University Catalog 2024-2025

University Honors Program


Cultivate and apply your passions with the University Honors and Scholars Program. We enrich the educational experience of a diverse community of academically motivated, intellectually curious, and high-potential students from all communities, providing them a platform for achieving their unique potential. 

Program Requirements and Components

Advanced and innovative coursework: Students enroll in unique, interdisciplinary HON seminars that feature co-curricular experiences; honors sections of courses; graduate-level courses; independent study courses; and research opportunities. Students are required to complete a minimum 12 credit hours of advanced and innovative coursework. At least 6 of those hours must be earned by enrolling in HON seminars 

Enrichment: The Honors Forum features addresses by public figures, discussions of contemporary issues, performances, off-campus excursions, and much more. Students are required to pass a minimum of 2 semesters of Honors Forum during their first two years in the program.

High-impact experiences: Our students engage in opportunities that support undergraduate research, disciplinary breadth, professional development, service, global exploration, leadership, the arts and other experiences approved by the UHP staff. Students are required to complete 3 high-impact experiences from these categories by the time they graduate.   

Portfolio: As they prepare to graduate, students create a portfolio to reflect on their program experience and detail the ways they met the program’s goals.

These requirements apply to students who begin attending NC State in the 2022-23 academic year of later. Requirements for students who entered the University Honors Program or University Scholars Program before the 2022-23 academic year are available on the University Honors Program website.

The Honors Village

The Honors Village is a dynamic living and learning community that enhances the intellectual exploration and personal development of its residents. The village, a collaborative effort between the University Honors Program and, and University Housing, offers students a wide range of educational and social opportunities that ease the transition to college life and help students make connections with their peers, NC State, and the world around them.

In Addition

The Honors experience at NC State includes Honors programs located in the colleges and departments. Students are invited to participate in these programs at various times, depending upon the specific program (generally the second semester of the sophomore year or first semester of the junior year). Many of the students in the University Honors Program are also participants in one or more of the college or departmental Honors programs.

For more information about the UHP, contact:

University Honors Program

Division of Academic and Student Affairs

Campus Box 8610,Raleigh, NC 27695-8610

Phone: 919-515-2353