University Catalog 2023-2024

1.7 Administrative Board of the Graduate School

A. Mission

The Administrative Board of the Graduate School advises the Dean of the Graduate School on all matters pertaining to graduate education at NC State.

B. Membership

Voting Members

The Administrative Board is comprised of 23 voting members. The voting members consist of elected as well as appointed members and represent all colleges, interdisciplinary graduate programs, the Faculty Senate and the Graduate Student Association (GSA). Each college is represented by two Graduate Faculty members. One representative is elected by the college’s Graduate Faculty as coordinated by the Associate Dean or college designee responsible for graduate education. The second representative is appointed by the College Dean. The interdisciplinary member is appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School. Board members representing the Faculty Senate and GSA are appointed annually by the Chair/President of those organizations.

Terms of elected members and interdisciplinary representative are three years starting on July 1, and these members may serve for two consecutive terms, although they may serve subsequent terms following a hiatus. The terms for each college’s representatives should be staggered so that both members do not exit the Board simultaneously. Although the expectation is that members will complete their entire term, if that is not possible, then a replacement may be identified by the respective college or unit to complete the remainder of the term. The Board’s Coordinator will notify university units in April of a Board member’s ending term. The unit should provide the name of the new Board member to the Administrative Board Coordinator no later than May 15.

Non-Voting Members

Non-voting members represent and provide insight from other important university offices including one representative from the Distance Education and Learning Technology Applications (DELTA), the Southeastern SACS Liaison, and Registration and Records. The Graduate School is also represented by non-voting members to provide insight about Graduate School administration and policies.

The current list of Board members and their contact information can be found at

C. Meetings

The Administrative Board is chaired by the Dean of the Graduate School and meets biweekly during the academic year.

Agendas and minutes from previous meetings will be posted to the Graduate School website ( at least one week prior to each meeting.

A quorum (12 voting members) must be present to hold a meeting of the Administrative Board. If a quorum is not met, the meeting and all agenda items will be postponed until the next scheduled meeting.

Given the nine-month appointments of many faculty members, board members are expected to be available from August 1 through May 15 to review action items for the academic year, but are generally not expected to review items over the summer.