Department of English

The Department of English offers introductory and advanced courses in writing, language, literature, and film. The first-year course required of all undergraduate students develops skills in expository writing and in analytical reading. Advanced courses in writing are available to all students and cover a variety of areas, including journalism, technical and business writing, and creative writing. These courses give students opportunities to pursue special personal and career interests, as do courses in literature, linguistics, rhetoric, and film.

The department offers a Bachelor of Arts major in English with six concentration options:

  1. Creative Writing
  2. Film Studies
  3. Rhetoric and Professional Writing
  4. Linguistics
  5. Literature
  6. Teacher Education

English Honors Program

The Honors Program in English provides courses that challenge and inspire English majors to pursue their scholarly interests at an advanced level. Honors students enjoy courses in small, seminar settings, engage in independent study, develop expertise in a variety of research practices, and earn recognition for excellent work beyond ordinary requirements.

For admission, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.25 and must have completed at least three English courses above the freshman level with a minimum GPA of 3.25.

Internship Program

Internships provide the opportunity for on-the-job experience in writing, editing, graphics, and publication under expert supervision in professional settings. For more information, please visit the Internships website.

Study Abroad

English majors have the opportunity to study abroad in many foreign cities, including London, Oxford, and Prague. For more information, please visit the Study Abroad website.

Student Organizations

  • The English Club is a student-run organization that is open to all NC State students who have an interest in English.
  • Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Pi Theta, the NC State University Chapter, recognizes high scholastic achievement and offers opportunities for leadership and service.

Graduate Programs

At the graduate level, the Department of English offers three graduate degrees: a Master of Arts in English, a Master of Science in Technical Communication, and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. In conjunction with the Department of Communication, the Department of English also offers an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program in Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media. For more information, please visit the Graduate School website.

Certificate Program

The department offers a five-course certificate program in Professional Writing, available to students not seeking a degree at NC State. The certificate offers preparation in practical writing and editing, including both journalism and technical writing.



  • Laura Severin, Department Head

Associate Head

  • Jason Swarts, Associate Head


  • L.C. Andrews, Lecturer
  • C. Anson, Professor
  • A. Baker, Associate Professor
  • E. Barksdale, Senior Lecturer Emerita
  • W. Barnhardt, Professor
  • J. Barth, Teaching Assistant Professor
  • Z. Beare, Assistant Professor
  • B. Bennett, Professor
  • A. Berrier, Lecturer
  • B. Blackley, Teaching Associate Professor
  • B. Boggs, Associate Professor
  • A. Bolonyai, Associate Professor
  • R. Browdy, Assistant Professor
  • P.A. Broyles, Lecturer
  • H. Burgess, Professor
  • D.L. Campbell, Lecturer
  • G. Carrero, Lecturer
  • S. Cassim, Senior Lecturer
  • S. Chakraborty, Assistant Professor
  • J. Clayton, Lecturer
  • L. Clem, Lecturer
  • P. Cockshutt, Senior Lecturer Emeritus
  • E. Corral, Associate Professor
  • C. Cranford, Senior Lecturer
  • C. Crosbie, Associate Professor
  • D. Daemon, Senior Lecturer
  • A.N. Daughtridge, Lecturer
  • M. Day, Assistant Professor
  • M. Grimwood, Professor Emeritus
  • R. De Haas, Lecturer
  • H. Ding, Professor
  • R. Dodsworth, Professor
  • M. Dudley, Professor
  • C. Fedukovich, Associate Professor
  • P. Fyfe, Associate Professor
  • C.W. Gala, Lecturer
  • A. Gibson, Teaching Assistant Professor
  • M. Gordon, Professor
  • M. Graham, Lecturer
  • P.J. Hager, Lecturer
  • A. Harrison, Distinguished Professor Emeritus
  • H. Hayes, Senior Lecturer
  • J. Helo, Lecturer
  • N. Hutcheson, Senior Research Scholar
  • P. Isom, Senior Lecturer
  • A. Johnston, Associate Professor
  • C. Kampe, Lecturer
  • M. Kapoor, Assistant Professor
  • A. Kaufman, Lecturer
  • H.D. Kellner, Professor
  • J.J. Kessel, Emeritus Professor
  • K. Kessler, Senior Lecturer
  • A. King, Lecturer
  • J. Knowles, Teaching Associate Professor
  • R. Kochersberger, Associate Professor Emeritus
  • C. Krieg, Lecturer
  • J. Larsen, Senior Lecturer
  • W. Lawrence, Lecturer
  • C. Lewis, Senior Lecturer
  • W. Lloyd, Senior Lecturer
  • C. Mainland, Senior Lecturer
  • G. Martin, Senior Lecturer
  • L. May, Professor
  • J. McCorkle, Professor
  • M. McMullin, Assistant Professor
  • H.G. Melton, Senior Lecturer
  • J. Mielke, Professor
  • J.H. Millar, Assistant Professor of the Practice
  • J. Miller, Professor
  • J. Morillo, Professor
  • J. Mulholland, Professor
  • B.C. Mulhollem, Senior Lecturer
  • B. Murphy, Lecturer
  • R. Nace, Lecturer
  • J. Nfah-Abbenyi, Professor
  • J. Nolan, Associate Professor
  • M.E. Orr, Professor
  • C. Phelps, Lecturer
  • T. Phillips, Lecturer
  • S. Pigg, Associate Professor
  • M. Porter, Senior Lecturer
  • J. Reaser, Professor
  • E. Reges, Lecturer
  • D. Rieder, Associate Professor
  • A. Rodriguez, Lecturer
  • S. Ruiz, Lecturer
  • C. Saunders, Lecturer
  • B. Van Scooter, Lecturer
  • S. Scudder, Lecturer
  • S. Setzer, Professor Emerita
  • L.R. Severin, Professor
  • W. Shaw, Lecturer
  • M. Simon, Associate Professor
  • J.P. Stadler, Teaching Assistant Professor
  • R. Stamper, Senior Lecturer
  • A. Stein, Professor Emeritus
  • T. Stinson, Associate Professor
  • C. Stuckey, Lecturer
  • J. Swarts, Professor
  • E. Thomas, Professor
  • J. Thompson, Professor Emeritus
  • C. Turnbull, Assistant Professor
  • E. Wagner, Lecturer
  • L. Waldrep, Lecturer
  • J. Wall, Professor
  • D. Walls, Associate Professor
  • R. Walsh, Associate Professor
  • W. Wolfram, Professor