University Catalog 2023-2024

Design Studies (DS)

DS 100  Design in Culture and Context  (3 credit hours)  

Design in Culture and Context is a first year seminar for Design Studies majors. The course examines design action and the relationships between design and other systems, chiefly the natural and built environment, society and culture, and technology and economics. Recent independent studies, field projects, and special initiatives by artists, designers, and principal investigators will introduce students to the negotiations that take place among the decision-makers, manufacturers, and civic and community patrons in understanding the nature and limits of a variety media, processes of design, and the cultural implications of researching meaningful solutions to current challenges and public needs.

Prerequisite: D 100; Design Studies Majors only

Typically offered in Spring only

DS 200/ADN 200  A Survey of Design Studies  (3 credit hours)  

This course will introduce students to a variety of perspectives and lenses through which to examine and evaluate design in the world. Students will consider design studies through theory and criticism of design, as well as applied to business administration, museum studies, and environmental studies. In addition, students will be encouraged to find evidence of and define design studies in areas that are uniquely suited to their individual areas of interest. As an advised elective, this course is required for Design Studies majors who are sophomores in their major.

Typically offered in Fall only

DS 481  Design Studies Senior Research Seminar  (3 credit hours)  

Each student in Design Studies will develop a topic for his or her Senior Capstone Research Paper to be done during the Spring term. During the Research semester, each student will develop a comprehensive bibliography for the topic and an outline ofthe paper. One paper will be written before the end of the term that addresses issues directly related to the Capstone Research paper. Throughout the term, students will share their research with others in the seminar.

Prerequisite: Completion of all course work in DS through junior year ; Design Studies Majors

Typically offered in Fall only

DS 482  Design Studies Capstone Seminar  (1 credit hours)  

Students will meet on a weekly basis to discuss their individual research papers. Drafts of papers will be due at the end of the eighth week of class. Drafts will be read by the instructor, other instructors of the student's choosing, and by two other members of the class for critical analysis.

Prerequisite: DS 481 ; Design Studies Majors

Typically offered in Spring only

DS 483  Design Studies Capstone Research Paper  (3 credit hours)  

Course consists of guided independent study resulting in a serious research paper. Students will work on their own, with meetings with faculty advisor(s) at weekly intervals.

Prerequisite: DS 481 ; Design Studies Majors

Typically offered in Spring only

DS 494  Design Studies Internship  (1-6 credit hours)  

Supervised internships in museums, galleries, schools, or other approved venues, in which students are engaged in activities related to Design Studies. Students are responsible for transportation to and from internship. Individualized/Independent Study and Research courses require a Course Agreement for Students Enrolled in Non-Standard Courses be completed by the student and faculty member prior to registration by the department.

Prerequisite: Junior or Senior Standing in Design Studies Program ; Design Studies Majors

Typically offered in Fall, Spring, and Summer