University Catalog 2023-2024

Department of Performing Arts & Technology

The Department of Performing Arts & Technology is committed to providing broad-based educational opportunities for NC State students through a variety of music and dance experiences and introductory and upper-level courses. Department faculty seek to assist students in developing insights, skills, and the capacity to perceive and respond to music and dance in its historical and cultural contexts.

Opportunities for direct student application as performers include many choral, dance, and instrumental ensemble courses. Registration in any ensemble is open to students with an interest in music or dance. Auditions are scheduled during summer orientation, at the beginning of each semester, and by appointment with the director of the group.

The department offers a variety of courses, most of which may be taken to fulfill specific general education programs. Any course may be taken as a free elective. The department offers minors in Arts Entrepreneurship, Dance Performance & Choreography, Dance Studies,  Music Studies, and Music Performance for qualified undergraduate students who wish to engage in more extensive study in these areas. 

The department also serves as a cultural resource for the university community and the public at large through concerts presented by companies, ensembles, student-musicians, faculty, and visiting artists. Concerts are open to students and the public.

For more information about this department, including contact information, visit the department website.

Department of Performing Arts & Technology
Campus Box 7311
Raleigh, NC 27695-7311
Phone: 919.515.2981
Fax: 919.9515.4204


Interim Department Head

  • Dr. Stuart Benkert, Interim Department Head, Professor of Music Education

Associate Department Heads

  • Dr. Tom Koch, Associate Department Head, Associate Teaching Professor- Music
  • Beth Wright Fath, M.F.A., Associate Department Head, Teaching Professor- Dance


  • Dr. Peter Askim, Teaching Professor - Orchestral Studies
  • Autumn Belk, M.F.A., Teaching Professor - Dance
  • Amy Beasley, M.F.A., Assistant Teaching Professor - Dance, Dance Minors Coordinator
  • Jennifer Beattie, M.M., Applied Lessons Coordinator, Lecturer - Voice
  • Dr. Gary Beckman, Teaching Professor - Arts Entrepreneurship, Arts Entrepreneurship Minor Coordinator
  • Dr. William Boone, Lecturer - Music
  • Christopher Branam, Senior Lecturer - Music, Summer Programs Coordinator
  • Dr. Kathryn Brown, Lecturer - Arts Entrepreneurship
  • Dr. Paul Garcia, Teaching Professor - Athletic Bands, Bands
  • Dr. Olga Kleiankina, Teaching Professor - Piano Studies
  • Dr. Nathan Leaf, Teaching Professor - Choral Activities
  • Zach McKinney, Lecturer - Somatics
  • Tara Mullins, M.F.A., Associate Teaching Professor - Dance, Performance & Lecture Series Coordinator
  • Dr. Kirsten Paige, Assistant Teaching Professor - Music, Music Minors Coordinator
  • Dr. Wes Parker, Teaching Professor - Jazz Studies
  • Dr. Mark Whitfield, Lecturer - Music

Adjunct Lecturers

  • Dr. Alison Arnold
  • Jason Foureman
  • Aaron Keane
  • Dr. Jonathan Kramer
  • Dr. Anatoly Larkin
  • Dr. Robert Petters
  • Dr. Kristen Turner
  • Phyllis Vogel

Adjunct Applied Lecturers

  • Mary Boone, Adjunct Instructor of Flute
  • Elizabeth Beilman, Applied Instructor of Cello
  • Leonid Finkelshteyn, Adjunct Instructor of Bass
  • Kent Foss, Applied Instructor of Trumpet
  • Winifred Garrett, Adjunct Instructor of Harp
  • Justin Martin, Applied Instructor of Guitar
  • Keenan McKenzie, Adjunct Instructor of Saxophone
  • Dr. DeMar Austin Neal, Applied Instructor of Voice
  • John Pederson, Adjunct Instructor of Bassoon
  • Lin-Ti Wang, Adjunct Instructor of Violin