University Catalog 2023-2024

Agribusiness Management (AAS)

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Agriculture is a multifaceted and cutting-edge industry that incorporates the fundamentals of business activity, including: economics, marketing, sales, law, policy, and international trade.

The agricultural business management major combines core knowledge in agricultural business and economics with skill-building in areas such as animal production and management, crop production, pest management and equipment maintenance.

You will be prepared to succeed in managerial positions in agriculture and agriculture-related businesses, including:

  • Farm Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Animal Health Sales
  • Agricultural Lobbying
  • Agricultural Import/Export
  • Advertising

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Dr. Melissa Hendrickson
Program Coordinator

Plan Requirements

AGI 101Introduction to the Agricultural Institute1
or CS 101 Field Crop and Turfgrass Management Orientation
or HS 101 Introduction to Ornamentals and Landscape Technology
WRT 111Expository Writing 13
WRT 114Professional Writing, Research and Reporting 13
MAA 102Mathematics in Agriculture and Related Sciences3
MA 103ATopics in Contemporary Mathematics3
General Requirements
ARE 115Agribusiness Accounting3
ARE 201AIntroduction to Agricultural & Resource Economics3
SOC 203ACurrent Social Problems3
AGI 191Professional Development1
AGI 192AGI External Learning Experience1-3
Humanities/VPA Elective3
HESF Requirement
GEP Health and Exercise Studies1
Major Requirements
ARE 104Agricultural Business Management3
ARE 106Agri Business Law3
ARE 132Management of Personnel3
ANS or PO Elective3
CS or HS Elective3
ENT Elective3
SSC 112Principles of Soil Science4
ARE Electives9
Free Electives
Free Electives2-5
Total Hours61-66

A grade of C- or higher is required.

ANS and PO Electives

ANS 101Introduction to Livestock and Poultry Industries3
PO 201A
PO 202A
Poultry Science and Production
and Poultry Science and Production Laboratory

CS and HS Electives

BAET 135Introduction to Precision Agriculture3
CS 111Field Crop Production4
CS 116Agronomic Crops - Cotton, Peanuts, and Tobacco3
CS 118Agronomic Crops - Corn, Small Grains and Soybeans3
CS 121Turfgrasses and Their Uses3
CS 122Principles of Turfgrass Management3
CS 152Weed Control in Field Crops3
HS 111Plant Identification3
HS 115Plant Growth and Development3
HS 121Plant Propagation3
HS 141Greenhouse Crop Production3
HS 144Weeds & Diseases of Ornamentals3
HS 151Nursery Production3
HS 162Landscape Maintenance3
HS 171Landscape Construction3

ENT Electives

ENT 110General Entomology3
ENT 121Pesticides and Their Utilization3
ENT 132Urban Pest Management3
ENT 163Ornamental & Turf Insects3

ARE Electives

ARE 112Agricultural & Agribusiness Marketing3
ARE 113Principles of Salesmanship3
ARE 114Value Added Agriculture and Niche Marketing3
ARE 133Agricultural & Environmental Policy3
ARE 141Personal Financial Management3
ARE 194International Agribusiness Management Study Abroad1-6

Semester Sequence

This is a sample.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Fall SemesterHours
AGI 101 Introduction to the Agricultural Institute 1
WRT 111 Expository Writing 1 3
MAA 102 Mathematics in Agriculture and Related Sciences 2 3
ARE 106 Agri Business Law 3
ARE 132 Management of Personnel 3
ANS and PO Electives (or) ENT Electives 1 3-4
Spring Semester
WRT 114 Professional Writing, Research and Reporting 1 3
MA 103A Topics in Contemporary Mathematics 3
ARE 115 Agribusiness Accounting 3
AGI 191 Professional Development 1
ARE 121 Agricultural Finance 3
SOC 203A
Current Social Problems
or Sociology of Agriculture and Rural Society
Second Year
Fall Semester
ARE 201A Introduction to Agricultural & Resource Economics 3
ARE Elective 3
SSC 112 Principles of Soil Science 4
ANS and PO Electives (or) ENT Elective 3-4
AGI 192 AGI External Learning Experience 1-3
Free Elective 0-2
Spring Semester
ARE 104 Agricultural Business Management 3
ARE 121 Agricultural Finance 3
OR ARE Elective
CS and HS Elective 3-4
Free Elective 2-3
GEP Health and Exercise Studies 1
GEP HUM/VPA Elective 3
 Total Hours61-69

WRT 111 Expository Writing and WRT 114 Professional Writing, Research and Reporting must be completed with a C- minus or higher grade for transfer to an NC State baccalaureate program.


MAA 102 Mathematics in Agriculture and Related Sciences must be completed with a C- minues or higher grade.