University Catalog 2024-2025

Department of Forest Biomaterials

Sustainable, renewable forest biomaterials such as wood, paper and value-added biomaterials are produced by large and small industries across North Carolina, and throughout the US. These renewable biomaterials are used for construction of sustainable housing, low carbon bioenergy, recyclable pulp and paper products, and value-added chemicals and composites. The future is bright for students with a blend of engineering, materials science, and practical business skills that are highly valued by employers.

The Department of Forest Biomaterials offers two curricula leading to Bachelor of Science degrees - Paper Science and Engineering, and Sustainable Materials and Technology. Both curricula feature small classes, extensive interactions between faculty and students, opportunities for internships, co-ops and undergraduate research, and stress the professional development of all students. Graduates are exceptionally well prepared for rewarding professional careers with large or small companies in the renewable biomaterials industries, suppliers to the industry, or with government agencies.


Campus Box 8005, Biltmore Hall, NC State University, Raleigh, NC 27695



  • S. Kelley (Interim)


  • M.V. Byrd, Director of Undergraduate Programs, Paper Science & Engineering
  • P.N. Peralta, Director of Undergraduate Programs, Sustainable Materials and Technology
  • I.M. Peszlen, Director of Graduate Programs


  • D.S. Argyropoulos
  • M. Hakovirta
  • M. Hubbe
  • H. Jameel
  • L. Lucia
  • S. Park, University Faculty Scholar
  • M.A. Pasquinelli, University Faculty Scholar
  • D.C. Tilotta
  • R.Venditti

Associate Professors

  • R. Gonzalez, University Faculty Scholar
  • P. Mitchell
  • L. Pal, University Faculty Scholar
  • J.J. Pawlak
  • P.N. Peralta
  • I.S. Peszlen
  • D.E. Saloni

Assistant Professors

  • F. Laleicke
  • N. Lavoine

Teaching Professor

  • M. Byrd

Assistant Professor of the Practice

  • R. Ruffino

Professor Emeriti

  • H.M. Chang
  • E. Deal
  • I. Goldstein
  • J. Heitmann
  • L. Hobbs
  • L. Jahn
  • M. Kocurek
  • R. Pearson
  • R. Thomas
  • E.A. Wheeler

Adjunct Professors

  • J. Bray
  • B. Brogdon
  • J. Kadla
  • B. Kasal
  • M. McCord
  • R. Phillips

Adjunct associate professors

  • E. Capanema
  • P. Hart
  • J. Wright

Adjunct Assistant Professors

  • A. Ayoub
  • D. Dayton
  • Y. Yao