HI 321Scientific Revolution and European Society, 1500-18003
HI 324History of Common Law and Constitution3
HI 332Germany and the World Wars3
HI 335The World at War3
HI 337Spy vs. Spy: Cold War Intelligence History3
HI 338Empire, War, and Revolution in Russia3
HI 340History of Agriculture3
HI 345American Popular Culture3
HI 346The Civil War Era in Popular Culture3
HI 350American Military History3
HI 351U.S. Naval History3
HI 354The Rise of the American Empire3
HI 360U.S. Agricultural History3
HI 364History of North Carolina3
HI 365The American West3
HI 366Native American History3
HI 369Sexuality in U.S. History3
HI 370Modern Egypt3
HI 371Modern Japan, 1850 to Present3
HI 372African-American History Through the Civil War, 1619-18653
HI 373African-American History Since 18653
HI 374Visual Culture of Modern South Asia3
HI 375Global History of Travel and Tourism3
HI 380History of Nonprofits, Philanthropy, and Social Change3
HI 381NGO Nonprofits in a Global Context3
HI 382History of Capitalism in America3
HI 385Introduction to Public History3
HI 402Early Christianity to the Time of Eusebius3
HI 407Islamic History to 17983
HI 408Islam in the Modern World3
HI 410Italian Renaissance3
HI 445Early American Borderlands3
HI 446Topics in Civil War and Reconstruction3
HI 447Women in America: From Contact to the Civil War3
HI 448American Women in the Twentieth Century3
HI 455History of the Civil Rights Movement3
HI 462Southern History since the Civil War3
HI 486Science and Empire3
HI 545Early American Borderlands3
HI 546Topics in Civil War and Reconstruction3
HI 547Women in America: From Contact to the Civil War3
HI 548American Women in the Twentieth Century3
HI 555History of the Civil Rights Movement3
HI 562Southern History since the Civil War3
HI 586Science and Empire3
HON 202Inquiry, Discovery, and Literature3
HON 290Honors Special Topics - Humanities/US Diversity3
HON 294Honors Special Topics-Humanities3
HON 341Time Travel3
HON 344Kantian Ethics3
HON 345On the Human3
HON 347Freedom and the Self3
HUM 295Humanities Special Topics3
HUMG 295Humanities and Global Knowledge Special Topics3
HUMU 295Humanities and U.S. Diversity Special Topics3
ID 244History of Industrial Design3
LAR 221Introduction to Environment and Behavior for Designers3
NS 420Naval Leadership and Ethics3
PHI 205Introduction to Philosophy3
PHI 210Representation, Reason and Reality3
PHI 214Issues in Business Ethics3
PHI 221Contemporary Moral Issues3
PHI 300Ancient Philosophy3
PHI 301Early Modern Philosophy3
PHI 30219th Century Philosophy3
PHI 305Philosophy of Religion3
PHI 309Political Philosophy3
PHI 310Existentialism3
PHI 312Philosophy of Law3
PHI 313Ethical Problems in the Law3
PHI 319Africana Political Philosophy3
PHI 320Philosophy of Race3
PHI 325Bio-Medical Ethics3
PHI 330Metaphysics3
PHI 331Philosophy of Language3
PHI 332Philosophy of Psychology3
PHI 333Knowledge and Skepticism3
PHI 340Philosophy of Science3
PHI 347Neuroscience and Philosophy3
PHI 375Ethics3
PHI 376History of Ethics3
PHI 401Kant's Critique of Pure Reason3
PHI 403Continental Philosophy After 19003
PHI 420Global Justice3
PHI 425Introduction to Cognitive Science3
PHI 440The Scientific Method3
PHI 447Philosophy, Evolution and Human Nature3
PS 361Introduction to Political Theory3
PS 362American Political Thought3
PSY 425Introduction to Cognitive Science3
REL 200Introduction to the Study of Religion3
REL 210Religious Traditions of the World3
REL 220Religion in the Contemporary World3
REL 230Asian Religions3
REL 309Religion and Society3
REL 311Introduction to the Old Testament3
REL 312Introduction to the New Testament3
REL 314Introduction to Intertestamental Literature3
REL 317Christianity3
REL 320Religion in American History3
REL 323Religious Cults, Sects, and Minority Faiths in America3
REL 327Issues in Contemporary Religion3
REL 331The Hindu Tradition3
REL 332The Buddhist Traditions3
REL 333Chinese Religions3
REL 334Japanese Religions3
REL 340Islam3
REL 343African American Religions3
REL 350Introduction to Judaism3
REL 383Religion, Globalism, and Justice3
REL 402Early Christianity to the Time of Eusebius3
REL 407Islamic History to 17983
REL 408Islam in the Modern World3
REL 412Advanced Readings in the Christian Gospels3
REL 413The Life and Letters of the Apostle Paul3
REL 423Religion and Politics in America3
REL 424Religion and Politics in Global Perspective3
REL 471Darwinism and Christianity3
REL 472Women and Religion3
REL 482Religion and Conflict3
REL 489Interpretations of Religion3
SOC 309Religion and Society3
STS 325Bio-Medical Ethics3
STS 471Darwinism and Christianity3
WGS 305Women and Literature3
WGS 308Contemporary Issues in Ecofeminism3
WGS 390Queer Theory3
WGS 410Studies in Gender and Genre3
WGS 447Women in America: From Contact to the Civil War3
WGS 448American Women in the Twentieth Century3
WGS 472Women and Religion3
WGS 492Theoretical Issues in Women's and Gender Studies3
WGS 547Women in America: From Contact to the Civil War3
WGS 548American Women in the Twentieth Century3