University Catalog 2023-2024

Nonprofit Studies (NPS)

NPS 340  Fundamentals of Grant Development for Nonprofits  (3 credit hours)  

The focus of this class is on obtaining grant funding for nonprofit organizations. This course covers the skills and strategies essential to the grants development process including basic strategies for researching funding sources and developing successful grant proposals.

Typically offered in Spring only

NPS 395  Special Topics in Nonprofit Studies  (1-6 credit hours)  

Offered as needed to present material not normally available in regular departmental course offerings or for offering of new courses on a trial basis.

NPS 490  Service Learning Internship in Nonprofit Studies  (3 credit hours)  

The 150 hour (3 credit hour) online service learning internship course provides students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge, skills, and abilities gained through their coursework in the Nonprofits Studies Minor to a nonprofit organizational work setting. The online course builds on previous coursework in the minor and focuses learning from these courses on application to a service learning work setting by requiring students to reflect on the applicability of the Five Leadership Challenges studied throughout the minor to their real work experience. Students are expected to be active participants in work place discussions, lending expertise, ideas and knowledge from their course work to the organizations and their leaders.

Prerequisite: PS 203 and COM 466 and HI 380. Restricted to Nonprofit Studies Minor Students Only.

Typically offered in Fall, Spring, and Summer

NPS 498  Capstone Seminar in Nonprofit Studies  (1 credit hours)  

This capstone seminar integrates the knowledge, skills, and abilities gained through coursework in the minor in Nonprofit Studies through class discussions and reflective writings where students draw upon previous service-learning experiences to reflect on challenges facing nonprofit leaders. Case studies and articles that focus on the themes of the minor are used to stimulate class discussions. Nonprofit leaders serve as discussants. In addition, students complete and submit a Nonprofit Studies portfolio, which documents successful achievement of program objectives. Departmental approval required

Prerequisite: PS 203, COM 466, Corequisite: NPS 490

Typically offered in Fall and Spring