University Catalog 2023-2024

Foreign Language - Portuguese (FLP)

FLP 101  Elementary Portuguese I  (3 credit hours)  

Introduction to the fundamentals of Brazilian Portuguese: pronunciation, comprehension, and spoken syntax and grammar.

Typically offered in Fall only

FLP 102  Elementary Portuguese II  (3 credit hours)  

Continuation of the essentials of Brazilian Portuguese. Further stress on pronunciation and comprehension and introduction of reading and writing skills.

Prerequisite: FLP 101

Typically offered in Spring only

FLP 201  Intermediate Portuguese I  (3 credit hours)  

The third level of Portuguese with special attention to speaking, reading, writing and developing a cultural awareness of the cultural heritage of the Portuguese-speaking peoples of Portugal, Brazil and Portuguese-speaking Africa.

Prerequisite: FLP 102 or placement in course

Typically offered in Fall only

FLP 401  Brazilian Portuguese for Spanish Speakers  (3 credit hours)  

A one semester on-line intensive introductory course to Brazilian Portuguese for Spanish speakers taught in Spanish focusing on the development of: 1) Reading Comprehension in Brazilian Portuguese; 2) Basic translation skills: Spanish>Portuguese>Spanish; 3) Colloquial writing skills in Brazilian Portuguese; 4) Basic speaking ability in Brazilian Portuguese. This course is open to undergraduate, graduate and extension students with a formal knowledge of Spanish who fulfill the prerequisite. Instructor approval required.

Prerequisite: Native/Heritage Spanish Speaker or FLS 202 or Equivalent and Instructor's Approval

Typically offered in Fall and Spring